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Dried cherry tomatoes in olive oil Casa Morana

Dried cherry tomatoes in olive oil Casa Morana

Online sale of typical Italian Casa Morana products, buy Dried cherry tomatoes in olive oil Casa Morana

Dried cherry tomatoes in olive oil - glass 200 gr.
5.69 €
Dried cherry tomatoes in olive oil - glass 300 gr.
7.14 €
Dried cherry tomatoes in olive oil Casa Morana

Sun-dried cherry tomato is originated exposing the tomato to direct sunlight, in a process of gradual drying that follows the rhythm of the nature. The product is made with salt and olive oil, without additives and preservatives. Sund-dried cherry tomato is excellent between two slices of bread, with the addition of a pinch of fresh oregano. It is also ideal for preparing simple and easy appetizers and snacks such as bruschette, piadine and sandwiches. Great as a seasoning for all types of pasta, is pleasant in the preparation of risotto and pasta.

Manufacturer: Casa Morana

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Casa Morana: We cultivate the taste
Casa Morana is a company born in the province of Ragusa, in the small village Cava D'Aliga. It is an innovative company which works towards , through the ethics and excellence, becoming the leader in the production of high quality tomato sauces. The best tomato sauces are made through the use of high quality raw material obtained following our values of tradition and innovation. Fresh tomatoes, natural ingredients, artisanal work, genuine products: we ensure that the traditional taste isn't altered witouth adding any additives or preservatives. The tomatoes, which are directly cultivated in our greenhouses, just picked up, are carried to the transformation lab, where it is transformed and conserved through artisanal methods without using any machinery. Every year during the summer our grandparents used to work in the same way in order to conserve the best of the summery production all year long. Artisanal processes but also a continuous research and innovation of the products, ensure that our products will get better and better.

- 08/02/2017 -

Casa Morana: a reference point for quality and genuineness in Italy, Europe and World
Casa Morana is a Sicilian company placed in the province of Ragusa. During the production and the transformation of our conserves, we work not to alter the raw material to maintain it as much natural as possible. So we don't add any additive or preservatives to our products: the tomatoes are directly cultivated in our greenhouses are already pleasing and sweet when they are on the plant. As soon as they are harvested, it is brought in the transformation lab, where through artisanal methods without the use of any machinery it is transformed and conserved. As our grandparents used, every year during the summer, we work all the year to conserve the production of this period. Artisanal processes but also a continuous research and innovation of the product: through the constant comparison with the customers and the Michelin stars-rewarded chefs with who we are constantly in touch, we do our best in oder to improve our products.

- 26/04/2016 -

Casa Morana Fresh tomatoes, natural ingredients, craftsmanship: these points make our products so special!
The tomatoes are grown directly in our greenhouses. Still on the bush, the tomatoes are sweet and tasty and that's why we add no additives or preservatives to our products.

- 21/05/2015 -

Masciarelli Bucatini with Masseria Dauna tomatoes, dried tomatoes and taggiasca olives
Ingredients for 4 people: - 400g bucatini "Pastificio Masciarelli" - 200 g chopped tomatoes "Masseria Dauna" - 10 dried cherry tomatoes "Casa Morana" - 1 clove of garlic from Nubia - Pitted taggiasca olives "Marvaldi" - Grated Pecorino Romano - Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Valli Trapanesi"

- 28/12/2013 -

Busiate with swordfish fillets, zucchini and almonds
A recipe by our colleague Danielle! Ingredients for 4 people: - 500 g busiate "Pastificio Eocene" - 150 g swordfish fillets "Arconatura" - 3 zucchini - 7/8 fresh Pomodorini - 10 dried tomatoes in olive oil 'Casa Morana " - 20 ground almonds - 2 tablespoons cream - 1 pinch of saffron - 1/2 onion - Extra Virgin Olive "Frantoio Franci" IGP Toscano - 1 clove of garlic - Chili - Salt and pepper

- 02/05/2013 -

Savoy cabbage salad with anchovies
A recipe by Mrs Danielle! Ingredients: - 1 savoy - Anchovy fillets "Stefano Rocca" - Roasted peppers "Arconatura" - Dried tomatoes "Casa Morana" - Parmigiano Reggiano DOP - Salt and pepper - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - La Cinciallegra "Frantoio Franci"

- 28/01/2013 -

Rigatoni with broad beans and dried and fresh tomatoes
Ingredients for 5 people: - Rigatoni Pastificio “Gragnano in Corsa” - Broad beans Leonforte - Dried cherry tomatoes in olive oil “Casa Morana” - 6 fresh Pachino or cherry tomatoes - Extra Virgin Olive Oil “110 e lode” Oleificio Gulino - Pecorino romano - salt - 1 clove of garlic

- 17/10/2012 -


Dried cherry tomatoes in olive oil - glass 200 gr.
5.69 €
Dried cherry tomatoes in olive oil - glass 300 gr.
7.14 €
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