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Acquerello - Carnaroli Rice

Acquerello - Carnaroli Rice

Online sale of typical Italian Acquerello products, buy Acquerello - Carnaroli Rice

Riso Carnaroli Superfino - lattina 500 gr
7.25 €
Riso Carnaroli Superfino - 1 Kg.
10.76 €
Riso Carnaroli Superfino - 2,5 Kg.
25.36 €
Acquerello -  Carnaroli Rice

“Tastier, richer, and healthier”
Acquerello is the ultimate Carnaroli Superfine rice, produced and packed by the Rondolino family on the Tenuta Torrone della Colombara Estate, in the heart of Piedmont’s Vercelli province.

Acquerello’s unique mathods of production are the result of a combination of extensive research, family experience and the union of tradition and innovation. After harvesting, Acquerello undergoes an aging process; then is slowly refined with a special machine called the helix and finally enriched with its own germ by a patented process.

The steps of aging, refining and enriching are indeed the ones that makes Acquerello tastier, richer and healthier.

Acquerello rice is famous among chefs and gourmet lovers and is considered the best rice in the world.

Acquerello grains are perfectly whole, fully consistent, tastier and not sticky. It is the only rice that makes every dish outstanding, as Carnaroli is certainly regarded by Italians as the most highly valued variety of rice. With Acquerello your risotto and other rice dishes will always be perfect.

To preserve its quality, Acquerello is packed in unique vacuum-sealed enameled tins, available in different sizes.

Extreme care is taken with every stage of the production and packaging of Acquerello, which takes place directly on the Tenuta Torrone della Colombara Estate, respecting both nature and the environment.

Manufacturer: Acquerello

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Information, advice, updates and tips on Acquerello - Carnaroli Rice

The Carnaroli rice, the King of Italian rices
It is considered one of the finest Italian rices due to its excellent cooking resistance. The pearl coloured grains with a lengthened shape, remain compact and intact after the 16-18 minutes necessary to cook them, a grain more consistent and rich in amid with the characteristic of absorbing well broth, sauces and butter for a perfect creaming. The taste is lightly sweet, great to exalt the taste of every ingredient, from mushrooms, to shrimps, pumpkin cream, radicchio and taleggio cheese. The carnaroli rice, resisting greatly to cooking and absorbing well the liquids, is ideal for a risotto.

- 17/05/2018 -

The Acquerello Rice: The History of the Rondolino Grain.
The Acquerello rice is unique in the whole world, it is work using the helix which gives the rice a delicate and slow movement, constricting the grains to rub between them and against the walls to obtain more brightness; in this way, the more precious nutritional elements (mineral salts, proteins and vitamins), don't get listen the flours, as happens in the other withening systems. Nowadays it is the only "Extra" Rice, this denomination is allowed only to the rices which have defects lower than 1 relating to the standard made by the law and broken grains lower than 1,5% instead of 5%. Moreover the Acquerello Rice is the first rice which ages in Italy, in fact it is conserved in the fresh stocks for a time as long as possible due to the fact that it hasn't already perfected the organoleptic qualities of the grain.

- 04/03/2016 -

Risotto with 24 months aged Cheese of Alpine Hut by cheeses seasoner Emilio Brullo  and  Cotechino from Macelleria Mastra Alebardy Butchery.
Ingredients: -400 gr. Acquerello- Carnaroli Rice -1 Shallot -2 Spoons of Granular Broth "Classico BIO" -1 Glass of White Wine Catarratto Biologico Terre Siciliane IGP Adamo -100 gr Alpine Hut Cheese "Emilio Brullo Seasoner" aged until 24 months -Butter Agricultural Company Frascio. Immerse the whole Cotechino in a pot with cold water and, when the water will be boling and let it cook slowly for 3 hours. In a pan warn the butter and make the shallot browning. Than add the rice and make it toast for a while, simmer with white wine until reduce and so add the broth slowly until the rice will be cooked. Once the rice will have reached the level of cooking you desire, regulate with salt if it's necessary, turn off the flame anche cook until creamy with the alpine hut aged cheese and a knob of butter. Cut the Cotechino in small cubes and ad it to the Risotto.

- 09/02/2016 -

AcQUERELLO, THE RICE, better, richer, wealthier
Acquerello is born in the European capital of rice, among several natural wonders. The Rondolino family's landed property is set in the district of Livorno Ferraris and it is recognized as Tenuta Colombara. This place is well known since 1500 for the abundance of water and the fertility of lans suitable to the cultivation of rice. Thanks to the Rondolino family Acquerello is the only rice in the whole world that is still nowadays wrought with a special machine called helix. The helix is one of the 20 different passages that every grain has to overcame to become Acquerello rice. The helix was invented in 1865, it is still considered the best machinery because of the benefits that it gives in the gastronomic field. Contrary to all the other working processes, in which the rice is energetically whitened in few seconds, constricted in a narrow place, Acquerello is whitened through a slow and delicate rubbing between the grains in a wide vase. Only this wrought leaves every grain intact, without any scratch, and so perfect before and after the cook.

- 26/01/2016 -

ACQUERELLO, THE RICE, better, richer, wealthier
Thanks to a patented method that was developed by the Rondolino family, the gemma is sift through the chaff and then reintegrated to the white rice. The Acquerello rice is the only one in the world reintegrated with its own gemma. Acquarello is a Superthin Carnaroli rice, cultivated and packed by the Rondolino family in Tenuta Colombara, in the middle of the city of Vercelli. Its grains are complete, compact, shelled and savory, it is the only that always fits perfectly for every recipe.

- 19/11/2015 -


Riso Carnaroli Superfino - lattina 500 gr
7.25 €
Riso Carnaroli Superfino - 1 Kg.
10.76 €
Riso Carnaroli Superfino - 2,5 Kg.
25.36 €
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Moving the tastes of a traditional recipe to another dish reinterpreting them is a winning strategy. As it is for the risotto Acquerello - Carnaroli Rice with the aubergines parmigiana flavours, where the tomato sauce turns into confit Pachino cherry tomatoes, the aubergines are smoked and then cooked quickly in a pan with a little drizzle of evo oil. The fiordilatte mozzarella (or buffalo mozzarella if you prefer) is blended adding a little of milk becoming a cream used at the end to cream the risotto, while for the –basil a simple emulsion by blanching it, then in water and ice and finally blending it with evo oil and a little water.
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Passionates of cooking, of authentic, high quality, healthy and ethically sustainable food certainly have already known and tasted Acquerello - Carnaroli Rice. A story that is born in the 15th century, from a simple hostel for pilgrims in Colombara, in the province of Vercelli, a territory that has always been located to rice cultivation. What really makes Acquerello rice unique? the main factors are three; the helix processing, a complex but low invasive method, that allows the perfect cleaning of the grain however preserving every grain integrity at the same time. The one year aging of this Italian rice in silos helps the stabilization of the starches, so that they don’t scatter during the cooking, helping the absorption of condiment too. Lastly, but fundamental, the reintegration of the rice gemma, that is to say the part endowed with the best nutrients, which is normally separated from the grain. Acquerello, due to many years of research, has found a method to reintegrate it, obtaining the taste of carnaroli rice combined with the nutritional value of raw rice.
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Some classics of the gastronomy are doomed to remain in the cooking history, leaving an indelible mark. They may certainly be reinterpreted, or presented in different versions, but the real secret are the tastes they’re made up of. We can insert in this field the risotto alla milanese with ossobuco, a recipe symbol of the Lombardy region capital whose flavors are shaped in a perfect harmony of which we’re giving you our version: starting from a goof meat broth that exalts the delicacy of Acquerello - Carnaroli Rice and saffron (Saffron pistils Principato di Lucedio), the full and enveloping taste of the ossobuco and the marrow, cooked with some thinly chopped anchovy fillets that add sapidity, contrasted by the Sicilian lemons from Ribera zest (true secret touch of this recipe, for our palate). Finally creamed with some icy Butter - Beppino Occelli and Parmigiano Reggiano Vacche Rosse (milk from the red cow) 30 months.
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In the province of Vercelli has born an unique museum in the world: The Mondine museum is a jewel made up of memories realized in the Cascina Colombara. To see understand where the Acquerello Rice was born, a lot of people stop over Colombara.
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