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Sicilian lemons from Ribera

Online sale of typical Italian Azienda Agricola Guarraggi products, buy Sicilian lemons from Ribera

Limoni Siciliani - 1 Kg.
3.93 €
Limoni Siciliani - 1 Kg.- Box 10 KG.
28.91 €
2.89 € Kg.
Limoni Siciliani - 1 Kg.- Box 17 Kg
39.33 €
Sicilian lemons from Ribera

Sicilian lemons are the best in the world, large, and juicy, nine out of ten lemons produced in Italy actually come from Sicily. Indeed, in the Province of Messina the production of lemons even exceeds that of the more famous oranges.
The climate means a long growing season and the gathering of lemons takes place over three distinct periods.

First is the autumn harvest or 'primo fiore', followed by the cultivation of the 'bianchetti' in Spring and the 'verdelli' between June and July.

The most common variety of lemon is the 'femminello' which also has its own strains, some with seeds some without.

Of the other types, lemon enthusiasts might like to take a closer look at the 'monachello', the 'interdonato' and the 'femminello S.Teresa'.

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Information, advice, updates and tips on Sicilian lemons from Ribera

Sicilian Oranges, Clementinas and Lemons
The oranges, clementines and lemons sale is open. The Agricultural Company Guerraggi (italian excellences 2016) is placed in Ribera, Magone locality, almost 4kms far form the sea, in the middle of an area in which the best Sicilian oranges have been being produced for centuries. The products we're selling are "Washington Navel" quality oranges, and there are 3 available varieties: the juice (smaller), the table and the fioroni (very big).

- 17/11/2015 -

Tumminia wheat fusilli with puntarelle and tuna bottarga
Ingredients: - 400g Tumminia wheat fusilli "La Fastuchera" - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Adamo" - 1 clove of red Nubia garlic - 100 g fresh Puntarelle (a type of chicory) - Tuna Bottarga (1st choice) - 1 untreated lemon - Salt from Trapani

- 25/02/2015 -

Chiacchiere - Italian carnival biscuits
Ingredients: - 50 grams of butter "Azienda Frascio" - 320 g Tummia wheat flour "Fastuchera" - 80 g wheat flour - A pinch of salt - A little grated lemon zest - 4 eggs - 70 grams of sugar - oil - icing sugar

- 02/02/2015 -

Cheese cake with buffalo ricotta and almond crust
For the pastry: - 200 g wheat flour "Pan de Verona" - 125 g almond flour from Sicilian almonds - 125 g of cane sugar - 125 g butter "Az. Aggricola Frascio" - 1 sachet of vanilla sugar - 1 egg - 1/2 sachet of baking powder 1 pinch of sea salt from Trapani For the ricotta cream: - 350 g buffalo ricotta "Caseificio Artigianale Esposito" - 150 g of sugar - 2 eggs - Grated zest of an untreated Sicilian Lemon

- 18/05/2014 -

GUARAGGI farm: best citrus fruits from Sicily
The Guaraggi farm belongs to the consortium of Ribera oranges DOP and has applied for recognition of the IGP EU quality label for the Sicilian Ribera oranges.

- 26/11/2013 -

Tartare from fresh tuna
Ingredients: - 300 g fresh tuna fillet - Wild, Sicilian oregano "Solo Sole" - Juice of 1/2 lemon - Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP 25 years Extravecchio "Acetaia Leonardi" - Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Castelluzzo - 10 almonds from Sicily Castelluzzo - Salt from Trapani - Fresh pennyroyal

- 19/07/2013 -

Risotto Milanese with osso buco, Soppressata and Lucanica
Ingredients for 4 people: - Carnaroli rice "Principato di Lucedio" - Saffron threads "Principato di Lucedio" - 4 veal shanks 300 g each - 600 g Lucanica "Al Berlinghetto" - 1 slice Soppressata "La Cinta di Guido" - Parmigiano Reggiano Dop "Consorzio del Parmigiano Reggiano" - 1 Sicilian lemon "Ribera" - 1 onion - butter - 4 pickled anchovies in olive oil "Stefano Rocca" - parsley - Extra virgin olive oil Gemini "Frantoio Franci" - 2 bouillon cubes Classic broth "Arconatura" - Flour "Spadoni" - 1 glass of white wine - Salt and pepper

- 06/01/2013 -

Linguine with squid ink (al Nero di Seppia)
Ingredients for 4 people: - 250 g linguine with squid ink "Campofilone" - 50 g cream from sea urchin and gray mullet bottarga "Stefano Rocca" - 1 Sicilian lemon - Chili - 1 clove of garlic - parsley - Extra virgin olive oil Biancolilla "Oleificio Cutrera" - salt

- 13/12/2012 -

Macaroni with red tuna, lemon and olive oil
Ingredients for 4 people: - 250 g macaroni "La Campofilone" - 100 g red tuna in olive oil "Campisi" - 1 untreated lemon - 1 yogurt - 1 egg - salty ricotta

- 29/11/2012 -


Limoni Siciliani - 1 Kg.
3.93 €
Limoni Siciliani - 1 Kg.- Box 10 KG.
28.91 €
2.89 € Kg.
Limoni Siciliani - 1 Kg.- Box 17 Kg
39.33 €
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Limoni Siciliani - 1 Kg.
2.10 €
Limoni Siciliani - 1 Kg.- Box 17 Kg
32.00 €

Look at the incredibile colors of the Sicilian lemons from Ribera by the Azienda Agricola Guarraggi. Sicilian lemons 100% natural and non treated that, differently from the traditional yellow ones, acquire an exotic green shades color and a precious source of Vitamin C. The Ribera Lemons are renowned for their intense flavor and their juiciness, versatile in every recipe both for the juice and the zest, which often reveal themselves the ingredient that give the decisive spark to complete a dish due to the unique acidity and freshness.
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