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Sicilian Ribera Juice Oranges (Arance di Ribera Dop)

Sicilian Ribera Juice Oranges (Arance di Ribera Dop)

Online sale of typical Italian Azienda Agricola Guarraggi products, buy Sicilian Ribera Juice Oranges (Arance di Ribera Dop)

Sicilian Ribera Juice Oranges (Arance di Ribera Dop)

This oranges are especially suitable for preparing freshly pressed orange juice. Sweet and juicy pulp for a healthy and natural juice rich in vitamin C.


Sicilian Oranges are the most famous in the world and the most exported from Italy.

They are rich in vitamin C and can be eaten or squeezed to make juice. Sicilian oranges are good for you and as any Italian doctor recommends: eat three oranges a day and you will not have the flu!

The quality of Orange of Ribera P.D.O.

Characteristics of the produced oranges must meet precise technical and analytical parameters and they are undergone to inspections and analysis to decide on its admissibility for consumption.

Controls: the certification body carries out continuous checks on IZS places of production and products, ensuring the absolute conformity to specification of the P.D.O. Ribera Orange; the Consortium of safeguard does additional checks and controls that make the entire chain of Ribera Orange P.D.O. absolutely guaranteed.

The orange of Ribera P.D.O. represents further recognition and warranty to the brand Riberella which will be present on the markets with an additional and ongoing research on the quality of our productions.

Sales per Kg, delivery in 24/48 hours

: Arancia di Ribera D.O.P.

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Information, advice, updates and tips on Sicilian Ribera Juice Oranges (Arance di Ribera Dop)

Sicilian Oranges, Clementinas and Lemons
The oranges, clementines and lemons sale is open. The Agricultural Company Guerraggi (italian excellences 2016) is placed in Ribera, Magone locality, almost 4kms far form the sea, in the middle of an area in which the best Sicilian oranges have been being produced for centuries. The products we're selling are "Washington Navel" quality oranges, and there are 3 available varieties: the juice (smaller), the table and the fioroni (very big).

- 17/11/2015 -

Ribera oranges, Washington type
Ribera oranges of the type Washington are Sicilian blonde oranges that can be enjoyed as table or juice oranges. They are of the highest quality.

- 28/12/2014 -

GUARAGGI farm: best citrus fruits from Sicily
The Guaraggi farm belongs to the consortium of Ribera oranges DOP and has applied for recognition of the IGP EU quality label for the Sicilian Ribera oranges.

- 26/11/2013 -


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The oranges season isn’t over yet, every Monday, directly from Sicily the Ribera Sicilian oranges arrive to our stock. In the photo you can see the Sicilian Ribera Juice Oranges (Arance di Ribera Dop), the smallest oranges but endowed with great juiciness. The taste intensity makes the orange juice pleasantly sweet and fresh, without forgetting the outstanding contribute in terms of vitamins#. The organoleptic properties of the Arance di Ribera D.O.P. of the Azienda Agricola Guarraggi keep perfectly unaltered due to the total lack of chemical treatments, to which the company have omitted renouncing to a perfect skin standard, preferring an higher quality of the final product.
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Why not starting the day drinking a fresh squeezed juice from Ribera oranges? The sweetness of the Sicilian Ribera Juice Oranges (Arance di Ribera) dop is a panacea for your palate and your health too, coming from just harvested and not treated 100% natural oranges. For this reason maybe the skin won’t be perfect, which is an adjective that does not exist in nature, but that’s why they’re so good.
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What a better start than a great orange juice for breakfast? It gives you both an unique sweet taste and a good quantity of Vitamin C to begin your day with the right energy. The Juice oranges of Sicily Ribera contain the best juice you will ever be able to find, as they're grown exclusively in the best part of Sicily (and of the world too) for oranges due to the unique climatic conditions and the particularly clay-rich soil. These Sicilian oranges are 100% natural and NOT treated with any chemical product or fertilizer, therefore they're skin isn't always perfect and shiny like the ones you find commonly.
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