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OnePiò Winery Lugana

OnePiò Winery Lugana

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OnePiò Winery Lugana - 2018
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OnePiò Winery Spumante Party Brut

OnePiò Winery Spumante Party Brut

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OnePiò Winery Spumante Party Brut
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Giving yourself a bottle of BARBARESCO DOCG RISERVA PORA - Produttori del Barbaresco by Produttori del Barbaresco, a truly genuine and authentic winery concerning this specific wine, is certainly one of those decisions for which your senses will be thankful. The Barbaresco Riserva Pora is the expression od a winery, or better an agricultural Cooperative, made up of 50 members who don’t accept any compromise when we talk about Nebbiolo, and since 1958 have joined their work, knowledges and experiences to realize bottles of wine having a truly direct and unbreakable bond to the territory. An aspect that is reflected directly in the glass, where the garnet color is intense and lively, as the aromas of red fruits and spices ( licorice and black pepper ). The tannins are perfectly velvety at the palate, accompanied by a light sapidity during the clean and persistent finale together with the vanilla note given by the 36 months of refinement in barrels.
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The proposal of the day is Adamo Bio winery Sicilian white wines trilogy. As it is in the cinema field, in this case the wines produced by the wise Vincenzo Adamo are a different interpretation and evolution of the same subjects (the Sicilian organic white wines) in the same reference context, that is to say the territory ( in this case Alcamo area in the west of Sicily). This is the best way to catch all the properties and enologic shades of a territory, in reference both to the wine varieties and local origin denominations as the Grillo and the Alcamo DOC (Italy most ancient DOC), that the international wine varieties as it is in the case of the Sauvignon Costa dell’Ape. The approach in Adamo wines is towards the natural expression of the terroir and the vineyards, without building excessively the wines in the winery in their consistencies and aromas, through the organic certifies agricultures methods without treatments that could damage the ground and the marvelous Valle d’Alcamo.
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Cantina della Volta: the Champenoise method Made in Emilia. Soon an important new entry will join the OIP catalogue, Cantina della Volta is a company which focuses on quality and innovation, whose excellence has already been certified by recognitions by the some of the greatest expert of the field and guides as Luca Gardini, Slow Wine, L’Espresso and Gambero Rosso. The winery takes its name from the river bank of the Naviglio di Bomporto, in Modena, where already during the Renaissance the commercial ships used to do the typical turning ( Turning= Volta) coming back to Modena city center. The company philosophy is transmitting the value of the territory through the Champenoise method, developing in two main directions: - An high quality Lambrusco di Sorbara DOC sparkling wines line, one of the few made up with the refermentation in bottle of the Champenoise method instead of the one in autoclave of the Charmat method. - The others are a reinterpretation from an Emilia perspective of the great Champagne, through the use of the classic wine varieties Chardonnay and Pinot Noir cultivated on a hill 650 m over the sea level, in a terroir whose composition limestone-clay-gypsum (on the surface) reminds of the one of the Northern France region. A reality that focuses on the production of wines respecting absolute qualitative and standards and criteria, without any compromise towards the tastes of the mass market, proposing an high level, original offer supported by a well defined idea.
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Today We’re in Friuli, where in the Trieste plateau among the jagged rocks of the coastline Kante has its home. Kante winery is truly harmonized with the territory, so much that the winery itself has been carved in the natural stone. The rock one is a ground as challenging for the grapes and who works with them, as it is generous and unique in the wine making then, due to this Kante wines acquire a peculiar minerality and acidity. In the White Vitovska Kante 2016 We’ve tried (and suggest you too), the mineral and acid notes are well defined and present, allowing a 12 months refinement in barrique, giving wooden and vanilla aromas that round the acidity tips obtaining balance and aromatic intensity at the same time.
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Valpolicella certainly means Amarone, but not only. Torre D’Orti is the one who remembers it us, a winery for which quality is a constant choice. From the strategic raised position, to the selection of the fittest wine varieties, to the adoption of far fewer yields than the ones established by the disciplinaries., in order to use only the best grapes transferring the best of the territory. Torre d’Orti Valpolicella DOC is a red wine with purple shades, initially the red fruit (cherry) is the prevailing aroma, than decise but harmonious spices (clover and cinnamon) arrive. At the palate is is soft, velvety and not too tannic, with final vanilla and wood notes deriving from the barrel refinement accompanied by a perfect acidity which give it great drinkability. VALPOLICELLA TORRE D'ORTI MORARI
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We can’t nothing but widely congratulate with our friend and then supplier Stefano, the owner of Camilucci Franciacorta winery for the 93/100 assigned to the Anthologie Blanc Franciacorta Extra Brut D.O.C.G. Millesimato - Camilucci by Luca Gardini ( Gardini Wine Notes), one of the most demanding palate of the international enology scene. Well deserved goals and satisfactions, for a wine maker that dedicates all of himself to the passion for wine and everything that surrounds it, from the bound to the territory, to the work both in the vineyards and in the refinement phase, obtaining truly excellent Franciacorta wines not only in our opinion, but also as the awards testify for this young and ambitious winery. Do you agree with the renowned sommelier's opinion? Try it and let us know!
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It is difficult to define Colterenzio as a traditional winery, where usually the owner family runs and develops the production process following a more or less model making it their own job. But here we’re talking about the union of 300 families, for most of which viticulture isn’t their job, to which they dedicate their own passion, knowledge and time, to the service of what can be defined as an ambitious cooperative, with the aim of a sustainable production of Trentino wines able to transmit their own territory as it is in the case of Cora Pinot Bianco Colterenzio. Colterenzio (Schreckbichl) Cora Pinot Bianco is a straw yellow with greenish shades wine, the main aromas are fruity (green apple and citrus) and light herbaceous evolved from a part of refinement in barrel, a pleasant lightly bitter aftertaste leads to a persistent finale.
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The 2019 awards space for Carpineto is back, and now it’s up to Farnito Cabernet Sauvignon IGT - Carpineto, a Cabernet Sauvignon rewarded with 90 points Wine Enthusiast 2019 and 90 points in the Gilbert and Gallard International Challenge 2019, it is the only wine of the winery produced entirely with grapes from an international wine variety. In the Farnito case the company leitmotiv “great wines of Tuscany” has a different interpretation, indeed differently from the other bottles where typical Tuscan wine varieties and denominations are involved, here the focus is on the Tuscan interpretation of an International wine variety. The result is a strong ruby red clolour, the main aromas are very mature fruits but above all spices and licorice. Very energetic and full bodied with pleasant notes of wood and vanilla with a great final persistence.
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Casello Bondoni rises in the middle of the Lugana kingdom, on the southern side of Lake Garda, precisely between Desenzano and Sirmione. It is just this denomination deriving from Trebbiano wine variety to which it dedicates a huge part of its production. A line that, as the winery itself, isn’t static bur tries to renew maintaining the territory peculiarities, as the construction of an underground modern cellar testifies. This is an aspect that can be found again in the Lugana DOC Zona Franca, on which the knowledge and the will to experiment have led to test a barrique refinement. After having tried Casello Bondoni Lugana DOC Zonafranca we promptly approve the great idea, the result is a golden yellow wine, whom main aromas are dried fruit, honey and a pleasant sapidity. The barrique Lugana refinement doesn’t overshadow the rest of the bouquet but integrates in it instead, moreover it provides, paired with a good acidity, structure and aging potential.
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Today we’re in Friuli, precisely in San Quirino, in the north-western part of the region. It’s here that we find Russolo winery, namesake of the owner family, which has been dealing with the enology world for more than a century, evolving its own activity up to the current dimension of independent winery since 1974. The production give space both to regional wines as Ribolla Gialla and Refosco, but also to international wine varieties like Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Pinot and others, a choice that has given great results in the case of Russolo Rino Doi Raps. Doi Raps is a Friulian white wine that shows a straw yellow limpid color, the main aromas are mature tropical and white pulp fruit, with some honey note. Round and full bodied in relation to the category it belongs to thanks to the late harvest and finally a light acidity to refresh the palate.
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As we told you in the last news we’re starting to give our review on some of the rewarded Carpineto winery wines. The first one to appear is one of the most personal wines of the winery: the Dogajolo Toscano Rosso IGT - Carpineto which has been awarded with the second place by Wine Enthusiast in the list of the “10 Best Tuscan Wines of 20$ or less”. We’re talking about a bottle invented by Carpineto itself, with the aim of giving the birth to a sincere Tuscan wine, adapt both to the immediate consumption and the aging. Made up of mostly Sangiovese with Cabernet, the two grapes are wine made separately and united only in the final refinement in wood barrels, the result is an intense red ruby color wine, which at the sight already shows its freshness. The main perfumes are fruity (cherry above all), but also notes of vanilla and wood with a growing intensity the the passing of the years. The tastes retrace the ones sensed by the nose, with precise and direct flavors, well assisted by a soft and velvety tannin endowed with the right consistency according to the kind of wine. Fit both for red meats but also for lighter recipes as first courses or clod cuts.
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In 2019 Carpineto has achieved many both national and international prestigious awards, due to the constant work in the vineyards and the research of the most natural possible processes to reflect the peculiarities of its own territory following sustainable winemaking methods. A Tuscan winery that since it was born stands out for the differentiation between its productions, a work starting from the ground up to the refinement. In this way the personal characteristics of each different wine are enhanced, with a particular attention for the aging, that in most bottles overcomes three years. We of OIP sincerely applaud Carpineto for their job and the results, we will soon publish the specific news about some of their wines as Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Molin Vecchio IGT Rosso Toscano 2006, Montepulciano - Carpineto* and many others on our website and social pages.
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Cantina Paltrinieri is absolutely on of the Lambrusco champions, a winery that has succeeded in making the best of the uniqueness of the Sorbara vineyard, an Emilia enology pride. Lambrusco Radice - Cantina Paltrinieri is a bottle that conveys precisely and directly the uniqueness of the winery, a Lambrusco di Sorbara Doc re-fermented in the bottle, natural and sincere, with a very intense rosé colour (which has been made visible due to the restyling of the Radice Paltrinieri bottle from dark to transparent). The taste is fresh, well acid and pleasantly fruity but without excess also due to the dry connotation that soften the sweetness of the fruity tastes. Ideal as an aperitif, with fired fish, crudité, cold cuts and gnocco fritto.
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The Valle d’Aosta wines aren’t always rewarded with the space they would deserve, indeed this region too hides enology specialities and denominations that are worth the best awards by the experts of the sector. Gewürztraminer is a wine variety which found a fertile ground in this region: aromatic and shaped for fresh clime, elements that Le Clocher di Charrère Danilo winery has succeed in exalting, creating a wine amazingly balanced and pleasant, GEWÜRZTRAMINER Vallée d’Aoste dop - LE CLOCHER of which we taste the 2013 vintage. The color is the typical yellow one with golden shades, both on the aromatic and tasting sides it shows a really impressive health for being a six years aged white wine without particular refinement process: the aromas of peach, flowers and aromatic herbs typical of the wine variety are well defined by never excessive, at the palate spices and mineral notes prevail, moreover the unaltered acidity, despite the manu years from the bottling, makes the wine still fresh and intense.
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Freshness, the right amount of acidity, delicate but well defined perfumes, this is the portrait of SPUMANTE GARDA ROSE’ “BESPOI” D.O.P. - Podere Dei Folli, Garda DOC rosé sparkling wine by Podere dei Folli. The last one is an organic agricultural company that is specialized in the production of Lake Garda gastronomic excellences, among which it’s impossible to forget wine. From the great tradition of rosé wines typical of the areas adjacent to Lake Garda, among which certainly the Chiaretto (which is produced by this winery too), starting from the local vine variety par excellence as the Groppello is born a lively organic rosé sparkling wine, as its copper color, almost tending to orange, with floral aromas, while at the palate it is quite dry, fresh favoring the drinkability without boring the palate.
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Leone de Castris was born in 1665, during a period when revolutions both on the political and scientific sides took place, a winery which have literally seen and participated to historical changes for more than three centuries. On its part it has been the first winery to sell a rosé wine in 1943, whose name, on the alley’s army request, has been anglicized in “Five Roses”, a signature that has directly acquired a place in the Italian and international enology history. Through the centuries, production has been searching for innovation, new challenges, but at the same time keeping on giving space to those which are the original tastes of the land that hosts the winery. In this sense the 50° VENDEMMIA - Salice Salentino Doc Riserva - Leone De Castris is emblematic, both in the name and the content (100% Negroamaro), awarded with three glasses gambero rosso for the 2014 vintage available in our catalogue. A lively red ruby colour, with fruity aromas at first than turning to spices (licorice in particular). A the palate it is soft, velvety and well balanced, with mainly spiced notes tending to vanilla due to the oak barrels refinement, with a lightly sapid finale cleaning the mouth.
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For the wine tasting space today is Rosso di Notri - Tua Rita moment, a Tuscan company which this year has celebrated its twenty-fifth production anniversary. Rosso di Notri is the introducing red wine to the winery, the more immediate, a Tuscan wine with elegant fruity aromas and an alcoholic hint, at the palate the fruity notes together with spices and herbs shades and a light tannin presence in the finale, which implies a certain aging potential
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When we talk about Primitivo di Manduria and other Apulian wine varieties in general, Cantine San Marzano is a warranty both of quality and variety. The Apulian winery, indeed, not only produces many different varieties of Primitivo di Manduria doc, but it tries to experiment other wines too, always remaining coherent to the use of local grapes. And that’s how Cantine San Marzano Cinquanta Collezione is born, a name deriving from the minimum age of the vines from which the wine made grapes derive, a wine that literally tastes like Apulia. It could only be like this, with a blend of Primitivo and Negroamaro that gives fruit, spices and characteristic liquor aromas, while at the palate the structure is well defined and certainly present, full bodied, soft, but in a smaller dimension compared to the single variety primitivo of the same winery, making it more towards an important table wine (perfect with red meat and roasted meat) than a meditation wine.
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As every territory endowed with a marked wine vocation, the Valpolicella doesn’t only boasts the pure Amarone quality, but also variety, some of them derived just from this last one. The Ripasso Valpolicella DOC, indeed, is an Amarone descendant, whose pomace are used during the wine drying. Zenato winery, authentic ambassador of the typical Garda and Valpolicella wines, has made the Ripasso one of its points of strength with the Ripassa Valpolicella Ripasso DOC Superiore, appreciated both by the critic (95 points James Suckling, Silver Decanter Awards) and the public (recently among the most voted in Vivino). The colour is intense red, almost garnet, the main aromas are red fruit (cherry above all) with a light alcoholic note. At the palate it takes out the best of the drying: full bodied, well defined tastes, sweet but not boring, funny on the contrary, to taste in a very direct way.
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If you’re searching for rare interesting price performance wines, adding Morellino di Scansano DOCG Bellamarsilia - PoggioargentierA will give you great satisfactions. A Prestigious denomination as Morellino di Scansano together with the seriousness and commitment of the company guarantee great results, which have been spontaneously followed by many awards. Two Glasses by Gambero Rosso, 91/100 James Suckling, these are only few of the great reviews obtained, the result of a work towards the research of the best expression of a high value territory, with which, despite the relatively young age, PoggioargentierA winery has immediately searched (and found) great harmony. Bellamarsilia presents itself with an intense dark red color, the aromas are cherries and delicately balsamic. At the palate instead acidity balances pleasantly the intensity of the fruit note, with a velvety tannin sensation and a remarkable final persistence.
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The Chardonnay is one of the most interpreted wine variety throughout the world, a wine spread most of the area of the planet, of which it is possible to find many different versions depending on the ground, the clime, the methods in vineyard and winery. The Sicilian winery Mandrarossa proposes a variant that conciliates the internationality and the island peculiarities, it is a chardonnay more aromatic and fresher than the average, moreover endowed with a great alcoholic structure. The main aromas are floral and citrusy, while at the palate the citrus tastes stand out again sided by a minerality that gives body and persistency for a great balance in the final result.
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Urlari has been one of the emerging Tuscan wineries in the last years, within a wine panorama where, due to the presence of many high level wine producers, is not so simple to stand out. This success is caused by many different factors, among which the enologist Jean-Philippe Fort, one of the most renowned names within the Bordeaux wine making scene in France, motivated by the particular characteristics of the Tuscan terroir and the possibility to look after the project from the beginning. The rewards have soon arrived, from the Gambero Rosso glasses to the great reviews by Wine Enthusiast, particularly for the pure Merlot of the winery, the MERLOT L'URLO URLARI, which has been so much appreciated by the consumers to have been the most voted in the last week with an average rate of 4.2/5 on the app Vivino The color is intense dark red, red fruits (black berries in particular), spices and tobacco are the main aromas. At the palate you can immediately feel an impressive full velvety sensation, with intense spices notes (cinnamon and cloves) and vanilla due to the 12 months refinement in French oak barrels, great persistence too.
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Starting the week with a pleasant wine can satisfy both your palate and your mood. Today it’s Azienda Agricola Biologica Adamo’s turn, a Sicilian winery, with the Sauvignon Costa dell'Ape - Azienda Agricola Biologica Adamo a pleasant, natural and direct Sicilian Organic wine. The characteristic tomato leaf aroma of the Sauvignon is intense and present without being excessive. Initially floral and peach tastes, while in the finale the typical wine variety taste returns with a good length. Great price performance.
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Cartagho Nero d'Avola - Mandrarossa is a Sicilian wine that doesn’t leave indifferent, starting from the name, deriving from the historical Carthage. A city, or better a population that in the ancient times widely influenced the cultural development of Sicily. Indeed, to underline the historical to the territory, the wine is a pure Nero d’Avola, which is one of the Sicilian wine varieties par excellence. In the past it was seen as a blended wine, with the passing of time it has shown more and more potential, personal and pleasant shades when in selective or careful wine making conditions. Cartagho Mandrarossa has been awarded with three glasses by gambero rosso, a further testament of the quality offered by the Sicilian winery. Intense red ruby color, the 12 months of barrique exalt the characteristics that the Nero d’Avola acquires during the refinement: mature fruit and spices aromas, while at the palate the 14% alcoholic volume are perfectly integrated in the aromatic range that goes from the vanilla to an almost floral note (very uncommon), maintaining a well velvety and direct tannin structure.
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Lugana Doc Cru Orestilla 2015 - Montonale has just won the award as the best Lugana Doc during the Vinalia 2017 in Desenzano del Garda. It has been voted by 60 expert wine priors. But the most prestigious international award has come from the Decanter Wine Awards in which it has conquered the platinum medal with a score of 95\100 and the title of "Best in show- Best white Single-Varietal", that is the say the best single-varietal white wine. Our congratulations goes to Monotonale winery company for the great efforts and excellent results as representatives of the quality of the Italian wines.
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News riguardanti winery

Winery Quintodecimo Art and Science of Wine
A great wine is the perfect blend between poetry and science, between the imponderable and the measurable. It is essentially beautiful, a work of art. It is a sort of raw material’s transfiguration that springs from must as a statue springs from stone. The man who creates it is the one who carves into this stone, already having the end result in his mind. To do this, obviously a man must have a sound scientific background. He must have an understanding of several things; knowledge of the soil, the physiology of the grape, the biochemical processes underlying the transformation of grapes into wine, and the mechanisms of sensory perception. These represent the essence of my way of making wine, this magical invention of man, which has affected my entire life. It was because of these convictions that my wife Laura and I founded Quintodecimo in 2001.

- 23/04/2015 -

Domande su winery

I was at your winery the first week of October with my three other girlfriends and Simone from Hill Top Tours. I ordered wine and expensive Vin Santos but I have never received my order. The address was Marco Island, Fl.????!!!
User: Linda Cassens ( 31/12/2019)

Does anyone know where I can buy a few bottles of lacrimal christi de Vesuvius. Winery is vino cola de Angeles, rose bottles. I tried this wine in sorrento and Capri, I live in the uk and cannot find it anywhere, many thanks for our help

User: ( 12/07/2013)

Which vintage year do you recommend for the Amarone? And what winery would you recommend?
User: George ( 06/10/2012)

The largest boutique for ITALIAN quality food at a fair price.

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