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Presentazione Tuscan wine

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Dogajolo Toscano Bianco IGT - Carpineto

Dogajolo Toscano Bianco IGT - Carpineto

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Dogajolo Toscano Bianco IGT 2015
8.80 €
Dogajolo Toscano Bianco IGT 2015 - Pallet 12 Bottles
99.36 €
Dogajolo Toscano Bianco IGT 2015 - Pallet 120 Bottles
890.10 €



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EXCELSUS BANFI 2013 - N. 12 Bottiglie
490.59 €
EXCELSUS BANFI 2013 - N. 120 Bottiglie
4342.86 €



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Sangiovese Montecucco

Sangiovese Montecucco

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Sangiovese Montecucco Le Querce 2011
12.94 €



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Villa Donoratico DOC Bolgheri

Villa Donoratico DOC Bolgheri

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20.49 €

Post inerenti Tuscan wine

For the wine tasting space today is Rosso di Notri - Tua Rita moment, a Tuscan company which this year has celebrated its twenty-fifth production anniversary. Rosso di Notri is the introducing red wine to the winery, the more immediate, a Tuscan wine with elegant fruity aromas and an alcoholic hint, at the palate the fruity notes together with spices and herbs shades and a light tannin presence in the finale, which implies a certain aging potential
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Great wines for special occasions, this time we’re talking about Sassicaia, a wine that doesn't need further presentations. Already consolidated among the Olympus of the best red wines of the world, some skeptics could, legitimately, doubt concerning a gap between the expectations and the real quality of the bottle. From our point of view we can certainly confirm that this is an absolute high quality Tuscan wine, and its tasting is a unique sensory experience which is totally worth the price, we’re specifically describing you the Sassicaia - Tenuta San Guido 2012. It is right from the color that you can realize the intensity of this wine: a grenade red that almost encroaches to black, wild berries, pleasant balsamic with a light alcoholic background. At the palate extremely velvety, almost silky, the perfumes strikes back in the mouth with an added barrique note in a completive balance and harmony, an incredibly persistent finale leaves a clean taste that make you feel like drinking another glass immediately.
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Urlari has been one of the emerging Tuscan wineries in the last years, within a wine panorama where, due to the presence of many high level wine producers, is not so simple to stand out. This success is caused by many different factors, among which the enologist Jean-Philippe Fort, one of the most renowned names within the Bordeaux wine making scene in France, motivated by the particular characteristics of the Tuscan terroir and the possibility to look after the project from the beginning. The rewards have soon arrived, from the Gambero Rosso glasses to the great reviews by Wine Enthusiast, particularly for the pure Merlot of the winery, the MERLOT L'URLO URLARI, which has been so much appreciated by the consumers to have been the most voted in the last week with an average rate of 4.2/5 on the app Vivino The color is intense dark red, red fruits (black berries in particular), spices and tobacco are the main aromas. At the palate you can immediately feel an impressive full velvety sensation, with intense spices notes (cinnamon and cloves) and vanilla due to the 12 months refinement in French oak barrels, great persistence too.
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The Super Tuscan are wines born from the union between the Tuscan local wine variety par excellence, the Sangiovese, and the international ones as the Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and manny others. What in the 60s was considered almost an heresy by many people in the filed, that is to say the contamination of the local wine varieties, has proven to be a precious intuition towards innovation. Bolgheri is an area particularly renowned for the production of these blends, as its ground composition reminds of Burgundy, fit for the cultivation of international wine varieties in addition to the Sangiovese itself. It is the Bolgheri DOC denomination itself where the Super Tuscan have decided to reunite, despite the criteria aren’t still well defined, indeed they do not only have to be bland, but also endowed with an important structure. Bolgheri Rosso Felciaino - Az. Agricola Giovanni Chiappini is surely part of this category, a Bolgheri DOC and Super Tuscan wine, a blend of San Giovese 10%, Merlot 40%, Cabernet sauvignon 50%, an high level wine according to the experts too (92 James Suckling points). Red ruby color, at the nose the red fruit and spices notes are clear, at the palate the entrance is soft and lightly sweet, a good velvety tannin that certifies its structure and predisposition to the aging, finally a vanilla note that I’ve rarely find as pleasant at this one.
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Today’s wine tasting time, and it’s the moment of Chianti Classico D.O.C.G. Gran Selezione - Tenuta Orsumella, a Tuscan wine that has obtained great reviews, for example the 90 points by James Suckling. 100% Sangiovese grapes as Chianti disciplinary, with 30 months of refinement in barrique, it is red ruby coloured, the olfactory intensity of the red fruit and balsamic is surprising. At the palate are immediately noticeable softness and acidity, the main notes are wood and vanilla, sided by a soft tannin and a great persistency. It is a wine that despite the intensity expressed, doesn’t show off excessively it qualities, displaying them in a discrete and direct way instead.
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The Chianti Classico denomination is reserved only to those who commit themselves not only to the production of this typical Tuscan wine following well defined standards, but also to the safeguard of this precious territory, becoming a custodian. Tenuta Orsumella is located in the heart of the marvelous region of Chianti, where it has obtained the official organic producer certification not long ago, another recognized proof of the bond with the territory, which gratifies the wine cellar giving an excellent Chianti Classico DOCG, direct and intense as is traditional. Orsumella, Chianti Classico DOCG - Tenuta Orsumella is a 100% Sangiovese grapes wine, intense red ruby colour, the main aromas are red fruits and a little vanilla shade. The entrance at the palate is sapid, wide and enveloping, with further fruity notes but spicy too (tea and black pepper) and the velvety of the tannin balances perfectly the acidity. Not to underestimate the excellent price performance of this wine.
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During the week end, many times it happens to taste new wines, some of these leave a sign in the senses and mind of the people who taste them, and this is our case as it concerns Grano delle Formiche IGT rosso - Podere Spazzavento. Produced and bottled by the wine cellar Podere Spazzavento, a Tuscan agricultural company dedicated to the production of organic wines both typical as the Chianti Superiore DOCG, the Chianti Riserva DOCG and other more personal character wines as the IGT red wine mentioned before. Grano delle Formiche has been rewarded ad one of the best five red Tuscan IGT wines during the IX edition of the Tuscan wines selection. Produced with 70% San Giovese and 30% Colorino, the prevailing aromas are red fruits, while at the palate the twelve months in barrique stands out, making the tannin pleasant and velvety, with species and tertiary notes as vanilla and cocoa, mid body and great resistance. It is also possible to order it from our shop through the vivino platform.
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Yesterday evening , in occasion of a Costata (Entrecôte) made from Fassona beef from Piedmont - Macelleria Mastra Alebardi grilled dinner with some friends, we've tried Amor Costante IGT TOSCANA - Gianni Brunelli - Le Chiuse di Sotto. A wine that has amazed and satisfied every dining companion's palate, an IGT certified Tuscan wine that has absolutely to envy compared to the most prestigious wine of that region. At the sight the limpid ruby red stands out immediately, the aromas are mainly of wild berries, at the palate it is soft, endowed with strong tannins and persistence exalting an important structure that confers the wine a strong and decise character. Grapes varieties: San Gives 80%, Merlot 20%. Alcohol: 14% vol Ideal food pairing: grilled red meat.
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The Tuscan landscape has always had an almost magnetic attractiveness towards its spectators, from the Chianti hills to the Maremma, these natural beauties are famous not only within the national borders but also in the whole world. Morellino di Scansano Abos - Podere Castellaccia is a perfect portrait of this territory. A product that comes from the southern part of Tuscany, in the Province of Grosseto, on a Maremma hill (127m a.s.l), 50 hectares of vineyards just few kilometers from the sea shores. The company and wine cellar can be visited in order to admire the outstanding natural landscape while tasting a 100% Tuscan wine coming from local vineyards. The geographical position and climatic conditions endow this wine with a great alcoholic content (14%), a great aging capacity with the passing of the years and a decise taste which won't be easy to forget, like the lands that gave it its birth.
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