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Prodotti collegati a Tumminia

Farina di Tumminia - Az. Agricola Biologica Adamo

Farina di Tumminia - Az. Agricola Biologica Adamo

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Farina di Tumminia - 1 Kg.
4.35 €

Tumminia Bio-Vollkornmehl - Az. Agricola Fastuchera

Tumminia Bio-Vollkornmehl - Az. Agricola Fastuchera

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Farina Integrale di Tummìnia Bio - 1 Kg.
4.14 €

Tumminia Biologic Semiwhole Flour Stone Milled - Az. Agricola Fastuchera

Tumminia Biologic Semiwhole Flour Stone Milled - Az. Agricola Fastuchera

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Farina semintegrale di semolato di Tummìnia Bio - 1 Kg.
4.14 €

Semi-wholemeal Tumminia wheat Tagliatelle - Fastuchera

Semi-wholemeal Tumminia wheat Tagliatelle - Fastuchera

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Tagliatelle di Semolato di Tumminìa Fastuchera - 500 gr.
4.55 €

Whole grain Tumminia wheat tagliatelle - Fastuchera

Whole grain Tumminia wheat tagliatelle - Fastuchera

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Tagliatelle integrali - 500 gr.
4.55 €

Wholemeal Tumminia wheat Penne - Fastuchera

Wholemeal Tumminia wheat Penne - Fastuchera

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Penne Integrali di Tumminìa Fastuchera - 500 gr.
4.35 €

Post inerenti Tumminia

Is it necessary to give up all carbohydrates to have a healthy diet? No, you simply have to choose high quality raw materials, from the pasta you buy to the raw flours, containing the right amount of nourishment and not too refined ad the 00. In this way, eating a home made pizza or bread will be a satisfaction not only for your palate, but your body too will thank you. The best way to approach this virtuous circle is know and select craft mills like Fastuchera Azienda Agricola, choosing for example producers of ancient wheat as Russello, Tumminia, Maiorca, from the moment that these last ones are almost all stone milled and low refined, both the characteristic are necessary to have an high quality carbohydrate.
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Homemade bread is something that, as other forms of art, is a channel for creativity, expressivity and enriches the knowledges. Moreover it gives us the certainty of eating an healthy product, which is fundamental thing when we talk about everyday food, differently from what normally happens in the most part of the bread, where the amount of yeast is too high, the flour used is too refined and sometimes chemical additives are present too. The first step for an high quality bread is the selection of the raw materials, flour first privileging the raw ones. We’ve invested our time and resources in the promotion of the ancient wheats, endowed with unique organoleptic and taste properties, as we’ve observed after many years of experiments with home made pizza and bread, and the result have been incredibly good. Using Tumminia, Russulidda Durum Wheat Semolina Sicilian biologic stone ground - Fastuchera Farm or Minorca ( Sicilian ancient durum wheat varieties), not only earning in aromatic richness and taste, but our body too will thank us, from the moment that lab analysis have revealed that flours like these bring many different benefits that go from the cardiovascular system ( thanks to lignin) to the ease to digest, moreover discouraging the rise of alimentary intolerances.
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More and more people are coming back to dedicate themselves to the home made production of bread, focaccia and pizza. We of OIP want to help you to reach the best possible result, both on the taste and in the genuineness of the final product. The flours that can be find on the supermarket shelves aren’t always good quality raw materials, so they alter the tastes and the organoleptic qualities of bakery products in a negative way. Within our catalogue you will be able to find different kind of flours, from the most common varieties to the ones derived from ancient wheats. All of them rigorously Made in Italy all over the production processes: from the wheat cultivation without dangerous chemical fertilizers, to the stone milling. Why using Italian flour? The flour leader countries producers (Canada, Rumania), due to the lack of sun and warm needed for the most part of the year, are obliged to dry the wheat using the glyphosate, an herbicide that avoid the wheat to go bad within few days, but it surely hasn’t a good effect on health, so that it is under observation as a possible cancerous substance. In Italy, on the contrary, particularly in the Southern regions, is endowed with a warmer and sunny weather, so the producers are able to dry wheat naturally under the sunbeams. To give your dough an unique aroma try the flours by Fastuchera Agricultural Company, a small company that invest in the production of flours deriving from Sicilian ancient wheats, towards a eco sustainable agriculture protecting the biodiversity and the genuineness of the final product. Maiorca Flour Soft wheat Bio Molita in Pietra - Fastuchera Farm, Russulidda Durum Wheat Semolina Sicilian biologic stone ground - Fastuchera Farm, Tumminia Biologic Semiwhole Flour Stone Milled - Az. Agricola Fastuchera.
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Did you know that the tumminia wheat is a variety which have been already cultivated by the Ancient Greek in the Sicilian colonies of the Magna Grecia? After a long period of neglect due to the low productiveness, this ancient durum wheat has been re-discovered by some small local producers as it is endowed with incredible organoleptic properties. Indeed it has an high protein value, a low gluten index and contains an high percentage of lignin, a substance that help the heart to keep healthy reinforcing the immune defenses too. Anyway it not only have great nutritional properties, but also an unique natural aroma, giving the derived products as tumminia pasta or tumminia bread an outstanding pleasant taste which mirrors its ancient and deep historical heritage.
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If you want to make a really successful Italian pizza you need to start from real Italian good quality ingredients. For the dough try the Tumminia Biologic Semiwhole Flour Stone Milled - Az. Agricola Fastuchera to give an exceptional aroma (only as an addition, because as a main flour this type only is not enough "strong" to levitate as a pizza), the real artisanal Campania buffalo mozzarella Aversana type buffalo mozzarella di Bufala Campana aus Battipaglia - Caseificio Esposito or the Apulian Mozzarella Fiordilatte - Caseificio Voglia di Latte. You can't do it without San Marzano tomatoes DOP - Agrigenus a real DOP, an excellence which has been awarded as the best San Marzano tomato and the Sicilian oregano in the bunch - Az. Agr. Balducco Fulgatore is fundamental too Also the other ingredients are important, we're suggesting you some pairings: -Pizza with Smoked Buffalo Provola from Battipaglia - Caseificio Esposito, potatoes and Guanciale (jowl bacon) - La Cinta di Guido. -Pizza with San Marzano tomatoes DOP - Agrigenus, Aversana type buffalo mozzarella di Bufala Campana aus Battipaglia - Caseificio Esposito and after the cooking add Apulian Stracciatella - Caseificio Voglia di Latte and 1/2 boneless San Daniele DOP raw ham - Il Camarin. -Pizza with San Marzano tomatoes DOP - Agrigenus, Aversana type buffalo mozzarella di Bufala Campana aus Battipaglia - Caseificio Esposito, Gorgonzola DOP and 'Nduja of black calabrian pig - Consorzio Nero di Calabria.
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Why eating healthy always should mean tasteless? Of course we don't think so, and we will prove it giving you a recipe that is both healthy and tasty. It's all up to the raw material you use, in fact Tumminia pasta, differently from most of the other varieties of pasta, derives from an ancient Sicilian wheat which not only has a lot of benefits on our body, but is has also an unique and outstanding aroma which will make you fell in love with this product. So here's today's recipe: Semi-wholemeal Tumminia wheat Tagliatelle - Fastuchera with seasonal vegetables. Ingredients: 300g of tagliatelle fastuchera, seasonal vegetables (today we're using aubergines, zucchini, onions, fava beans and cherry tomatoes), Organic extra virgin olive oil - Adamo, Raw Sea Salt Picked by Shoulder - Cuordisale - Salinagrande, black pepper. Firstly cut the vegetables in small pieces, take a pan and make them stir fry together with a little EVO oil and seasoning with salt and black pepper. Then put the tagliatelle in boiling salted water for 3 minutes, then drain them saving a little of the boiling water. Put the tagliatelle in the pan finishing the cooking with the vegetables adding the cooking water (1\2 spoonfuls) for one minute nearly. If you want a touch of extra flavor you can add some mature salted sheep's ricotta.
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Pasta alla norma is one of the most ancient Italian pasta recipes whose name was given in honor to a Catania (a city of Sicily )the famous comedy writer Vincenzo Bellini during the first play of his famous theatrical play "La Norma". Today we want to write you a recipe of a 100% Sicilian pasta alla norma, using a pasta made of an ancient Sicilian durum wheat variety called Tumminia cultivated and processed in Alcamo (a village on the western side of Sicily). the result is a semi-whole pasta endowed with an unique aroma and a lot of beneficial organoleptic properties. Ingredients: 400g of Timilia Biological Penne Rigate - Az. Agricola Biologica Adamo; 500g tomato sauce ( you can add cherry tomatoes if you want some extra freshness), mature slated sheep's ricotta, 2 aubergines, 2 cloves of red garlic from Nubia and basil, Sicilian extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. First of all you have to wash aubergines and cut them into slices, cover them with cooking salt, put on them a weight an make them dry for one hour at least, with this process they will loose all the water in excess and they won't absorb too much oil. Then wash them from the salt, cut them into cubes and you can decide whether to deep fry them (original recipe) or put them in a pan with some oil (lighter). When aubergines will be cooked ad the sauce to them putting on this sauce the entire garlic clove (that you will take out after the sauce will have acquired its flavour) and make it cook until it has reached the right consistency. During the sauce cooking boil the pasta until its is "al dente" (control the minutes of cooking on the package), dry it and make it cook with the sauce to amalgamate it. At the end add some mature salted sheep' ricotta (be generous) and the remaining leaves of fresh basil.
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Your intestine fatigue to digest but you don't want give up eating pasta? Don't worry, Semi-wholemeal Tumminia wheat Tagliatelle - Fastuchera will save you. Thanks to the ancient wheat beneficial properties in fact this kind of pasta will help you decrease your intestinal disturbs with a characteristic and exceptional taste too.
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The Farina di Tumminia as it derives from an ancient raw wheat has some benefits on the immune system. The lignin contained in fact is not only able to increase the immunize defenses of the organism, but it is useful for the prevention of tumors too.
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Some scientific studies have highlight that the consumption of ancient flours like Tumminia can help to contrast the rise of alimentary intolerances because, differently from the more spread white flour, they are few processed and modified.
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Recently some studies have enlightened the benefits from the ancient raw wheat Tumminia, thanks to its genuineness it helps the cardiovascular system thanks to a substance called lignin which maintains the heart healthy.
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News riguardanti Tumminia

Rusello Tumminia and Biancolilla Biologic ancient durum wheat varieties- Agricultural Company Adamo
The Russell durum wheat variety is a very ancient kind of wheat which was cultivated all over Sicily, now it is spread only in some circumscribed ares of the island. The Biancolilla wheat is an ancient variety that in the past was very diffused too until the so called "Green Revolution", during which all the ancient wheat were abandoned in favor of more performing wheat varieties, genetically improved, called modern. The Tumminia is a Sicilian native durum wheat variety, it is one of the most ancient Italian varieties. It is a few sieved whole wheat, it contains a lot of trace elements of the wheat germ and bran germ; it has high protein values and a low gluten index. Nowadays the biologic agriculture has resumed the cultivation of those ancient wheats which are considered finer than the modern ones, the bring with them uniques tastes, shades and aromas, they are more digestible, tolerable and rich of nutritive substances too. The ancient wheats are simply the varieties of the past that are remained authentic and original, that is to say they haven't received any change and alteration by the mankind to increase its performance. They are great for the preparation of bakery products both sweet and salty and for pasta too obtaining excellent result both on the visual and the tasting sides. The ancient wheat have uniques shades of tastes and aromas, they maintain a balanced relationship between the amid and gluten containing a fewer percentage of the last one. If you will make a home-made bread with a flour taken form an ancient wheat you will easily find the differences.

- 27/12/2018 -

Ancient wheats: the Tumminia wheat
The Tumminia is a Sicilian local durum wheat variety among the most ancient in Italy. It is a raw flour, few processed, that contains many oligoelements of wheat, moreover it is endowed with an high protein value and a low gluten index. A product that fits perfectly for the bread making, indeed the well known Castelvetrano bread is made using this kind of flour. Tumminia is very good fo other oven product as pizza or biscuits too Biscuits with Tumminia flower. Ingredients: 500 gr Tumminia raw flour 150 gr butter 2 eggs 150 gr brown sugar 1 yeast bag for desserts 50 gr. Yogurt (optional) grated lemon zest Pour the flour in the pasta maker bowl, adding the yeast and the softened butter in pieces. Make the ingredients kneaded with the whisk, until the mixture will be grainy. Put the K hook, so unite the eggs, the brown sugar and the grated lemon zest (and the yogurt). Knead all the ingredients forming a smooth and hard block. Spread out the dough over the oven paper in a nearly 5mm high puff pastry, with a cutter obtain biscuits and put them over a baking tray covered with oven paper. Cook in the oven for 15 minutes at 180 degrees until golden. Preserve the biscuits in a barrel or a glass pot.

- 24/04/2018 -

Tumminia- Russulidda- Maiorca: Ancient Sicilian Wheats
Historical Sicilian wheats, among which the timilia (or tummina), Maiorca and Russulidda varieties are cultivated and processed throughout the biologic methods, maintaining intact all the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics. Moreover the absence of OGM, these wheats are milled by stone, in order to allow to preserve the wheats germ, vitamins, mineral salts and proteins that make it a further healthy and easy to digest product. It is very good for the preparation of sweet and salty products and for the pasta. The ancient wheats are nothing but ancient wheat varieties of the past remained still authentic and original, that is to say they haven't received any change by the mankind to improve its yield.

- 29/09/2017 -

The Timilia or Tumminia Wheat and Flour by the Agricultural Company ADAMO
Well known all over Sicily, but also in the rest of Italy with dialect names: tumminia, timminia, trimmina. It is a wheat which is very resistant to dryness, fit for the cultivation is hot and dry areas, for this reason it is cultivated in South Italy. The Timlia flour is produced through ancient millstones nearby the city of Trapani, it is a whole flour, low tumbled, it contains a lot of oligo elements of the germs of wheat and bran; it has and high protein value and a low gluten index. CHARACTERISTICS: - Intestine's regularization - Easily digestible - Cultivated without using phytosanitaries - Rich of mineral salts, fibers and vitamins

- 02/11/2015 -

Tumminia wheat fusilli with puntarelle and tuna bottarga
Ingredients: - 400g Tumminia wheat fusilli "La Fastuchera" - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Adamo" - 1 clove of red Nubia garlic - 100 g fresh Puntarelle (a type of chicory) - Tuna Bottarga (1st choice) - 1 untreated lemon - Salt from Trapani

- 25/02/2015 -

Pumpkin Ravioli made from fresh Tumminia wheat pasta
Ingredients: Pasta: - 500g Tumminia wheat flour "Az. Agricola Fastuchera" - 200g Tumminia whole wheat flour "Az. Agricola Fastuchera" - 7 eggs Filling: - 500g oven-baked pumpkin - 200g Morstarda "Sperlari" - 150g amaretti - 100g 36 months aged Parmigiano Reggiano - 1 egg - Nutmeg - Salt from Trapani Sauce: - 150g butter "Az. Agricola Frascio" - Sage

- 16/01/2015 -

Handmade lasagna made from Tumminia wheat flour
Ingredients: Lasagna: - 500g Tumminia wheat flour "Az. Agricola Fastuchera" - 200g Tumminia whole grain wheat flour "Az. Agricola Fastuchera" - 7 eggs Meat Sauce: - 1kg ground beef - Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Adamo" - 1 onion - Tomato puree "Masseria Dauna" - Salt from Trapani Béchamel sauce: - 1l milk "Az. Agricola Frascio" - 50g butter "Az. Agricola Frascio" - 50g flour - Nutmeg - salt - 250g grated Parmigiano Reggiano aged 36 months

- 12/01/2015 -

Tumminia wheat Gemelli with Pomodorini del Vesuvio DOP
Ingredients: - 500 g Tumminia wheat Gemelli "La Fastuchera" - Tomato puree from Pomodorini Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP - 10 Pomodorini del Vesuvio DOP - Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Cinta di Guido" - Ripe, salty sheep's ricotta - 1 clove garlic from Nubia - Salt

- 26/11/2014 -

La Fastuchera: Tumminia is an old variety of wheat
The Tumminia durum wheat has been cultivated in Sicily for thousands of years. The wheat is sown in March and harvested in June after a short maturing period. The Timilia or Tumminia wheat does not need much water but extreme heat.

- 24/10/2014 -

Tumminia wholemeal penne all'arrabbiata
Ingredients: - 500 g Tumminia whole wheat Penne "La Fastuchera" - 400g San Marzano tomatoes DOP "Agrigenus" - 1 Chili - 1 clove of garlic "garlic from Nubia" - Extra Virgin Olive Oil Frescolio "Frantoio Cutrera" - Salt "Oro di Sicilia" - Fresh parsley

- 07/10/2014 -

Domande su Tumminia

Do you carry Cutrera Busiate Tumminia pasta ?
User: twodoggie9z80 ( 09/09/2016)

Are there any TUMMINIAs involved in the business? I am a Tumminia from Hershey, Pa USA
User: tum ( 25/02/2016)

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