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Presentazione Spaghetti - Pasta Bossolasco

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Spaghetti - Pasta Bossolasco

Spaghetti - Pasta Bossolasco

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Spaghetti - Pasta Bossolasco 500 gr.
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Pasta Bossolasco project is born from an agricultural company, when the fourth generation decided to integrate the raw materials transformation, that is to say Italian durum wheat, with the production of the same. It is the second company case in Italy of Italian pasta production with a 100% internal supply chain, so from the wheat cultivation, to the milling in order to obtain the flour, than the processing and finally the packaging. The agricultural origin of the company has the advantage of having knowledges inherent to the activity, which have allowed to obtain high quality Italian products, with the right bland of durum wheat varieties for make a flavorful artisanal pasta, endowed with great cooking resistance and not least a positive impact on health due to its great organoleptic properties. It's available in the formats Fusilli - Pasta Bossolasco, Paccheri - Pasta Bossolasco, Spaghetti - Pasta Bossolasco, Penne - Pasta Bossolasco e Trenette - Pasta Bossolasco.
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21/09/2018 12:29:58
Stracciatella is a typical fresh cheese of the Apulian tradition, originally born from the rests of the mozzarella making process, but with the passing of time it has become an authentic gastronomic speciality thanks to its delicate flavor and creaminess. Apulian Stracciatella - Caseificio Voglia di Latte is shipped exclusively every Monday and Wednesday, produced the night before by the Apulian cheese producer Voglia di Latte to guarantee the best freshness. It is obviously good natural as it is with some cold cuts, but it is a great alley for you recipes too. For example in a dish of Spaghetti - Pasta Bossolasco with sauce made up of Pachino Cherry Tomatoes and a little of 'Nduja of black calabrian pig - Consorzio Nero di Calabria to contrast the stracciatella sweetness and finally some Sicilian crushed and seasoned green olives Nocellara del Belice - Az. Agricola Melia as a garnish.
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12/09/2018 11:46:59
Pasta, especially in the Mediterranean diet, is one of the main elements, so it is fundamental to choose an high quality and genuine pasta. Pasta Bossolasco is a warranty of the quality of its raw materials, since the company itself cultivates the wheats from which derives the flour of which the final product is made up of. An 100% Made in Italy pasta endowed with extraordinary organoleptic and taste properties. The different formats makes it fit for every recipe, in the photo Spaghetti - Pasta Bossolasco with a three tomatoes sauce on an Sicilian ancient wheats bread cream aromatized with basil, Mature salted sheep ricotta and crispy bread crumbs with chili.
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05/06/2018 15:03:24
In Italy there are many pasta producers, but Pasta Bossolasco distinguish itself from almost all the others. The company its unicity resides in the forward looking choice of starting from the cultivation of own wheat, and following the entire process until the packaging. This allows the producer to not only to realize an high quality pasta, selecting the most adapt and genuine qualities of wheat, but also a total transparency towards the customers, making them aware of the product they’re buying. Today we’re giving you a simple, classic recipe appreciated for its taste all around the world: the spaghetti with clams. Ingredients: Spaghetti - Pasta Bossolasco, clams, white wine, Organic extra virgin olive oil - Adamo, Red Garlic from Nubia, parsley, Coarse sea salt of Trapani Clean the clams putting them in a bowl full of water for almost an hour. In a large pan put a garlic clove and a drizzle of EVO oil, stir fry, and add the clams, a while later add 1\4 glass of white and make the alcoholic part evaporate. As soon as the clams will open turn down the gas and shell them (leave some in their shells for esthetic if you want to). Cook the spaghetti in boiling salted water for 2 minutes less than it is written on the box. Finish the cooking of the spaghetti in the pan used before with the water released by the clams, in the end add the chopped parsley and amalgamate for the last time.
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07/03/2018 19:34:28
Sea urchin is a very popular and fine seafood, thanks to its taste which embodies the essence and freshness of the sea. Eggs are the only part of the sea urchin that is eaten, so only the female is edible. If you want to it it fresh you have to eat the same day it is caught, so the sea urchin pulp is normally frozen immediately after the sea urchins caught in order to maintain the fresh taste as much as possible. Today we're giving you a classic recipe which will make you appreciate and enhance the sea urchins: "Spaghetti ai ricci di mare". Ingredients: Spaghetti - Pasta Bossolasco, Frozen sea urcin pulp - La Bottarga di Tonno Group, Organic extra virgin olive oil - Adamo, Red garlic from Nubia, Coarse sea salt of Trapani, red hot chili pepper, parsley. First make the water boil, add sea salt and then the pasta (the minutes are written on the box). Meanwhile, in a frying pan, put some evo oil, an unpeeled clove of garlic and some red hot chili pepper making them brown and putting the garlic clove off when it is ready. One minute before it is ready drain the spaghetti and conserve 1\2 glasses of the boiling water, so stir fry the pasta in the frying pan with the flavored oil and add the pasta water. Amalgamate for a minute (until the water evaporates) as the water will release the pasta amid which will make your spaghetti creamy in a natural way. Only in the end add the sea urchin pulp as it only needs warming and not cooking, finally garnish with some minced parsley.
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28/08/2017 11:48:44

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