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If you have ever visited central Italy it's impossibile that you haven't come across a a shop or food truck selling a magnificent sandwich with Porchetta. It is difficult to establish precisely the year of the born of this product, but it was surely invented before the Romans. This recipe has reached its highest expression in a small village in the province of Rome called Ariccia, that nowadays, thanks to this gastronomic excellence, has an important place in the most famous culinary guides and books. What mainly characterizes the Porchetta di Ariccia IGP is the awsome crunchiness of the bacon rind, obtained thanks to a precise cooking. The meats used come exclusively from porks born, bred and butchered in Italy and are perfectly balanced in a 70-30% proportion between the thin and the fat parts. It is season using only products cultivated in Italy as rosemary, garlic, fennel seeds, finally a lot of black pepper and good sea salt. All the Ariccia porchetta producers would agree that the best way to appreciate this product is a simple sandwich, in this case "less is more". So we're giving you our personal recipe: sandwich with Porchetta di Ariccia IGP, argula and home made mayonnaise. Firstly toast 2 slices of a good Stonebaked organic Pugliese type bread - Forno Astori. Meanwhile in a mixer put two eggs and turn on the mixer adding the seeds oil little by little. When the mayonnaise will be beaten add some Sicilian lemons Verdelli juice and season with some salt (and a touch of mustard too if you like it). Put the mayonnaise on the lower slice of bread, then the arugula and finally abundant porchetta. With this sandwich we recommend to drink a decise character beer like OI Beer.
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03/11/2017 16:21:06
The orecchiette are the Apulia pasta par excellence, and who could be a better orecchiette producer than Benedetto Cavalieri? In fact not only Cavalieri is a high quality pasta producers well known all over the gastronomic world, it is really an Apulia producers, in fact its headquarters are in Lecce. The rigorous selection of the raw materials grown in the hills between Apulia and Basilicata and the use of the delicate method for the pasta production have make the final product unique and delicious. Today we're giving you a recipe that includes this particular kind of pasta: Orecchiette with dried tomatoes, taggiasche olives and buffalo ricotta cream. Ingredients: Orecchiette Cavalieri, Under the Sicilian sun dried tomatoes, Olive taggiasche denocciolate - Pexto, Ricotta di Bufala (Buffalo Ricotta) - Caseificio Artigianale Esposito, Organic extra virgin olive oil - Adamo, Raw Sea Salt Picked by Shoulder - Cuordisale - Salinagrande, Sicilian lemons Verdelli. Firstly put the orecchiette in boiling salted water and look at the cooking time on the package. Meanwhile in a pan with a little EVO oil make the dried tomato and olive cook for 1\2 minutes. Take a bowl putting the ricotta in, season it with some grated lemon zest and then blend it adding a little of milk. When the orecchiette will be ready, drain them. Put the buffalo ricotta cream at the base of a soup plate, then the orecchiette and finally the dried tomatoes and olives.
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08/09/2017 17:42:34

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