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Usually products in oil are preserved in low quality oil, due to this the product loses quality both concerning the taste and genuineness. The SoloSole preserves are rigorously put in Sicilian extra virgin olive oil and only a minimum percentage of seeds oil, starting from seasonal vegetables cultivated and processed in Sicily. The result is the sincere taste of the home made preserves tradition spread for centuries in the Southern Italy, thanks to the artisanal processing that follows the traditional preparations of these typical specialties. Try the Aubergine Fillets - SoloSole, you won't regret it.
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11/04/2018 12:47:37
Pasta alla norma is one of the most ancient Italian pasta recipes whose name was given in honor to a Catania (a city of Sicily )the famous comedy writer Vincenzo Bellini during the first play of his famous theatrical play "La Norma". Today we want to write you a recipe of a 100% Sicilian pasta alla norma, using a pasta made of an ancient Sicilian durum wheat variety called Tumminia cultivated and processed in Alcamo (a village on the western side of Sicily). the result is a semi-whole pasta endowed with an unique aroma and a lot of beneficial organoleptic properties. Ingredients: 400g of Timilia Biological Penne Rigate - Az. Agricola Biologica Adamo; 500g tomato sauce ( you can add cherry tomatoes if you want some extra freshness), mature slated sheep's ricotta, 2 aubergines, 2 cloves of red garlic from Nubia and basil, Sicilian extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. First of all you have to wash aubergines and cut them into slices, cover them with cooking salt, put on them a weight an make them dry for one hour at least, with this process they will loose all the water in excess and they won't absorb too much oil. Then wash them from the salt, cut them into cubes and you can decide whether to deep fry them (original recipe) or put them in a pan with some oil (lighter). When aubergines will be cooked ad the sauce to them putting on this sauce the entire garlic clove (that you will take out after the sauce will have acquired its flavour) and make it cook until it has reached the right consistency. During the sauce cooking boil the pasta until its is "al dente" (control the minutes of cooking on the package), dry it and make it cook with the sauce to amalgamate it. At the end add some mature salted sheep' ricotta (be generous) and the remaining leaves of fresh basil.
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23/05/2017 10:40:28

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