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Presentazione Ribera oranges

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Fioroni di Ribera Oranges vs Normal type Sicilian Ribera oranges. While it is still the right season, until the end of March, you must try those marvelous Sicilian Ribera Oranges Fioroni (Arance di Ribera Washington Fioroni), Riberella DOP are the one and only Italian PDO oranges.
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Winter is the season of snow, lights, Christmas, but above all Sicilian Oranges. Our 2019 Ribera oranges first harvest a has just arrived, following their seasonality, and they will every week freshly harvested from the producer, brought to us and promptly shipped to you. The riberella dop are the one and only pdo Italian oranges, so juicy and tasty as the Sicilian sun allows them to be, due to the uniqueness of that specific part of the region. Buy Sicilian oranges from Ribera, in different kind as juice oranges, table oranges and Sicilian Ribera Oranges Fioroni (Arance di Ribera Washington Fioroni).
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As a Christmas gift the Italian excellences and their authentic tastes are a guaranteed success, for this reason OIP gives you the possibility to compose your own customized Christmas gift box. Discover the specialities from all the Italian regions: hand made panettone, red and white Italian wines, Franciacorta wines, exquisite cold cuts, Ribera oranges, fresh aged cheese, sauces, artisanal pasta and many other products. An high quality Made in Italy selection, ready to end up under the Christmas tree in gift box decorated with Christmas motif and delight the palates of your loved ones.
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Why not starting the day drinking a fresh squeezed juice from Ribera oranges? The sweetness of the Sicilian Ribera Juice Oranges (Arance di Ribera) dop is a panacea for your palate and your health too, coming from just harvested and not treated 100% natural oranges. For this reason maybe the skin won’t be perfect, which is an adjective that does not exist in nature, but that’s why they’re so good.
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On Monday the first Ribera Oranges of the season are coming, after the difficulties due to the road practicability caused by the recent floods. By ordering them during the week end, they will be shipped on Monday, just harvested on this morning and in few hours you will have the true taste of Sicily on your tables. The Riberella DOP oranges , coming from the Azienda Agricola Guarraggi located in Ribera, are available in three kind, all of them 100% and not treated with chemical products (a completely perfect skin isn’t possible in nature) fit for every need: the fioroni oranges (sweeter and juicier), the table oranges and the juice oranges. Moreover other Sicilian citrus coming from the same area of Ribera are available, as the pink grapefruit, clementines and mandarins.
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It’s almost time! Pre order on our store now the Arance di Ribera dop, the most renowned Sicilian oranges. Indeed Ribera is the oranges locality par excellence, as the creation of a personal DOP disciplinary testify, which moreover guarantee the lack of any chemical additive or treatment. This variety distinguish itself from the others for its particularly sweet blonde pulp lacking of seeds and bitterness, the great organoleptic properties balance (vitamin A, B1, B2, C, sugars and mineral salts) and the exceptional ease to digest, so that it can be eaten after dinner too. There are three varieties available: Sicilian Ribera Oranges Fioroni (Arance di Ribera Washington Fioroni), Juice oranges of Sicily Ribera and Sicilian Ribera Oranges Table Navel variety (Arance di Ribera da Tavola), it is also possible to add Sicilian lemons Di Ribera, Pink Grapefuit sicilian from Ribera - Azienda Agricola Guarraggi and Sicilian Ribera Clementines/Mandarins - Az. Agricola Guarragi, composing your customized box.
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If you haven’t already tried the P.D.O Ribera Oranges of Sicily, hurry up, they’ll be available only for few weeks. OIP sustains and promotes the natural products seasonality, in order to give the best possible products. As a consequence the Ribera oranges supply of the varieties Fioroni Oranges (Arance di Ribera Washington and Juice oranges of Sicily Ribera goes from the beginning of December to March nearly.
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If you're searching for an original christmas present (or simply a present), don't worry, we have the right answer for you. The Citrus fruits of Sicily"Ribera" wooden crate - Ag. Company Guarraggi 6 kg. Oranges for juice 6 Kg. Oranges Fioroni Washington 3 kg. Clementine 2 kg. Natural Lemons is a true representative of the best Italian Oranges and Lemons, a gift that will assure the receiver's appreciation. Product description: The Agricultural Company Guerraggi (italian excellences 2016) is placed in Ribera, Magone locality, almost 4kms far form the sea, in the middle of an area in which the best Sicilian oranges have been being produced for centuries. The products we're selling are "Washington Navel" quality oranges, and there are 3 available varieties: the juice (smaller), the table and the fioroni (very big). The Guaraggi farm belongs to the consortium of Ribera oranges DOP and has applied for recognition of the IGP EU quality label for the Sicilian Ribera oranges.
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From today it is possible to order Sicilian Ribera oranges on our website. These aren't the average Sicilian oranges ones (which are a very good product anyway), they're from Ribera, the best place in the world to grow the sweetest and most juicy oranges with the ideal balance between sugars and acids. Our offer includes 3 kinds of oranges: Fioroni Oranges (Arance di Ribera Washington) Fioroni, Juice oranges of Sicily Ribera and Orange table Sicilian Ribera. Maybe you won't find a shining and perfect peel, but it is due to the total lack of any chemical treatment which make their as natural as possible.
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News riguardanti Ribera oranges

Ribera oranges, Washington type
Ribera oranges of the type Washington are Sicilian blonde oranges that can be enjoyed as table or juice oranges. They are of the highest quality.

- 28/12/2014 -

Ribera oranges: sweet vanilla oranges with excellent nutritional values
"Vanilla" oranges quench the thirst and have excellent nutritional values, since they ripen in the sun. This orange variety is grown in the area of Ribera in the province of Agrigento. This orange is very sweet, contains a lot of vitamin C and is low in sugar.

- 05/01/2014 -

Fennel almond salad with Ribera oranges and extra virgin olive oil Valli Trapanesi
From the beautiful Sicily a very simple and delicious recipe for a fresh salad of the season. Ingredients: - 2 fresh fennel bulbs - 2 Ribera oranges - 20 Sicilian almonds - Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Valli Trapanesi" DOP - Salt from Trapani - Pepper

- 12/11/2013 -

Ribera oranges
Today a new delivery Ribera oranges and Navel oranges arrived. Ribera oranges are a delicious snack and Navel are indicated as freshly squeezed orange juice.

- 13/12/2012 -

Salad of fennel and fine Ribera oranges
Ingredients: - 2 fennel bulbs - 2 Ribera oranges (W. Navel) - Extra virgin olive oil FRESCOLIO "Frantoio Cutrera" - Chopped parsley - Salt and pepper

- 23/11/2012 -

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