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Presentazione red garlic from Nubia

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Red garlic from Nubia

Red garlic from Nubia

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Aglio Rosso di Nubia - PZ. 1 Testa d'Aglio
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Aglio Rosso di Nubia - PZ. 5 Testa d'Aglio
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Aglio Rosso di Nubia kg 50 ( 1000 teste circa )
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Post inerenti red garlic from Nubia

In every kitchen not only the quality of the main ingredient is important, but also the other siding and flavoring elements’s. The last ones are the leitmotiv of almost every recipes, as a consequence the choice of those should be very careful. Today, about this, we’re introducing you the red garlic from Nubia and the Sicilian oregano in bunches - Az. Agr. Balducco Fulgatore, from the Sicilian Agricultural Company Balducco Fulgatore, which follows eco-sustainable methods in the respect of the environment The first one is a slow food praesidium, well known both for the delicate and non-invasive aroma and the exceptional organoleptic properties; the second one is very similar to a bouquet, endowed with an intense aroma due to the slow and natural drying under the Sicilian sun. Few elements at an affordable price that will make a change in your kitchen, moreover they’re really good rustic style decoration elements.
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23/10/2018 09:37:06
In Italy there are many pasta producers, but Pasta Bossolasco distinguish itself from almost all the others. The company its unicity resides in the forward looking choice of starting from the cultivation of own wheat, and following the entire process until the packaging. This allows the producer to not only to realize an high quality pasta, selecting the most adapt and genuine qualities of wheat, but also a total transparency towards the customers, making them aware of the product they’re buying. Today we’re giving you a simple, classic recipe appreciated for its taste all around the world: the spaghetti with clams. Ingredients: Spaghetti - Pasta Bossolasco, clams, white wine, Organic extra virgin olive oil - Adamo, Red Garlic from Nubia, parsley, Coarse sea salt of Trapani Clean the clams putting them in a bowl full of water for almost an hour. In a large pan put a garlic clove and a drizzle of EVO oil, stir fry, and add the clams, a while later add 1\4 glass of white and make the alcoholic part evaporate. As soon as the clams will open turn down the gas and shell them (leave some in their shells for esthetic if you want to). Cook the spaghetti in boiling salted water for 2 minutes less than it is written on the box. Finish the cooking of the spaghetti in the pan used before with the water released by the clams, in the end add the chopped parsley and amalgamate for the last time.
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07/03/2018 19:34:28
Today we're introducing you a recipe that can't be missed in a Southern Italy table, we're talking about the "Parmigiana di melanzane". Its origin dates back to the XV century when the Arabians brought the aubergines from India to Sicily, the recipe initially it's likely to have taken inspiration from the similar Turkish dish moussaka and it has evolved Without wasting further time, here's our version of this recipe. Ingredients: Purple Aubergines, Tomato purré - Masseria Dauna, Smoked Scamorza - Caseificio Voglia di Latte, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, basil, Red garlic from Nubia, Organic extra virgin olive oil - Adamo, frying oil. First of all cut the aubergines into slices and put them under a weight for some hours to drain the water (do during the frying they won't absorb the oil). Fry the aubergines in seeds oil until golden, meanwhile in a pan put a drizzle of evo oil and a garlic clove (that will be removed at the end) with the tomato sauce cooking for a few minutes adding some leaves of fresh basil. Take an high baking tray and so put some tomato sauce at the bottom, then some slices of fried aubergines, cover with the sauce, some slices of smoked scamorza and grated parmesan making two more identical layers. Cook it in the oven for 45 minutes at 180°, it will keep good for the next days too.
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29/01/2018 18:13:34
Italy has so many various and different typical specialties that some of may be unknown by most of people. Today we're giving you an ancient recipe from the city of Brescia (Northern Central Italy): The "Manzo all'olio di Rovato". Ingredients: Cappello del prete (shoulder) from Fassona beef from Piedmont - Macelleria Mastra Alebardi, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Garda Bresciano PDO Organic - Podere dei Folli, white wine, Extra anchovy fillets in oil Extra virgin olive oil - Mare Puro, Red garlic from Nubia, Grana Padano DOP, grated bread, parsley. First of all make some holes in the meat putting in them some anchovies and some garlic. Then put the meat in an high and strict pan, pour half white wine and half evo oil until it is almost all covered, so make it cook for 3 hours at very low flame putting the lid on. When it will be ready cut it into slices, take the excess oil and wine out of the pan, add grated grana padano, grated cheese and parsley to make a siding sauce to serve with the meat. Finally put some meat slices on a dish with the sauce on the top of them.
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08/01/2018 16:45:10
This is probably the best period for a dish of tagliatelle with mushrooms, isn't it? So, if you want to make you recipe really unforgettable we suggest you to use Tagliatelle (egg pasta)- Caponi, an excellence among the artisanal Italian egg pasta. Indeed what makes this company products unique are the 24 yolks used per kg of flour, taking this pasta to another level. Ingredients: Tagliatelle (egg pasta)- Caponi, porcini mushrooms, Butter - Az. Agricola Frascio, Olio Extravergine di Oliva Garda Bresciano DOP BIOLOGICO - Podere dei Folli, Red garlic from Nubia, parsley, Coarse sea salt of Trapani, black pepper. Recipe: Cook the pasta in boiling salted water for 2/3 minutes. Meanwhile stir fry the mushrooms in a a pan with a garlic clove and EVO oil adding chopped parsley at the end seasoning with salt and black pepper Drain the tagliatelle, put them with the mushrooms and amalgamate them with some butter with truffle.
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27/11/2017 18:40:22
Appetizers are the ideal course to stimulate fantasy in the kitchen and try different taste within the same meal, going from cold cuts and meat from raw fish and vegetables. Today we're giving you a good idea for a tasty, fresh but also healthy appetizer: shrimps tartare with avocado sauce, zucchini and carasau bread. Ingredients: fresh shrimps, avocado, lime, Red onion Tropea / Montoro Onions (second season) or Red garlic from Nubia, Organic extra virgin olive oil - Adamo, Fine sea salt, black pepper, zucchini, Carasau bread. Clean the shrimps taking out the intestines, then cut them into very small pieces. Put some pieces of the minced shrimps together between 2 sheets of oven paper and flatten with a meat mallet, so put the tartare in the freezer until they will be served. For the avocado sauce is better use an avocado as mature as possibile (it will be softer), so peel the avocado e put its pulp in the mixer together with some lime juice, minced onion or garlic (less), Evo oil, salt and black pepper. Cut the zucchini (or any seasonal vegetable you like) into small cubes and stir fry them in a pan with some evo oil seasoning them with black pepper. Finally take the tartare out of the freezer and put it on a flat plate, place the zucchini and carasau bread on, while the avocado sauce beside to garnish.
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06/10/2017 16:39:26
Every country has its own traditional Sunday lunch. Italy has a so much various and different culinary histories and origin, today we're giving you the Sicily traditional Sunday lunch recipe: Anellini alla 'Ncasciata, a dish whose origin dates back to the Arabian reign in Sicily during the IX century. Ingredients: Anellini - Pastificio Campo, Tomato purré - Masseria Dauna, Minced Fassona beef from Piedmont - Macelleria Mastra Alebardi, aubergines, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, Red garlic from Nubia, Red onion Tropea / Montoro Onions (second season), Organic extra virgin olive oil - Adamo, Raw Sea Salt Picked by Shoulder - Cuordisale - Salinagrande, black pepper. First cook the anellini in salted boiling water for 3 minutes less than how is written on the box. Then make brownish a clove of garlic and some minced onion with some Evo oil, so add the tomato sauce and make it cook for 2\3 minutes. Make some meatballs with the minced meat adding salt, pepper, parsley and fry them. Cut the aubergines in wedges and fry them too. Put all the ingredients together in a baking tray amalgamating them and add on the top grated parmesan and grated bread to obtain a great gratinèed crust. Finally put in the oven at 180 degree for 30 minutes and serve them hot.
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03/10/2017 22:32:25
Today we're going to give you an idea for a dish suit for a good degustation menù. What does this stand for? This kind of menù, contrary to the traditional four dishes of a complete meal at most, is made up of several little courses, this is made to allow the palate to taste more flavors than usual and travel through different consistencies, cooking techniques and products. Today's recipe is: fried breaded provola affumicata, raw scampi and grilled zucchini with tomato Ingredients: Smoked Buffalo Provola from Battipaglia - Caseificio Esposito, fresh scampi, zucchini, San Marzano tomatoes DOP - Agrigenus, Pachino Cherry Tomatoes, eggs, grated bread, Red garlic from Nubia, Organic extra virgin olive oil - Adamo, Italian Basil (Genoese) Pot Plant 10cm - Orto mio, Fine sea salt. First shell the fresh scampi and clean them eliminating the intestines. Dry a little the buffalo smoked provola from the milk, then put in the beaten eggs end finally in the grated bread, so put the croquettes in the freezer in order to make the breading more solid. Cut the zucchini in very fine slices using a potato peeler and then grill them (as they will be very thin it will takes very fewer time than usual). For the tomato sauce use 50% agrigenus tomatoes and 50% ciliegini tomatoes, make them cook for half an hour at low fire with a garlic clove (which then you will remove), evo oil, sea salt and some basil leaves. After 30 minutes put all in the mixer and blend it, then pass in small colander. Just before you serve the dish start to fry the breaded smoked provola in frying oil. Finally dish up everything as you see in the image.
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26/09/2017 11:58:36
Anchovies anciently were one of the most popular fish as when they're put under salt they can not only last for a very long time, but they also become better with the passing of time. Nowadays Agostino Recca carries on the old traditions and methods trough his company in Sicily (Sciacca). Every process is hand made as Agostino believes that "machines can't distinguish between a good anchovy and a bad one, but these women can", as he said in a interview on a BBC special. So today we're going to give you a recipe whose protagonist are Fillets of Anchovies - Agostino Recca: Spaghetti with butter and anchovies. Ingredienti: Linguine di Gragnano - Pastificio Dei Campi (we're going to use linguine instead of spaghetti today), Fillets of Anchovies - Agostino Recca, Butter - Az. Agricola Frascio, Red garlic from Nubia, Organic extra virgin olive oil - Adamo, Raw Sea Salt Picked by Shoulder - Cuordisale - Salinagrande and a red hot chili pepper, bread. First put the pasta in boiling salted water for half the time it is written on the box. Meanwhile cut the anchovies into small pieces (3 anchovies per person) and put some olive oil, the minced anchovies, a garlic clove and a little minced red hot chili pepper in a pan and make them stir fry. When the linguine will be at half cooking dry them conserving the boiling water, so you have make the pasta cook in the pan used before adding the boiling water gradually (not too much , it has not even to cover the past) until the pasta will be cooked at the right level (al dente of course). Take the pan off the fire, at this point the pasta will be creamy and savory, but to make it more creamy add some butter and amalgamate as it is a risotto, the result will be outstanding. As a final touch toast some minced bread (not too thinly) and garnish with it to add crunchiness and a toasted flavor.
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05/09/2017 11:26:21
Sea urchin is a very popular and fine seafood, thanks to its taste which embodies the essence and freshness of the sea. Eggs are the only part of the sea urchin that is eaten, so only the female is edible. If you want to it it fresh you have to eat the same day it is caught, so the sea urchin pulp is normally frozen immediately after the sea urchins caught in order to maintain the fresh taste as much as possible. Today we're giving you a classic recipe which will make you appreciate and enhance the sea urchins: "Spaghetti ai ricci di mare". Ingredients: Spaghetti - Pasta Bossolasco, Frozen sea urcin pulp - La Bottarga di Tonno Group, Organic extra virgin olive oil - Adamo, Red garlic from Nubia, Coarse sea salt of Trapani, red hot chili pepper, parsley. First make the water boil, add sea salt and then the pasta (the minutes are written on the box). Meanwhile, in a frying pan, put some evo oil, an unpeeled clove of garlic and some red hot chili pepper making them brown and putting the garlic clove off when it is ready. One minute before it is ready drain the spaghetti and conserve 1\2 glasses of the boiling water, so stir fry the pasta in the frying pan with the flavored oil and add the pasta water. Amalgamate for a minute (until the water evaporates) as the water will release the pasta amid which will make your spaghetti creamy in a natural way. Only in the end add the sea urchin pulp as it only needs warming and not cooking, finally garnish with some minced parsley.
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28/08/2017 11:48:44
Today fresh Red garlic from Nubia and Sicilian oregano in the bunch - Az. Agr. Balducco Fulgatore has just arrived picked up by our trusted farmer Bartolo of the Agricultural Company Balducco Fulgatore in Nubia (Sicily). Red garlic from Nubia is a variety characterized by an intense red color on the outside and an Allicin content over the average. This last substance is responsible for the garlic pharmacological properties and moreover it gives the typical aroma and intense taste. In fact the red garlic contrasts the development of some bacterias, it helps preventing cardiovascular diseases, regulates the arteries pressure and favorites the lowering of cholesterol percentage in blood. The red garlic from Nubia, thanks to the high content of allicin, contains the peculiarities of this product in a larger quantity than the other kind of garlic from other territories, fro this reason the concession of the PDO certificate is in progress.
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06/07/2017 11:43:32
Pasta alla norma is one of the most ancient Italian pasta recipes whose name was given in honor to a Catania (a city of Sicily )the famous comedy writer Vincenzo Bellini during the first play of his famous theatrical play "La Norma". Today we want to write you a recipe of a 100% Sicilian pasta alla norma, using a pasta made of an ancient Sicilian durum wheat variety called Tumminia cultivated and processed in Alcamo (a village on the western side of Sicily). the result is a semi-whole pasta endowed with an unique aroma and a lot of beneficial organoleptic properties. Ingredients: 400g of Timilia Biological Penne Rigate - Az. Agricola Biologica Adamo; 500g tomato sauce ( you can add cherry tomatoes if you want some extra freshness), mature slated sheep's ricotta, 2 aubergines, 2 cloves of red garlic from Nubia and basil, Sicilian extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. First of all you have to wash aubergines and cut them into slices, cover them with cooking salt, put on them a weight an make them dry for one hour at least, with this process they will loose all the water in excess and they won't absorb too much oil. Then wash them from the salt, cut them into cubes and you can decide whether to deep fry them (original recipe) or put them in a pan with some oil (lighter). When aubergines will be cooked ad the sauce to them putting on this sauce the entire garlic clove (that you will take out after the sauce will have acquired its flavour) and make it cook until it has reached the right consistency. During the sauce cooking boil the pasta until its is "al dente" (control the minutes of cooking on the package), dry it and make it cook with the sauce to amalgamate it. At the end add some mature salted sheep' ricotta (be generous) and the remaining leaves of fresh basil.
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23/05/2017 10:40:28
The Red garlic from Nubia, is a very particular kind of garlic due to its red skin and its wealth of beneficial substances. This garlic has marked taste and flavour, moreover it contains the highest percentage of allicin among all garlic varieties.
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07/04/2017 12:18:30

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Red garlic from Nubia - grown in an untouched nature
The red garlic from Nubia is grown in dry, loamy soil that is surrounded by the salt flats and is located inside the Natural Park of Trapani and Paceco (WWF). The garlic is planted in December and January and picked between May and June. The red garlic from Nubia has unique features, an intense flavor, which is due to the good microclimate. The shells of the red garlic from Nubia are bright red and the tuber is particularly rich in allicin.

- 24/02/2014 -

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