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Pizza Caproicciosa 400 gr.
8.07 €



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Pizza Margherita 360 gr.
6.73 €



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Pizza Margherita WITHOUT LACTOSE
7.25 €

Giardiniera di Verdura - Azienda Agricola Pizzavacca

Giardiniera di Verdura - Azienda Agricola Pizzavacca

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Giardiniera di Verdura - 300 gr.
12.42 €
Giardiniera di Verdura - 500 gr.
16.56 €

Flour “00” Granmugnaio for pizza

Flour “00” Granmugnaio for pizza

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Farina “00” Granmugnaio per Pizza - 1 Kg.
3.62 €

Giardiniera Macinata a Salsa - Azienda Agricola Pizzavacca

Giardiniera Macinata a Salsa - Azienda Agricola Pizzavacca

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Giardiniera Macinata a Salsa - 200 gr.
8.80 €

Salsa Verde - Azienda Agricola Pizzavacca

Salsa Verde - Azienda Agricola Pizzavacca

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Salsa Verde - 200 gr.
8.80 €

'Nduja  Calabrese in Budello

'Nduja " Calabrese in Budello

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'Nduja " Calabrese in Budello circa 1 Kg
24.84 €

Cacetti (little cheese) Agerola

Cacetti (little cheese) Agerola

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Cacetti di Agerola 500 gr.
9.31 €

Mozzarella for pizza

Mozzarella for pizza

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Mozzarella for pizza - 1 Kg.
10.87 €

Post inerenti pizza

Is it necessary to give up all carbohydrates to have a healthy diet? No, you simply have to choose high quality raw materials, from the pasta you buy to the raw flours, containing the right amount of nourishment and not too refined ad the 00. In this way, eating a home made pizza or bread will be a satisfaction not only for your palate, but your body too will thank you. The best way to approach this virtuous circle is know and select craft mills like Fastuchera Azienda Agricola, choosing for example producers of ancient wheat as Russello, Tumminia, Maiorca, from the moment that these last ones are almost all stone milled and low refined, both the characteristic are necessary to have an high quality carbohydrate.
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Homemade bread is something that, as other forms of art, is a channel for creativity, expressivity and enriches the knowledges. Moreover it gives us the certainty of eating an healthy product, which is fundamental thing when we talk about everyday food, differently from what normally happens in the most part of the bread, where the amount of yeast is too high, the flour used is too refined and sometimes chemical additives are present too. The first step for an high quality bread is the selection of the raw materials, flour first privileging the raw ones. We’ve invested our time and resources in the promotion of the ancient wheats, endowed with unique organoleptic and taste properties, as we’ve observed after many years of experiments with home made pizza and bread, and the result have been incredibly good. Using Tumminia, Russulidda Durum Wheat Semolina Sicilian biologic stone ground - Fastuchera Farm or Minorca ( Sicilian ancient durum wheat varieties), not only earning in aromatic richness and taste, but our body too will thank us, from the moment that lab analysis have revealed that flours like these bring many different benefits that go from the cardiovascular system ( thanks to lignin) to the ease to digest, moreover discouraging the rise of alimentary intolerances.
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Every season has its own fruits and vegetables, we of OIP think that respecting and encouraging the natural season cultivation. One of the must of the winter season are the Turnip Greens - Cime di Rapa Pugliesi, or friarielli, protagonists in many Italian traditional recipes, particularly in the southern ones. Tipically sautèed directly in a pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a garlic clove and a red hot chili perpper, they’re endowed with a lightly bitter aftertaste, that combine perfectly with sausages. A pairing that it’s often found on pizza or in a pasta (orecchiette especially). Besides the flavor qualities, the friarielli own great organoleptic properties too, indeed they’re powerful natural antioxidant with an high betacarotene content, that is to say the Vitamin A chemical precursor.
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The Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP bunches by Masseria dello Sbirro seem to be made up for being a Christmas decoration, don’t they? Directly from the Vesuvio Volcano slopes, they’re a unique product throughout the world, due to its thick skin that prolongs the conservation up tp six months from the harvest. Despite the skin with the passing of time could seem to dry out, the taste gradually acquires more intensity and sweetness. These are peculiarities due to the volcanic origin ground, that has facilitated the development in this direction, as a consequence making the cultivation a low impact one, for the low water needed. The Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP don’t have to be eaten raw in a salad, but seared and then put in first courses, in a pizza or in some recipes that stimulates its versatility.
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Sometimes we forgot how much spices or aromatic herbs can change the perfume and taste of a recipe, giving them an extra touch that make them perfectly balanced. So the choice of these ingredients must be careful and informed, as for the Sicilian oregano in the bunch - Az. Agr. Balducco Fulgatore ours come from the Sicilian fields, where it is dried naturally under the sunlight that envelops the island all year long. The oregano is picked up by hand and than separated into bunches, in oder not only to make it keep totally its intense aromaticity caused by the microclimate and the marine air , but at the same time so that it can be a perfect decoration for your kitchen. Ideal after the cooking in the mediterranean recipes both on meat and fish and on pizza. Sicilian Oregano
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For the smoked taste lovers the Caseificio Artigianale Esposito proposes the Cacetti (little cheese) Agerola. A cheese realized with cow's milk and smoked naturally, the result is a golden and resistant crust, while the inner is softer and white. The product, following the company rules, is hand made using only milk coming from the near small local breedings, aging for two days and than smoking for one. This Italian cheese is great when grilled, or cooked in the oven wrapped in some slices of speck, or as a condiment for your home made pizza.
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It is a common thought associating the nduja calabrese to an extremely strong and hot taste: this is absolutely wrong. If the nduja you’ve tried in the past had merely an hot connotation it is a sign of low quality, as the spiciness has to be balanced in order to exalt the other tastes and not being above them. The 'Nduja of black pig - Consorzio Nero di Calabria is without any doubts at an unattainable level for the others, the reasons are mainly two. The starting raw material comes from the Calabrian black pig, a local specie free range bred endowed with great taste and organoleptic properties. The meats of this pork variety give a softness both in taste and consistency, that is not possible to find in products derived from other porks meats. The other motivation is the perfect balance of spices and red hot chili pepper, which gives a pleasant hot note, exhaling the black pig natural taste without covering it. Perfect as an appetizer on toasted bread, in a pasta sauce to give it a sprint or on a pizza paired with some gorgonzola cheese.
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If you desire a different tomato sauce, with a characteristic taste Cherry tomatoes in sieved tomatoes made from Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP - tin can is the right choice for you. The product is 100% made up of D.O.P Piennolo cherry tomatoes* (soon the bio organic certification will be obtained too), that is to say a variety that grows only within the Vesuvio natural park, that are cultivated, transformed and packaged by the Agricultural Company Masseria dello Sbirro# by hand. Thanks to the unique and inimitable composition of the ground, the piennolo tomatoes have a thick skin, due to this characteristic they keep good up to 6 months, they have a marked acidity and a bitter aftertaste. These flavor peculiarities make the deriving sauce perfect for the preparation of traditional recipes as pasta with tomato, pasta alla norma and pizza too.
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BioColombini is a company whose aim is not only providing its customers an high quality product, but it has also a social function. Indeed the company, funded in 1900, in 1988 converted to 100% organic production started, in partnership with public institutions and social assistants, re-integration paths based on horticultural therapy , offering a job to social disadvantaged people. The Organic Tomato Purré - BioColombini is a simple but genuine product, endowed with the best tastes of the Tuscan tradition, it is great for the long cooking, but also excellent on pizza and toasted bread.
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For the people who, sometimes, have no time for cooking, the frozen pizza can be a convenient solution. Even if the products that can be found in the supermarkets are often not high quality ones. We've selected for you PIZZA MARGHERITA - M.E.G.I.C. PIZZA. A pizza sealed in modified atmosphere, so not frozen, that preserves, thanks to this method, all the taste and organoleptic properties, as it has been just made without the use of any preservative. The ingredients are high quality ones, from the durum wheat flour 0 type, to the tomato and the fior di latte mozzarella (not always used in the pizzerias yet) 100% Made in Italy. It keeps for 20 days, it is also possible to frozen it in order to make it keep longer. To bring out the flavours and aromas during baking, preheat the oven at 250°C and place the pizza directly on the oven grill. Thereafter bring the oven temperature down to 220°C and let it cook for 6 to 8 minutes depending on whether you prefer a soft or crispier pizza base. As an alternative, you can place it in a pan for 8 to 10 minutes maximum.
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More and more people are coming back to dedicate themselves to the home made production of bread, focaccia and pizza. We of OIP want to help you to reach the best possible result, both on the taste and in the genuineness of the final product. The flours that can be find on the supermarket shelves aren’t always good quality raw materials, so they alter the tastes and the organoleptic qualities of bakery products in a negative way. Within our catalogue you will be able to find different kind of flours, from the most common varieties to the ones derived from ancient wheats. All of them rigorously Made in Italy all over the production processes: from the wheat cultivation without dangerous chemical fertilizers, to the stone milling. Why using Italian flour? The flour leader countries producers (Canada, Rumania), due to the lack of sun and warm needed for the most part of the year, are obliged to dry the wheat using the glyphosate, an herbicide that avoid the wheat to go bad within few days, but it surely hasn’t a good effect on health, so that it is under observation as a possible cancerous substance. In Italy, on the contrary, particularly in the Southern regions, is endowed with a warmer and sunny weather, so the producers are able to dry wheat naturally under the sunbeams. To give your dough an unique aroma try the flours by Fastuchera Agricultural Company, a small company that invest in the production of flours deriving from Sicilian ancient wheats, towards a eco sustainable agriculture protecting the biodiversity and the genuineness of the final product. Maiorca Flour Soft wheat Bio Molita in Pietra - Fastuchera Farm, Russulidda Durum Wheat Semolina Sicilian biologic stone ground - Fastuchera Farm, Tumminia Biologic Semiwhole Flour Stone Milled - Az. Agricola Fastuchera.
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If someone asked me a product that perfectly represents freshness and real Italian taste I would answer Apulian Burrata - Caseificio Voglia di Latte for sure. It is a fior di latte mozzarella shell containing an outstanding stracciatella heart that is to say a fresh stretched curd cheese. Its invention dates back to 1956 when a cheese making artisan called Lorenzo Bianchino had to deliver the fresh milk to the surrounding villages was forced to remain in a shelter due to a storm . So he prepared the mozzarella and used it to protect the fresh milk and cream to conserve it finally closing it with two strings of straw: giving birth to a true treasure of the Italian gastronomic culture. Burrata is exceptional on toasted bread with some cold cuts, or on a pizza with culatello or raw ham; it also pairs very good with shrimps and anchovies.
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If you want to make a really successful Italian pizza you need to start from real Italian good quality ingredients. For the dough try the Tumminia Biologic Semiwhole Flour Stone Milled - Az. Agricola Fastuchera to give an exceptional aroma (only as an addition, because as a main flour this type only is not enough "strong" to levitate as a pizza), the real artisanal Campania buffalo mozzarella Aversana type buffalo mozzarella di Bufala Campana aus Battipaglia - Caseificio Esposito or the Apulian Mozzarella Fiordilatte - Caseificio Voglia di Latte. You can't do it without San Marzano tomatoes DOP - Agrigenus a real DOP, an excellence which has been awarded as the best San Marzano tomato and the Sicilian oregano in the bunch - Az. Agr. Balducco Fulgatore is fundamental too Also the other ingredients are important, we're suggesting you some pairings: -Pizza with Smoked Buffalo Provola from Battipaglia - Caseificio Esposito, potatoes and Guanciale (jowl bacon) - La Cinta di Guido. -Pizza with San Marzano tomatoes DOP - Agrigenus, Aversana type buffalo mozzarella di Bufala Campana aus Battipaglia - Caseificio Esposito and after the cooking add Apulian Stracciatella - Caseificio Voglia di Latte and 1/2 boneless San Daniele DOP raw ham - Il Camarin. -Pizza with San Marzano tomatoes DOP - Agrigenus, Aversana type buffalo mozzarella di Bufala Campana aus Battipaglia - Caseificio Esposito, Gorgonzola DOP and 'Nduja of black calabrian pig - Consorzio Nero di Calabria.
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Today we're introducing you Conte de Quirra, a Sardinia company which produces 5 great different types of artisanal beer that we will describe you during the next days. All of those Italian Artisanal beers are made from barley cultivated in Sardina and then the beer is realized in Tuscany. The first beer we're describing is Blonde Beer Ale Tavolara - CONTE DE QUIRRA: this is a lightly spiced beer which reminds of the German weiss or the Belgian blanche, but it is anyway endowed with a great alcoholic graduation (5,8%). It is a fresh and refreshing beer which pairs perfectly with a pizza or fish cruditès.
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News riguardanti pizza

For a perfect pizza, first of all, it is necessary to choose the best ingredients, they make the difference.
Pizzas created with unique products, carefully studied and combined, present in the OIP catalogue. Fresh vegetables, cold cuts, cheeses, that you can purchase from our store to cook at home the pizzas you see in this page.

- 16/02/2018 -

Agricultural Company Pizzavacca: The Authentic in oil Giardiniera
The Cascina Pizzavacca is placed in Villanova sull'Arda, a little village funded by the romans in the province of Piacenza that rises among the country green landscape rich in orchards and surrounded by woods alongside the Po river. The agricultural company Cascina Pizzavacca, funded by the Pisaroni family, carries on the familiar traditions that give value to the typical products of these lands. Since 2006, when it started also with some difficults, the process of innovation and the introduction of the cultivated fruit processing in the company. La Cascina Pizzavacca is still nowadays the unique seal of simplicity and genuineness of the agricultural tradition typical gestures. Vegetable sauces, jams, and fruit nectars are produced in the company transformation laboratory starting from the raw materials cultivated in the fields. The Pisaroni high quality products, confirmed by the constant organoleptic tests, has the recipe of its success in the absolutely artisanal transformation which follows in every detail the Piacenza ancient recipes. Still nowadays, as it was in the past, Bruno Pisaroni's (chef of Cascina Pizzavacca) recipes totally excludes the use of preservatives, colourants and any other additives, in order to offer absolutely natural tastes and aromas. The most typical product is the authentic Giardiniera, a coloured composition of mixed vegetables: peperoni, green beans, cabbage, onion, celery, carrot. Its consistency is unique, given by the sweet cooking during the preparation, when you taste it you can perceive its crunchiness and its strong structure.

- 15/02/2017 -

 To make a perfect pizza firstly it is necessary to choose the best quality ingredients... they will make the difference.
The perfect dough contains starter yeast a 3 grams of brewer's yeast. Russell Biancolilla and Tumminia flour varieties of the Agricultural Company Adamo, salt, water. For the condiment the San Marzano DOP tomatoes of the Agrigenus company will be perfect like the mozzarella varieties we have selected, we have used both Campanian buffalo mozzarella form Battipaglia of the Aversana type produced by the Esposito artisanal cheeses company, Smoked Provola Cheese (from Esposito too) and the Fiordilatte Mozzarella (Apulian cheeses producer Voglia di Latte). Complete list of the ingredients used for the pizzas: -Pizza with Black Calabrian Pig Raw Ham, Stracciatella and Spring Onion. -Pizza with Broad Beans, Ham and Smoked Provola Cheese of the Artisanal Cheeses Producer Esposito -Pizza with Apulian Stracciatella and Fiordilatte Mozzarella of the Artisanal Cheeses Producer Voglia di Latte, Tuna Fish Eggs of the Bottarga di Tonno Group and fresh Puntarelle.

- 29/01/2016 -

Pizza with mozzarella fior di latte, broad beans, salami and cherry tomatoes
Ingredients: - pizza dough - Mozzarella Fior di Latte "Cheese Factory Olanda" - Fresh broad beans - Fresh sausage "Marchesini Salumi" - Cherry tomatoes in salt and water "Masseria Dauna" - Organic extra virgin olive oil "Adamo"

- 12/05/2014 -

Tumminia wheat pizza
Ingredients: - 500 g of Tumminia wheat flour - 500 g of Manitoba flour - 3 g yeast - 900 ml of sparkling mineral water - 1 teaspoon salt from Trapani - 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil "Valli Trapanesi" - 700 g Organic tomato puree "BioColombini" - 700 g Fiordilatte Bocconcini "Caseificio Olanda" - In the cellar matured Pancetta Piacentina DOP "Ghirardi Onesto" - Olives

- 10/04/2014 -

Pizza Doppio Gusto
Ingredients: - 500 g of wheat flour "00" - "Pan di Verona" - 500 g of Manitoba flour "Spadoni" - 10 g of brewer's yeast - 800 ml of water - salt - Smoked Campanian buffalo Provola "Casearia Sant'Antimo" - Pancetta "Macelleria Balestri" - Gare potatoes - Tomato sauce "Casa Morana" - Campanian buffalo mozzarella "Casearia Sant'Antimo" - black pork 'Nduja "Consorzio Nero di Calabria" - Gorgonzola DOP - Extra Virgin Olive Oil FRESCOLIO "Frantoio Cutrera"

- 07/10/2013 -

Pizza with gorgonzola and black pork 'Nduja
Ingredients: - pizza dough - Tomato puree "BioColombini" - Mozzarella fior di latte - Gorgonzola DOP - black pork 'Nduja "Consorzio Nero di Calabria"

- 20/09/2013 -

Pizza with Pesto, Rigatino and buffalo mozzarella
Ingredients: - pizza dough - 2 tbsp pesto alla Genovese "Muaje" - 200 g Campanian buffalo mozzarella "Casearia Sant'Antimo' - 80 g of Tuscan Rigatino "Macellaria Balestri"

- 19/09/2013 -

Pizza alla Norma
Ingredients: - pizza Dough - Fried eggplant slices - Buffalo mozzarella "Casearia Sant'Antimo" - Grated salty ricotta "Marzolina" - Tomato sauce "Masseria Dauna" - Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Castelluzzo

- 05/09/2013 -

Pizza with buffalo mozzarella, potatoes and olives
Ingredients: - 500 g of wheat flour - 25 g yeast (cube) - 250 g of sparkling mineral water at room temperature - 500 g Aversana (buffalo mozzarella) "Casearia Sant'Antimo" - Tuna "Campisi" - Taggiasca olives "Marvaldi" - 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil "Marvaldi" - Tomato puree "BioColombini"

- 10/06/2013 -

Domande su pizza

Hi I am interested in buying this flour in Bulk for pizza restaurant. Is it possible?

User: Plamena ( 18/10/2013)

We are opening a pizzeria in Cyprus and we are interested to buy wholesale San Marzano tomatoes and other delicatessen (prosciutto, Bresaola, Parmesan, Oils, Vinegars, Pastas etc) to sell. Also, we are interested in buying bulk "tipo 00" flour for pizza making - do you have it? Could you give me your terms and conditions for buying bulk by email? Thanks
User: Plamena ( 18/10/2013)

I just love culatello di zibello. I had it in Emilia Romagna in Italy. The best is to have some Apulian bread with some slices of culatello or pizza with culatello. What about the shipping? Is the culatello still fresh when it arrives in the UK?
User: ( 09/10/2013)

Mozzarella filante per pizza sottovuoto da 2kg
User: marco ( 22/07/2013)

Hey, I would like to offer my clients an all organic pizza. Is this really organic tomato passata?
User: tino ( 26/03/2013)

Is it true that you put olive oil on pizza? Which oil should I use and how much? How does the oil mix with the toppings?
User: pippa ( 05/10/2012)

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