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Presentazione Pasta di Gragnano

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The so called “pasta mista” has an ancient history, due to the necessity to avoid any kind of wasting, when food wasn’t certainly abundant among common people. Nowadays Pastificio Dei Campi proposes again this format intentionally, symbol of a tradition to which the Pasta di Gragnano is particularly linked to, as this kind is protagonist of many historical recipes from South Italy and especially Campania. In this case the assembly has been perfected: while previously the different kind of pasta had different cooking time in turn, for the Mischiato Potente - Pastificio Dei Campi are selected formats with compatible cooking times, therefore facilitating the comfort during the preparation.
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Environmental sustainability is an expression that is joining the virtuous companies vocabulary in the Italian food sector. Describing all the functional dynamics and processes to achieve a total eco-sustainability would require a wider deepening, so today we’re focusing on a single aspect, to define better what sometimes could appear a difficultly tangible concept in practical terms for consumers. We take as an example the agricultural sector, particularly the wheat production and that exceptional reality that Pastificio dei Campi is: when I first read about triennial rotation, i immediately had a flashback to the history class, when during the school lessons we used to study the cultivation methods and their evolution. The triennial rotation is a practice that has been abandoned due to the lower yield, but brought back by Pastificio dei Campi as the rotation give the ground a break, allowing its natural time to recover and come back offering high quality Pasta di Gragnano at rhythm perfectly synchronized with nature and its needs.
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Molino e Pastificio A. Amadio is a recently born line designed and produced by the historical Pastificio Gentile. So, it is a Pasta di Gragnano igp produced with a careful selection of 100% Italian durum wheats. As per disciplinary the bronze wire drawing and the low drying are essential processes in order to maintain highest level of quality. When we tried the Bucatini di Gragnano - Molino e Pastificio A. Amadio we were very suprised firstly by Pasta Amadio great cooking resistance, particularly from the moment that this pasta format is usually one of the most difficult to manage from this point of view, secondly by its intense taste and the outstanding porosity that favorites a perfect absorption of the sauce by the bucatini.
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The experts of the subject state that what truly certifies the quality of an Italian pasta is how it stay firm or not after cooking, that is to say that pasta , after boiling, has to maintain its original shape without laying down and at the same time being properly cooked. When we tried Calamarata di Gragnano - Molino e Pastificio A. Amadio it was immediately clear that this parameter was 100% respected, finding a great and enveloping taste too. It is a certified Pasta di Gragnano IGP, so produced using exclusively Italian durum wheats, bronze drawn and subject to slow drying. These characteristics are necessary to obtain a product which is not only good on the tasting side, but also as it concerns the nutritional values and therefore having a positive impact on body health.
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High quality of pasta di Gragnano of Pastificio dei Campi
The pasta di Gragnano dei Campi is a unique pasta in terms of the taste and consistency. It tastes like the best Italian durum wheat. The pasta remains al dente, since it is made from the best ingredients with traditional methods. Explore the Pasta di Gragnano Pastificio dei Campi. It is the best pasta ever and the first pasta with a fully traceable production chain.

- 06/03/2015 -

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