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Orecchiette Cavalieri

Orecchiette Cavalieri

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3.80 €

Orecchiette di Bari - Dibenedetto

Orecchiette di Bari - Dibenedetto

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Orecchiette di Bari - 500 gr.
2.90 €

Orecchiette from Apulia -Arconatura

Orecchiette from Apulia -Arconatura

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Orecchiette from Apulia (bag) - 500 gr.
3.90 €

Post inerenti orecchiette

The orecchiette are the Apulia pasta par excellence, and who could be a better orecchiette producer than Benedetto Cavalieri? In fact not only Cavalieri is a high quality pasta producers well known all over the gastronomic world, it is really an Apulia producers, in fact its headquarters are in Lecce. The rigorous selection of the raw materials grown in the hills between Apulia and Basilicata and the use of the delicate method for the pasta production have make the final product unique and delicious. Today we're giving you a recipe that includes this particular kind of pasta: Orecchiette with dried tomatoes, taggiasche olives and buffalo ricotta cream. Ingredients: Orecchiette Cavalieri, Under the Sicilian sun dried tomatoes, Olive taggiasche denocciolate - Pexto, Ricotta di Bufala (Buffalo Ricotta) - Caseificio Artigianale Esposito, Organic extra virgin olive oil - Adamo, Raw Sea Salt Picked by Shoulder - Cuordisale - Salinagrande, Sicilian lemons Verdelli. Firstly put the orecchiette in boiling salted water and look at the cooking time on the package. Meanwhile in a pan with a little EVO oil make the dried tomato and olive cook for 1\2 minutes. Take a bowl putting the ricotta in, season it with some grated lemon zest and then blend it adding a little of milk. When the orecchiette will be ready, drain them. Put the buffalo ricotta cream at the base of a soup plate, then the orecchiette and finally the dried tomatoes and olives.
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08/09/2017 17:42:34

News riguardanti orecchiette

A recipe by Mariapia: Orecchiette with Ligurian pesto

A recipe by Mariapia: Orecchiette with Ligurian pesto
Ingredients: - Orecchiette "Benedetto Cavalieri" - Ligurian pesto "Muaje"

RICETTA- 01/10/2013 - http://www.excellentitalianproducts.com/ ( Network O.I.P. )

Orecchiette with tomato sauce and sheep's milk ricotta

Orecchiette with tomato sauce and sheep's milk ricotta
Ingredients for 4 people: - 400 g Apulian Orecchiette "Arconatura" - 150 g cherry tomatoes "Casa Morana" - 200 g sheep's milk ricotta "Sapori del Sud" - Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Frantoio Franci" - chili - Parmigiano Reggiano DOP - salt

RICETTA- 04/12/2012 - http://www.italianqualitypasta.com/ ( Network O.I.P. )

Wholemeal Orecchiette with Frijarielli and swordfish fillets

Wholemeal Orecchiette with Frijarielli and swordfish fillets
Ingredients for 4 people: - 400 g whole wheat orecchiette “De Carolis” - 250 g Frijarelli (Neapolitan broccoli) “Sapori del Sud” - 2 cloves of garlic - 1 chili - Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Masseria Caroli” - almonds - Sicilian Pecorino

ARTICOLO- 04/11/2012 - http://www.italianqualitypasta.com/ ( Network O.I.P. )

Domande su orecchiette

There are so many types of pasta I've never seen before. It's really helpful that you post recipes for this pasta types like Zitoni and Orecchiette. Very useful for the clients so they can know how to prepare them.
User: ( 14/11/2012)


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