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Cantina della Volta: the Champenoise method Made in Emilia. Soon an important new entry will join the OIP catalogue, Cantina della Volta is a company which focuses on quality and innovation, whose excellence has already been certified by recognitions by the some of the greatest expert of the field and guides as Luca Gardini, Slow Wine, L’Espresso and Gambero Rosso. The winery takes its name from the river bank of the Naviglio di Bomporto, in Modena, where already during the Renaissance the commercial ships used to do the typical turning ( Turning= Volta) coming back to Modena city center. The company philosophy is transmitting the value of the territory through the Champenoise method, developing in two main directions: - An high quality Lambrusco di Sorbara DOC sparkling wines line, one of the few made up with the refermentation in bottle of the Champenoise method instead of the one in autoclave of the Charmat method. - The others are a reinterpretation from an Emilia perspective of the great Champagne, through the use of the classic wine varieties Chardonnay and Pinot Noir cultivated on a hill 650 m over the sea level, in a terroir whose composition limestone-clay-gypsum (on the surface) reminds of the one of the Northern France region. A reality that focuses on the production of wines respecting absolute qualitative and standards and criteria, without any compromise towards the tastes of the mass market, proposing an high level, original offer supported by a well defined idea.
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We can’t nothing but widely congratulate with our friend and then supplier Stefano, the owner of Camilucci Franciacorta winery for the 93/100 assigned to the Anthologie Blanc Franciacorta Extra Brut D.O.C.G. Millesimato - Camilucci by Luca Gardini ( Gardini Wine Notes), one of the most demanding palate of the international enology scene. Well deserved goals and satisfactions, for a wine maker that dedicates all of himself to the passion for wine and everything that surrounds it, from the bound to the territory, to the work both in the vineyards and in the refinement phase, obtaining truly excellent Franciacorta wines not only in our opinion, but also as the awards testify for this young and ambitious winery. Do you agree with the renowned sommelier's opinion? Try it and let us know!
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La Valle “Rosé” - Franciacorta Brut D.O.C.G. 2012 vintage in April 2016 has been rated 89\100 by the famous Italian sommelier Luca Gardini (Gardini Notes, the wine killers). This wine is the born from the meeting between the elegance of the Chardonnay grapes and the power of the Black Pinot grapes and the result is an incredibly lively wine that is perfect not only for aperitifs but also with fish based meals and particularly with crustaceans.
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La Valle Regium è stato recensito da uno dei migliori sommelier italiano Luca Gardini con un punteggio di 94\100.
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News riguardanti Luca Gardini

Cantina La Valle: Luca Gardini, the world champion sommelier
This Article ,taken from the insert "Sport Week" of the Italian most famous sportive newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, is titled "Bollicine Mondiali" (World Bubbles) was published by Luca Gardini, the world champion sommelier and here he writes about La Valle company that produces great Franciacorta sparkling wines. "Not every wine cellars ground their roots in a producing distant past. In 1990, when the most part of people were watching TV or were going to the stadium to watch the world cup matches which was hosted by Italy, but some people, among which the members of the Pezzola family, were starting their winery company, which is in Franciacorta, called "La Valle". Three years after the foundation it was already possible to make a toast with the first 3000 bottles of millesimato Franciacorta. After that the wine cellar in Rodengo Saiano has increased year after year not only his own vineyards age but also its productive awareness. Since 2010 the company has also a new very modern wine cellar in which realize perlages which are the perfect liquid transposition of the link between the vineyards and the territory".

- 02/03/2016 -

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