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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Novo Frantoio - La Cinta di Guido

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Novo Frantoio - La Cinta di Guido

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Need a fresh and quick ideas for these hot summer days? Here's a genuine, tasty and fresh recipe: toasted bred with stracciatella, tuna bottarga and mint aromatized zucchini. Ingredients: slices of bread, Apulia stracciatella, tuna bottarga Bluefin tuna bottarga 500/800 - La Bottarga di Tonno Group, zucchini, Italian extra virgin olive oil, fresh mint, salt and black pepper Firstly toast the bread, cut bottarga into thin slices and season it in a small bowl with some extra virgin olive oil. Cut the zucchini into thin rounds and make them stir fry in a pan with some evo oil seasoning with some salt and black pepper. When zucchini will be almost ready add the fresh mint leaves sliced by hand, finish the cooking and amalgamate in order to make vegetables absorb fresh mint aroma and taste. Finally take a slice of toasted bread, put stracciatella as the base and over it put mint aromatized zucchini and then the tuna bottarga Bluefin tuna bottarga 500/800 - La Bottarga di Tonno Group with a final splash of evo oil, you and your guests will immediately fell in love with it! A great wine pairing to add value this recipe will be a Franciacorta white sparkling wine as La Valle “Naturalis” - Franciacorta Extra Brut D.O.C.G. .
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14/06/2017 11:23:20
Musetto - Salumificio Lovison is the exclusive product by Lovison Friulian agricultural company, this specialty was invented 110 years ago by the company's founder Agostino Lovison. But the reason that distinguish theirs from other great quality producers's too is the use of the noble parts of the pork head from only Friulian pork meat bred using ogm free animal feeds and a secret mixture of spices among which cinnamon,coriander,nutmeg,cloves and pepper. The great Italian 2 michelin stars awarded chef Carlo Cracco has introduced a recipe with the Musetto Lovison in his restaurant menù: Ravioli stuffed with Musetto with vegetable mostarda. Ingredients: For the pasta: 1 kg of 00 flour, 8 egg yolks, 1 whole egg, 20g of Italian extra virgin olive oil For the stuffing: 200g of Musetto Lovison, 80g of stewed savoy mash (make the savoy brownish with 50g of onion, pour with some water and salt, cook fro 1 hour at least. blend with the mixer adding the Musetto Lovison, season with salt and pepper. For the mostarda: 80g of vegetables mostarda (cut into pieces), 80g of celeriac julienne cut. With the flour, eggs, evo oil and salt make an Italian fresh pasta. Roll out the dough, put some stuffing and give the cappelletto shape. Cook the ravioli for 3 minutes in boiling salted water and then stir fry with some calf juice. Put in the plate together with mostarda, celeriac and serve it.
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26/05/2017 11:57:58
If after some day your fresh red tuna it is not as fresh as it has arrived and there are still some left-overs don't worry, we have the right recipe for you. We're talking about pasta with tuna, purely mediterranean style pasta dish with capers,cherry tomatoes, almonds and olives, this recipe will bring you all the tastes and freshness of the mediterranean diet in a quick, simple but very tasty and genuine recipe Ingredients: 400g of Paccheri - Pasta Bossolasco; 200g of Sicilian red tuna, salted Sicilian capers; 200g of cherry tomatoes; 3 spoons of chopped taggiasche olives; toasted Sicilian almonds, Italian extra virgin olive oil and salt. First put some extra virgin olive oil in a pan, then cut in 2 halves the cherry tomatoes and add them to make them cook and extract the juice. Then add the red tuna and cook with cherry tomatoes and after one minute add the rest of the ingredients (capers, olives and toasted almonds) cooking together for 2 minutes (not too much otherwise the tuna will be chewy). In the meanwhile boil paccheri bossolasco in boiling salted water for 12 minutes (read how many minutes on the pack for each kind of pasta), drain the pasta and make it stir fry with the other ingredients adding the oregano for one minutes in order to amalgamate well and "buon appetito".
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24/05/2017 12:02:06
Italy is the country which posses has the most variety of extra virgin olive oil of the world. Not all of them have the highest quality due to some dishonest producers who sell counterfeit extra virgin. We assure you in our web site you will only find the real Italian extra virgin olive oil made by genuine and skilled producers. An example of a true excellence in this field is Tuscan extra virgin olive oil IGP mono-variety Frantoio - Clivio degli Ulivi, a PGI extra virgin olive oil by the company Clivio degli Ulivi which han just been awarded with "5 excellence drops" by the National Association of the Oil Somellier, here's the link to the awarded EVO oils http://www.bibenda.it/news_bibenda_singola.php?id=4425 .
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20/05/2017 18:03:34

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