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The couple panettone and sparkling wine is a classic of the Italian Christmas presents, our version research high quality and the true taste of the Italian excellence. How? With the CHRISTMAS GREETINGS PACK: Panettone Premium Carta e Fiocco Classico - Bellavista Alma Cuvée Brut Franciacorta, two appreciated products both bu the consumers and the critics in the respective fields. Patience ( long hours of leavening) and careful selection of the raw materials are what make the Classical Panettone Premium Corsini a light as a cloud and tasty bakery product. BELLAVISTA ALMA CUVÉE BRUT FRANCIACORTA doesn’t need any introduction: historical Franciacorta wine cellar, land to which the Franciacorta Bellavista are strongly linked, becoming its true representatives due to an unique personal cellar style, which has given the company a prominent role in the Italian and International enological landscape.
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As a Christmas gift the Italian excellences and their authentic tastes are a guaranteed success, for this reason OIP gives you the possibility to compose your own customized Christmas gift box. Discover the specialities from all the Italian regions: hand made panettone, red and white Italian wines, Franciacorta wines, exquisite cold cuts, Ribera oranges, fresh aged cheese, sauces, artisanal pasta and many other products. An high quality Made in Italy selection, ready to end up under the Christmas tree in gift box decorated with Christmas motif and delight the palates of your loved ones.
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Who wouldn’t like something able to wake him/her up from sleepiness during the cold and grey winter days giving new energies? A cup of great caffè barista Italiano is an effective and natural solution for sure, prepared with the best coffee varieties from all around the world, toasted and processed in Italy by true experts on this field. The espresso is already an every day ritual in Italy, a mix of energy and taste that million of people can’t be lack of. Taste the Italian excellence starting with the 20% discount promo on the selection Kit assaggio Capsule Caffè Compatibili Nespresso - Barista Italiano.
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If you're searching for an original christmas present (or simply a present), don't worry, we have the right answer for you. The Citrus fruits of Sicily"Ribera" wooden crate - Ag. Company Guarraggi 6 kg. Oranges for juice 6 Kg. Oranges Fioroni Washington 3 kg. Clementine 2 kg. Natural Lemons is a true representative of the best Italian Oranges and Lemons, a gift that will assure the receiver's appreciation. Product description: The Agricultural Company Guerraggi (italian excellences 2016) is placed in Ribera, Magone locality, almost 4kms far form the sea, in the middle of an area in which the best Sicilian oranges have been being produced for centuries. The products we're selling are "Washington Navel" quality oranges, and there are 3 available varieties: the juice (smaller), the table and the fioroni (very big). The Guaraggi farm belongs to the consortium of Ribera oranges DOP and has applied for recognition of the IGP EU quality label for the Sicilian Ribera oranges.
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During these days we're increasing our food and wine catalogue to give our customer the widest choice we can. So we're going to introduce you Prosciuttificio Wolf,a company whose products have just become part of our offer. This company moved its first steps during the 19th century in the province of Udine, initially at a local and artisanal level. While the company has expanded its business over the regional borders, the care during the production and the traditional process have remained accompanied by a constant research of innovation. What mainly characterizes the products is the height where the pigs are bred, indeed at 1000m height the pureness of the air and the mountain vegetation give the meats an unique taste, a peculiarity that helped the company acquiring the I.G.P certification. One of the secret of the cold cuts is the perfectly balanced smoking made using only beechwood and fire, a delicate and sweet cold smoking that gives the products an unmistakable flavour. The company produces a large variety of cold cuts, in our website you will find: PROSCIUTTO CRUDO DI SAURIS (raw Sauris ham) I.G.P. CON OSSO - Prosciuttificio Wolf, PROSCIUTTO CRUDO DI SAURIS I.G.P. SENSA OSSO - Prosciuttificio Wolf and SPECK DI SAURIS - Prosciuttificio Wolf. Prosciuttificio Wolf have also been mentioned in the 2017 guide "I salumi d'Italia" (Italian cold cuts) by L'Espresso as a symbol of the Italian excellence in this field.
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Cheese 2017 will take place in the city of Bra (Piedmont) during the next week end from 15 to 18 September. The entrance is free and there will be many Italian high quality cheese producers as Beppino Occelli and Consorzio Vacche Rosse. This will be the 20th anniversary of this well known festival organized by Slow Food. The aim is to sustain and promote artisanal,genuine products, the bond between the producers the animals but also the respect of the territory: all of these characteristics represent the Italian excellence in the alimentary field. The central idea of the event is the promotion of the raw milk cheeses and natural cheeses made without any industrial processing or chemical additive.
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Salumi da Re is a national meeting of breeders, pork butchers and delicatessen owners that take place the 01-02-03 of April 2017. In its 4th edition Antica Corte Pallavicina (PR) will be there, Salumi da Re promotes the Italian Excellence.
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Pesto: Pesto for the love of the Italian excellence
In its laboratory in Genova Pexto has developed and brought to the present the historical traditional Ligurian recipes. All the Pesto Genovese variants, all of them made with high quality ingredients. A quality without any compromise: Parmigiano Reggiano cheese aged for 27 months and produced with milk coming from cows that live in mountain, first choice Italian extra virgin olive oil coming from an historical Ligurian olive oil mill, Italian walnuts, pine nuts and garlic carefully selected and finally the inimitable Genoese P.D.O. fresh basil.

- 14/09/2017 -

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