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The particular geological composition is what defines the uniqueness of the Liguria territory. The marked contest between coast and mountains not only creates suggestive landscapes but unrepeatable opportunities concerning the wine and food production. Pasta Liguria benefits exactly from these natural characteristics to propose high quality products endowed with a strong territory connotation. Starting from water, whose importance is often underrated in pasta production but is actually fundamental, which comes from the spring of the Natural Park of Antola, with a protected area of more than 4000 hectares and so able to offer pure and uncontaminated spring water. Only Italian durum wheat, slow drying, bronze wire drawing (that is to say the key elements of a craft pasta), together with skills and territory knowledge give as a result typical high quality regional pasta (as the Trenette pasta di grano duro da agricoltura biologica - Pasta di Liguria), with which you can exalt at their best Ligurian recipes and many others!
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The balance between flavors and the high quality products are the means through which bringing your dishes at high levels. Apparently simple recipes can hide pleasant surprises too, stimulating mind and palate, as it happens for this risotto with anchovies, toasted hazelnuts and Sicilian lemon zest. The base is the Baldo Rice Principato di Lucedio, by an organic rice producer and the most ancient in Italy too, the Sicilian anchovy filets - La Bottarga di Tonno Group, a company located in the province of Trapani that brings the tastes of the Sicilian sea directly on your table. The Toasted and Shelled Hazelnuts - Nama Mandorle are from Siracusa, precisely Avola, a place where only few people know that not only almonds grow naturally, the creaming is made with the Butter - Beppino Occelli, and finally zest from non treated Sicilian lemons from Ribera. A risotto all’onda (fairy fluidi texture), to which the hazelnuts give crunchiness, while the strong and sapid taste of the anchovies meets the freshness of the lemon zest, closing the circle perfectly.
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When you’re thinking about something great and tasty to cook, sometimes all you need is simplicity and good raw materials to get an outstanding result. This is the case of an eternal classic recipe of the Italian gastronomic tradition: spaghetti with tomatoes. Only two ingredients are necessary, the Spaghettoni Cavalieri and the San Marzano tomatoes DOP - Agrigenus tomatoes . 100% Made in Italy tasty and healthy high quality products which will bring your recipe completely to a new level.
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The bruschetta can’t be part of your appetizers, or aperitifs, as they’re simple, quick and tasty. What can make yours different is an careful selection of high quality products and raw materials, from the moment that the simplicity of the recipe exalts and highlight their natural taste, without the possibility of hiding it with many other tastes. The Paté of green Nocellara Etnea olives - SoloSole is an authentic surprise for the palate: tasty and decise, like the variety of Sicilian olives it is made up of, the Nocellare Etna ones, typical of the volcanic area. The consistency is fragrant and inviting, the finely chopped olives give a really thin crunchy feeling which is very pleasant for the senses, so much that often you find the pot empty without even realizing it.
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Butcher MARCHESINI: Salami from Brescia, Culatello, Coppa, Pancetta, Lonzino, Strüsett piccanti - regional, high quality products
Piergiuseppe Marchesini leaves nothing to chance. He produces the provender for his breeding pigs by himself and even takes care of the breeding of the animals. In addition, he oversees the slaughter.

- 28/11/2013 -

High quality products from Valli Trapanesi - Extra virgin olive oil DOP
This high-quality olive oil is made ​​from a blend of different varieties of olives like Cerasuola, Biancolilla and Nocellara del Belice.

- 08/11/2013 -

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