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From today the fresh red tuna directly from the Sicilian sea is available again, that is to say the best tuna quality of the world. Have you ever asked yourself why is this product avialable only few months per year? The availability of red tuna for each country in terms of time and quantity and is regulated by the EU, indeed every nation has the right for a pre determined quantity of red tuna fished in a precise time laps. Red Tuna must be accompanied by an officiale certification realized by the port authority certifying its authenticity and regularity. OIP offers you the best quality Fresh bluefin tuna fillet and Fresh bluefin tuna ventresca, accompanied by the original certification. As the fresh tuna is put under vacuum sealed during the shipping it is possible that the color seems to be a little dull due to the interruption of the contact with oxygen, to make it regain its red lively colour it is enough to take it out from the vacuum seal and wait for a few minutes.
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09/04/2018 19:24:29
Not all the people know that Sicilian red tuna fishing is regulated by a EU disciplinary, in which only few fishermen for every nation,and only during certain short periods of the year, are allowed fish pre-determined quantities of red tuna which are controlled and certified. In fact if you will buy our Sicilian fresh red tuna we will attach the ICCAT certificate too. As in these days the fishing period of red tuna has just started we are suggesting you a very simple but delicious tuna recipe which needs and will exalt the real taste of red tuna and its extreme freshness : the tuna tartare Ingredients: an extremely fresh red tuna slice, extra virgin olive oil (a delicate one is recommended in order not to cover the tuna taste), Thin Raw Sea Salt Picked by shoulder, white pepper, fresh mint and a few Sicilian lemon skin. Cut the red tuna into small cubes, marinate the tuna with EVO oil, a few lemon skin and white pepper. Then adjust with a pinch of raw sea salt and minced fresh mint an serve it with a new pouring of oil.
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19/05/2017 10:58:33

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