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Fine sea salt

Fine sea salt

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Feines Meersalz - 1 Kg.
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Appetizers are the ideal course to stimulate fantasy in the kitchen and try different taste within the same meal, going from cold cuts and meat from raw fish and vegetables. Today we're giving you a good idea for a tasty, fresh but also healthy appetizer: shrimps tartare with avocado sauce, zucchini and carasau bread. Ingredients: fresh shrimps, avocado, lime, Red onion Tropea / Montoro Onions (second season) or Red garlic from Nubia, Organic extra virgin olive oil - Adamo, Fine sea salt, black pepper, zucchini, Carasau bread. Clean the shrimps taking out the intestines, then cut them into very small pieces. Put some pieces of the minced shrimps together between 2 sheets of oven paper and flatten with a meat mallet, so put the tartare in the freezer until they will be served. For the avocado sauce is better use an avocado as mature as possibile (it will be softer), so peel the avocado e put its pulp in the mixer together with some lime juice, minced onion or garlic (less), Evo oil, salt and black pepper. Cut the zucchini (or any seasonal vegetable you like) into small cubes and stir fry them in a pan with some evo oil seasoning them with black pepper. Finally take the tartare out of the freezer and put it on a flat plate, place the zucchini and carasau bread on, while the avocado sauce beside to garnish.
Fotografia caricata da OIP
06/10/2017 16:39:26
Today we're going to give you an idea for a dish suit for a good degustation menù. What does this stand for? This kind of menù, contrary to the traditional four dishes of a complete meal at most, is made up of several little courses, this is made to allow the palate to taste more flavors than usual and travel through different consistencies, cooking techniques and products. Today's recipe is: fried breaded provola affumicata, raw scampi and grilled zucchini with tomato Ingredients: Smoked Buffalo Provola from Battipaglia - Caseificio Esposito, fresh scampi, zucchini, San Marzano tomatoes DOP - Agrigenus, Pachino Cherry Tomatoes, eggs, grated bread, Red garlic from Nubia, Organic extra virgin olive oil - Adamo, Italian Basil (Genoese) Pot Plant 10cm - Orto mio, Fine sea salt. First shell the fresh scampi and clean them eliminating the intestines. Dry a little the buffalo smoked provola from the milk, then put in the beaten eggs end finally in the grated bread, so put the croquettes in the freezer in order to make the breading more solid. Cut the zucchini in very fine slices using a potato peeler and then grill them (as they will be very thin it will takes very fewer time than usual). For the tomato sauce use 50% agrigenus tomatoes and 50% ciliegini tomatoes, make them cook for half an hour at low fire with a garlic clove (which then you will remove), evo oil, sea salt and some basil leaves. After 30 minutes put all in the mixer and blend it, then pass in small colander. Just before you serve the dish start to fry the breaded smoked provola in frying oil. Finally dish up everything as you see in the image.
Fotografia caricata da OIP
26/09/2017 11:58:36

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