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Cotechino - Macelleria Mastra Alebardi

Cotechino - Macelleria Mastra Alebardi

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Cotechino - 0,9/1,0 Kg.
12.00 €

Cotechino Negroni

Cotechino Negroni

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Cotechino Negroni 500 gr.
8.80 €

Musetto - Salumificio Lovison

Musetto - Salumificio Lovison

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Musetto - 500 gr.
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Post inerenti Cotechino

As we've just told you about our Christmas products and special Christmas boxes, so we're giving you one of the most famous and typical Italian Christmas recipes: the cotechino with lentils. In this case we're using the Musetto - Salumificio Lovison, which is a very special kind of cotechino famous among all the Italian gastronomy passionates and chefs. Many things makes this product different from the average cotechino, from the meat which come from 100% Friulian porks bred without GMO animal feeds , to the part of the pork used (cheeks, throat, shin and rind) and the secret mixture of spices which make it both tasty and delicate. Ingredients: Musetto - Salumificio Lovison, Black lentils Sicily - Azienda Agricola Agrirape, onion, carrot, celery, vegetable broth, Organic extra virgin olive oil - Adamo, bay leaf, salt, pepper. First, starting from cold water, make the musetto boiling for 3 hours. Meanwhile chop the onion, carrot and celery, put them in a wide frying pan with some evo oil and make them stir fry adding the lentils, covering all with vegetable broth and make it cook for 1 hour and a half adding a bay leaf. When the lentils will be ready season with salt and pepper, cut the musetto into slices and put them in the pan with the lentils.
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06/12/2017 12:11:46
As Christmas is drawing near what about visiting our special Christmas Products sections? Here you will be able to find the great Italian specialties of the Christmas tradition as the Cotechino (which is a typical cold cut endowed with a soft and creamy consistency that needs only boiling), a good Franciacorta sparkling wine or an artisanal panettone, which is the Italian Christmas dessert par excellence, as Panettone Corsini. Moreover it is possible to make a Christmas pack as a gift: we can it send it directly to the final addressee using a special box with some decorations and, if you desire, a little Christmas wishes card on which we'll write whatever you ask us.
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04/12/2017 17:51:19

News riguardanti Cotechino

Risotto with 24 months aged Cheese of Alpine Hut by cheeses seasoner Emilio Brullo and Cotechino from "Macelleria Mastra Alebardy" Butchery.

Risotto with 24 months aged Cheese of Alpine Hut by cheeses seasoner Emilio Brullo  and  Cotechino from Macelleria Mastra Alebardy Butchery.
Ingredients: -400 gr. Acquerello- Carnaroli Rice -1 Shallot -2 Spoons of Granular Broth "Classico BIO" -1 Glass of White Wine Catarratto Biologico Terre Siciliane IGP Adamo -100 gr Alpine Hut Cheese "Emilio Brullo Seasoner" aged until 24 months -Butter Agricultural Company Frascio. Immerse the whole Cotechino in a pot with cold water and, when the water will be boling and let it cook slowly for 3 hours. In a pan warn the butter and make the shallot browning. Than add the rice and make it toast for a while, simmer with white wine until reduce and so add the broth slowly until the rice will be cooked. Once the rice will have reached the level of cooking you desire, regulate with salt if it's necessary, turn off the flame anche cook until creamy with the alpine hut aged cheese and a knob of butter. Cut the Cotechino in small cubes and ad it to the Risotto.

RICETTA- 09/02/2016 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Cotechino al Cucchiaio - Macelleria Mastra Alebardi

Cotechino al Cucchiaio - Macelleria Mastra Alebardi
The Cotechino al Cucchiaio of the master butcher shop Alebardi is a traditional but innovative product. It is basically a classic Cotechino, but it is extremely soft thanks to the particular lavoration of the pork rind, thanks to this fact the product acquires a very pronounced cremosity that makes it particularly pleasant. It is adviced to serve the product using a spoon and side it with lentils, purée, or a classic cornmeal mush.

ARTICOLO- 04/12/2015 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Domande su Cotechino

Order for 6 cotechino Negroni. Unable to proceed with payment. Instruction required. Thank you
User: Luciano ( 17/10/2015)

I bought this cotechino. It's delicious! I've never eaten such a good and well flavoured cotechino before.
User: pierce ( 31/12/2012)


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