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Soppressa 8 mesi stagionatura - Salumificio Lovison

Soppressa 8 mesi stagionatura - Salumificio Lovison

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Sopressa a tranci - 400/500 gr.
9.83 €
Soppressa Stagionata a metà - 700 gr
13.97 €
Soppressa intera Stagionata - 1,4 Kg
26.39 €

Salame  - Salumificio Lovison

Salame - Salumificio Lovison

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Salame - 750 gr.
15.10 €

Pancetta di Cinta Senese DOP - La Cinta di Guido

Pancetta di Cinta Senese DOP - La Cinta di Guido

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PANCETTA 400/450 gr.
9.52 €
PANCETTA 450/500 gr.
10.14 €

Capocollo di suino nero (black pig) of calabria

Capocollo di suino nero (black pig) of calabria

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Capocollo ofblack calabrian pig - 551/600 gr.
38.96 €
Capocollo ofblack calabrian pig - 601/650 gr.
39.70 €
Capocollo ofblack calabrian pig - 651/700 gr.
42.52 €
Capocollo ofblack calabrian pig - 751/800 gr.
48.58 €

Guanciale (pork cheek) of black pig on Calabia

Guanciale (pork cheek) of black pig on Calabia

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Pork cheek ofblack calabrian pig - 501/550 gr.
28.46 €
Pork cheek ofblack calabrian pig - 601/650 gr.
31.57 €

Musetto - Salumificio Lovison

Musetto - Salumificio Lovison

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Musetto - 500 gr.
9.50 €

Nero dei Nebrodi (Nebrodi Mounts black pig) Salami

Nero dei Nebrodi (Nebrodi Mounts black pig) Salami

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Salame di suino nero dei Nebrodi (Salami of black pork from Nebrodi) - 600/650 gr.
18.22 €

Ossocollo ( Capocollo ) - Salumificio Lovison

Ossocollo ( Capocollo ) - Salumificio Lovison

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Ossocollo a metà - 1,00/1,10 kg
25.67 €
Ossocollo intero - 2,00/2,20 kg
43.47 €

Pancetta affumicata nostrana (bacon) - Fratelli Billo

Pancetta affumicata nostrana (bacon) - Fratelli Billo

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Pancetta affumicata nostrana - 450/500 gr.
14.49 €
Pancetta affumicata nostrana - 0,90/1,00 Kg.
26.91 €

Salame felino (Felinosalami)

Salame felino (Felinosalami)

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Salame felino gr.100
8.07 €

Salsiccia fresca (Salamina)- Salumificio Lovison (Sausage)

Salsiccia fresca (Salamina)- Salumificio Lovison (Sausage)

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1 Salsiccia ( salamina ) - 100/150 gr. c.a.
2.80 €
10 Salsiccia ( salamine ) fresche
17.00 €

Post inerenti cold cuts

What makes La Cinta di Guido cold cuts tasty and natural are the attentions that Guido in first hand gives to the Cinta Senese pigs. The Cinta Senese DOP pigs are bred free range, free to move around and eat acorns or whatever the Tuscan hills of Chianni (Pisa) offer. This conditions together with the knowledge of the typical Tuscan cold cuts making art, make the products the perfect mirror of the territory itself. Try his Pancetta di Cinta Senese DOP - La Cinta di Guido, you won’t regret it.
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If you’re a cold cuts lover the Musetto - Salumificio Lovison is absolutely a must. It is a typical Italian specialty particularly fit for the Christmas period too, as it reminds of a cotechino but with some substantial differences, starting from the hand made hot processing right after the butchering, one of the elements that differentiates the Salumificio Lovison. The Musetto Lovison, as the name suggests, is only made up of the parts of the pig’s face (cheek, throat, tongue, skin) and this makes it unique, also due to the registered mark, indeed it is the only product that can be called with this name. The hours of boiling will be enough for the Musetto Lovison to be the main character of you Christmas (and not only) lunches and dinners.
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Cantina Paltrinieri is absolutely on of the Lambrusco champions, a winery that has succeeded in making the best of the uniqueness of the Sorbara vineyard, an Emilia enology pride. Lambrusco Radice - Cantina Paltrinieri is a bottle that conveys precisely and directly the uniqueness of the winery, a Lambrusco di Sorbara Doc re-fermented in the bottle, natural and sincere, with a very intense rosé colour (which has been made visible due to the restyling of the Radice Paltrinieri bottle from dark to transparent). The taste is fresh, well acid and pleasantly fruity but without excess also due to the dry connotation that soften the sweetness of the fruity tastes. Ideal as an aperitif, with fired fish, crudité, cold cuts and gnocco fritto.
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The Mortadella Favola - Palmieri has by now joined the excellence, but above all the hearts, of all the Italian cold cuts lovers, as the presence in the guide “Salumi d’Italia” by l’Espresso testifies (with the highest rate of 5 pins), but which are the reasons of this success? Palmieri, the producer, has differentiated from the others introducing a true innovation in the field: indeed this is the first and only mortadella that is stuffed in a pork rind, tied by hand and cooked in a wooden oven. A technic process that makes the product unique, together with the perfect balance between the spices, the use of exclusively controlled Italian meat, the absence of lactose, polyphosphates and gluten, making it accessible to as many people as possible.
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With OIP the specialities of the Italian gastronomy don’t know borders! We’re ready to bring the authentic products and tastes from all the nation to the tables of all the six continents. Hand made pasta, wines, cold cuts, cheeses, sauces, fresh products and many others, it will be enough to order whatever you desire, and we will take care of the rest.
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The bacon, or smoked pancetta, is a product born in England and mainly spread in the North European countries and the US, where it is a must especially for the breakfast. Italy has all the characteristics to be a first level producer of this specialty, that is to say tradition and skills in the cold cuts making (particularly many different kind of pancetta), but at the same time a great smoking art tradition. The Fratelli Billo have seized the opportunity to insert a non common, but certainly tasty and high quality, specialty in the other Italian companies within their catalogue. Indeed the light smoking makes the Pancetta affumicata nostrana (bacon) - Fratelli Billo fit not only for the classic English breakfast and as a part of an homemade hamburger, but also a good cold cut plate or an ingredient for adding a fumé note to a pasta.
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If you ask Friulians where you can find the orginal tastes of their territory, in their list there will be a place for Salumificio Lovison too for sure. 1903, the year where everything started for the company from Spilimbergo, a territory that has natural predisposition for craft cold cuts making, from the moment that the microcline is very similar to the near San Daniele area. Born when craftsmanship was the only way, it has preserved the same setting despite the international success that it is meritoriously obtaining. Nowadays the people involved in the activity are twenty, people who take care of the respect of taste, consumers an the environment too, the Salame punta di coltello - Salumificio Lovison is the tangible evidence of that: the hand cut meat gives a next level rustic tactile sensation compared to the mechanic grinding, which exalts the spices and cellar notes too, with a pleasant sapidity accompanied by dried fruit aftertaste.
Fotografia caricata da OIP
As a Christmas gift the Italian excellences and their authentic tastes are a guaranteed success, for this reason OIP gives you the possibility to compose your own customized Christmas gift box. Discover the specialities from all the Italian regions: hand made panettone, red and white Italian wines, Franciacorta wines, exquisite cold cuts, Ribera oranges, fresh aged cheese, sauces, artisanal pasta and many other products. An high quality Made in Italy selection, ready to end up under the Christmas tree in gift box decorated with Christmas motif and delight the palates of your loved ones.
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Today there’s a new entry as it concerns the product, but not the producers: Pancetta - Salumificio Lovison from Spilimbergo, in the province of Pordenone. A reality that has been collaborating with us for many years, that still nowadays maintains an artisanal dimension, here only porks coming from Friulian breedings within 20km from the company are selected, nourished naturally with a non ogm vegetables and cereals diet. An hand made pancetta meat is work “at hot”, that means few hours after the butchering in order to have it as fresh as possible, preserving some of its best organoleptic properties. The pancetta is then tied by hand, seasoned and aged due to company secrets, that boasts a century old history. It is exactly this heritage paired with the continuous research, manual work and a sincere passion for the norcina (cold cuts making) art to be the secret for the high quality of this product.
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Calabria, a region full of gastronomic traditions, but above all the homeland of great preserves, cold cuts and not last the hot taste. Calabria Scerra, with production headquarters in Crotone, represents the great traditions of its own land, producing handmade preserves made up only local vegetables. Among these you can find the Mushrooms mixed with Calabrese - Calabria Scerra, the Piccantina alla Calabrese (lightly hot cream great for crostini or adding flavor to a sauce), the typical dried tomatoes and many other specialities. Also as it concerns the cold cuts surely stand out the Nduja Spilinga, local speciality per excellence, the Capocollo Piccante - Calabria Scerra, and the Calabro Rustic Ham. If you’re looking for decise and strong tastes typical of this region, you’ve found just the thing.
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The Nebrodi Mounts black pig (Suino nero dei Nebrodi) is a Sicilian local race, very similar to a boar both in the aspect and habits. For this reason they’re free range bred within the Nebrodi mounts natural park, they’re treated by few small breeders, who are often the cold cuts makers too. Black pig of Nebrodi meat, compared to the common porks, is endowed with a far more intense flavor and it has a better predisposition for the long aging too. The supply of Nero dei Nebrodi cold cuts in not easy, as the products are often sold within the local market. In our e-commerce you can find Nebrodicarni specialties, a small breeder and norcino (the one who makes cold cuts) member go the Nero dei Nebrodi consortium who produces pure Nebrodi Mounts black pig cold cuts like Nero dei Nebrodi (Nebrodi Mounts black pig) Raw Ham, Nero dei Nebrodi (Nebrodi Mounts black pig) Capocollo,Nero dei Nebrodi (Nebrodi Mounts black pig) Salami and many others.
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The strictly personal peculiarities have curbed the possibilities and pairings of the Lambrusco. It is often considered a wine to pair only with Emilia specialities as tigelle or gnocco fritto with cold cuts, the Lambrusco di Sorbara is a vine variety that can be developed in many different ways with many different shades according to the methods used in the vineyard and in the wine cellar. Cantina Paltrinieri was one of the first entity to sustain the versatility of this Italian wine, introducing different processes for the same vine variety obtaining excellent results. As it is for the GROSSO Lambrusco di sorbara metodo cl.2013 - Cantina Paltrinieri, where the choice of a metodo classico, with 24 months of initial refinement and 6 months of refinement in the bottle, has been able to reconsider a wine diversifying it from its stereotype. Indeed the result is particular starting from the color, in this case a copper ancient rosè, the perfumes are floral, fruity but accompanied by a light citrus note, which anticipate a freshness that we find again at the palate, where a good acidity make the wine pleasantly fresh paired with sapidity, sensations that combine at their best with the typical red fruit aromas. Great as aperitif, paired with fish, fried food and naturally Emilia specialities.
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La Cinta di Guido stuff has just arrived to our stock, directly from Tuscany. Cold cuts like Guanciale (jowl bacon) - La Cinta di Guido, Rigatino di Cinta Senese - La Cinta di Guido, finocchiona are produced with the meats of free range Cinta Senese black pigs, which are grown and nourish themselves in the middle of the marvelous Tuscan countryside. Also the new 2018 vintage of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Novo Frantoio - La Cinta di Guido is now available, a Tuscan evo oil made in a traditional olive oil mill, extracting the best from Guido’s tuscan olive trees.
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The Prosciutto di Parma is one of the most appreciated cold cuts making Italian tradition product throughout the world, which is the secret of its success? At the base there's the non-repeatability of the environmental and climatic conditions, due to which the hams acquire unique organoleptic and tasting peculiarities. The qualitative standard is moreover guaranteed by the strict disciplinary written by the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma, born from the union of the producers themselves with the aim of safeguarding the typical characteristics thanks to the 100% traceable production chain. Among the excellence producers it is necessary to mention Onesto Ghirardi, who started to work in this field from 1948 the prosciuttificio still nowadays maintains an artisanal dimension, proving to be very hard to find. The only ingredients are the highest quality meats, salt and time (18 months at least). The last one is essential to obtain a final result that guarantee the aging cellar aroma, but above all the delicate and natural taste that distinguish the author Prosciutto di Parma Ghirardi Onesto. Available within our web store both in pieces Piece of Prosciutto di Parma (parma ham) matured 30 months - Ghirardi Onesto and whole Prosciutto di Parma (whole parma ham) 30 months matured with bone - Ghirardi Onesto.
Stracciatella is a typical fresh cheese of the Apulian tradition, originally born from the rests of the mozzarella making process, but with the passing of time it has become an authentic gastronomic speciality thanks to its delicate flavor and creaminess. Apulian Stracciatella - Caseificio Voglia di Latte is shipped exclusively every Monday and Wednesday, produced the night before by the Apulian cheese producer Voglia di Latte to guarantee the best freshness. It is obviously good natural as it is with some cold cuts, but it is a great alley for you recipes too. For example in a dish of Spaghetti - Pasta Bossolasco with sauce made up of Pachino Cherry Tomatoes and a little of 'Nduja of black calabrian pig - Consorzio Nero di Calabria to contrast the stracciatella sweetness and finally some Sicilian crushed and seasoned green olives Nocellara del Belice - Az. Agricola Melia as a garnish.
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How can a customer be really aware of the real quality of the product he's purchasing? Marchesini Salumi is an example of transparency and care for their customers. Every product indeed is traceable through the use of a QR code, with all the informations as where the animal was born, how it was cared they and what it used to eat. In order to have a real traceability the company has integrated all the processes in the internal chain production, from the cultivation of mais, soy and barley used as nourishment for the animals to the butchering. This has been made to allows people to be truly certain of the genuineness of products. Among the cold cuts it is possible to try Guanciale - Azienda Agricola Marchesini, Salame Bresciano - Azienda Agricola Marchesini and many others, they will bring you the real taste of Italian cold cuts from well cared and healthy porks.
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The Lambrusco is a really special product, a sparkling red wine and this is what makes it unique in the world. Its tase us particularly fruity reminding of strawberries, cherries and red fruits in general. Lambrusco L'eclisse - Cantina Paltrinieri has a lighter and rosè color compared to the classic red of the Lambrusco DOC. moreover it is a particularly dry wine in it genre, this makes easier to drink more glasses and less boring. Excellent paired with the Emilia specialties ad gnocco fritto and tigelle with cold cuts
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If someone asked me a product that perfectly represents freshness and real Italian taste I would answer Apulian Burrata - Caseificio Voglia di Latte for sure. It is a fior di latte mozzarella shell containing an outstanding stracciatella heart that is to say a fresh stretched curd cheese. Its invention dates back to 1956 when a cheese making artisan called Lorenzo Bianchino had to deliver the fresh milk to the surrounding villages was forced to remain in a shelter due to a storm . So he prepared the mozzarella and used it to protect the fresh milk and cream to conserve it finally closing it with two strings of straw: giving birth to a true treasure of the Italian gastronomic culture. Burrata is exceptional on toasted bread with some cold cuts, or on a pizza with culatello or raw ham; it also pairs very good with shrimps and anchovies.
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For real mortadella lovers starting today the Mortadella Favola - Palmieri will be available in the 12kg format too. This typical specialty is often underrated among the Italian cold cuts probably because it doesn't derive from the finest parts of the pork. But this product is a true representative of the popular ancient tradition of the Emilian land, where in the past the common people, who couldn't afford the more expensive meats, invented this particular recipe that embodied the real taste of its land of origin and its people: tasty, enchanting and sincere. Mortadella Favola is one of the highest expression of this Italian cold cut, as the company selects extremely carefully the pork meats only from Italian certified breedings using the best among the fat parts. It is sewned it by hand into the rind and not pressed it in a bladder or plastic wrap; so the freshly cooked product is well conserved and it retains its aromatic properties. Since this is a natural product, it has to be consumed in a short time.
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What's better than a mixed platter of selected high quality cold cuts to start your Christmas lunch? We're going to suggest you the best among the Italian cold cuts to give you and you family or friends an unforgettable taste experience. Salame punta di coltello - Salumificio Lovison: 100% no GMO Firulian pork meats, secret mix of natural spices, hand chopping of the meat in 2cm square pieces and then a 3 months seasoning. The result is a salami with rough grain that will exalt and make you feel the real taste of the meats. Prosciutto San Daniele DOP (raw ham) on piece - Il Camarin: "Il Camarin" is a small artisanal reality that produces only few thousands of pieces per year, these are very accurately selected and then most of them are destined to the selling to the finest butcheries and high restaurants. We're talking about raw hams endowed with exceptional piebald marking and aging, that distinguish themselves for their sweetness that can be guaranteed only by a well measured use of salt. Guanciale (jowl bacon) - La Cinta di Guido: it is made from the meat of an indigenous breed of pigs, the so-called Cinta Senese. The meat of these pigs is much tastier than of the other races, as in the rearing and feeding of these animals, great emphasis is placed on high-quality forage. The fat is less consistent and more fluid, so more pleasant at the palate, this allows the cold cuts obtained to have a faster spread of the aromas used for spicing it, assuring the product optimal aromatic characteristics. CULATELLO DI ZIBELLO DOP ORO SPIGAROLI - SLOW FOOD- GOLD: an institution in the Italian gastronomic culture. Words aren't enough to describe such a masterpiece, just try it.
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During these days we're increasing our food and wine catalogue to give our customer the widest choice we can. So we're going to introduce you Prosciuttificio Wolf,a company whose products have just become part of our offer. This company moved its first steps during the 19th century in the province of Udine, initially at a local and artisanal level. While the company has expanded its business over the regional borders, the care during the production and the traditional process have remained accompanied by a constant research of innovation. What mainly characterizes the products is the height where the pigs are bred, indeed at 1000m height the pureness of the air and the mountain vegetation give the meats an unique taste, a peculiarity that helped the company acquiring the I.G.P certification. One of the secret of the cold cuts is the perfectly balanced smoking made using only beechwood and fire, a delicate and sweet cold smoking that gives the products an unmistakable flavour. The company produces a large variety of cold cuts, in our website you will find: PROSCIUTTO CRUDO DI SAURIS (raw Sauris ham) I.G.P. CON OSSO - Prosciuttificio Wolf, PROSCIUTTO CRUDO DI SAURIS I.G.P. SENSA OSSO - Prosciuttificio Wolf and SPECK DI SAURIS - Prosciuttificio Wolf. Prosciuttificio Wolf have also been mentioned in the 2017 guide "I salumi d'Italia" (Italian cold cuts) by L'Espresso as a symbol of the Italian excellence in this field.
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Appetizers are the ideal course to stimulate fantasy in the kitchen and try different taste within the same meal, going from cold cuts and meat from raw fish and vegetables. Today we're giving you a good idea for a tasty, fresh but also healthy appetizer: shrimps tartare with avocado sauce, zucchini and carasau bread. Ingredients: fresh shrimps, avocado, lime, Red onion Tropea / Montoro Onions (second season) or Red garlic from Nubia, Organic extra virgin olive oil - Adamo, Fine sea salt, black pepper, zucchini, Carasau bread. Clean the shrimps taking out the intestines, then cut them into very small pieces. Put some pieces of the minced shrimps together between 2 sheets of oven paper and flatten with a meat mallet, so put the tartare in the freezer until they will be served. For the avocado sauce is better use an avocado as mature as possibile (it will be softer), so peel the avocado e put its pulp in the mixer together with some lime juice, minced onion or garlic (less), Evo oil, salt and black pepper. Cut the zucchini (or any seasonal vegetable you like) into small cubes and stir fry them in a pan with some evo oil seasoning them with black pepper. Finally take the tartare out of the freezer and put it on a flat plate, place the zucchini and carasau bread on, while the avocado sauce beside to garnish.
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Sandwiches are one of the most ancient dishes of the human culinary history. They've been making all around the world for thousand years in infinite variants, one of the most ancient has its origin in Italy as it was made by the Romans. The historians say that the Romans were so fond of "Panis ac perna" (sandwich with prosciutto crudo) that there was plenty of open air cold cuts markets and a street too called "Panisperna" was dedicated to that delicious food. As nowadays sandwiches have become a true art representing a country gastronomy heritage, today we want to honor the historical tradition giving you an ancient recipe with a touch of new representing the past and present of the Italian gastronomy. The sandwich we're giving you is simple, fresh and tasty, what makes it exceptional is the choice of only genuine and high quality Italian products. - Stonebaked organic Pugliese type bread - Forno Astori: made with natural dough beginning with a natural starter and 100% Italian certified biologic flour without any additive and cooked a wooden oven. - Prosciutto San Daniele DOP (raw ham) on piece - Il Camarin: a top quality Raw Ham thanks both to the section of excellent meats and the processing which is mostly hand made. - Apulian Stracciatella - Caseificio Voglia di Latte: a typical Apulian cheese with donates an unique taste to your sandwich, impossible not to fell in love with it, it has to be as fresh as possible. - Pachino Cherry Tomatoes: cultivated in a Sicilian area famous for the quality of the tomatoes that grow on its ground, they have a sweet and pleasant taste. - A final touch of arugula to balance with a bitter shade.
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Carasau bread is a typical Sardinia flatbread. It was the shepherds bread, because, as in the past they were obliged to spent long periods away from home, the carasau bread was ideal thanks to its long-life. Its dough is very simple and genuine: only water, flour,a little extra virgin olive oil and a doble cooking in the wooden oven (400-500 degrees), as the second one gives this bread its typical golden color and lightness. Its crunchiness and versatility are the secret of this product success, as it goes well with almost all the ingredients, so today we're giving you a simple but tasty recipe whose protagonisti is this Sardinian bread: Carasau bread Lasagne. This recipe has no strict rules, so you can use whatever cold cuts or cheese or vegetable you have in our fridge. Ingredients: 3 Carasau bread sheets, Salsiccia fresca (Salamina)- Salumificio Lovison (Sausage), Smoked Buffalo Provola from Battipaglia - Caseificio Esposito, zucchini, Organic extra virgin olive oil - Adamo. Make the sausage cook on a grill and meanwhile cut the zucchini and stir fry them in a pan with some evo oil. Place a layer of bread in a baking dish and sprinkle it with water. Then add the sausage, zucchini, olive oil and provola cheese. Repeat with the second layer. On the last layer only lay the provola. Bake for 15 minutes in the preheated oven at 180°C oven. Wine pairing recommended: CANNONAU DI SARDEGNA COSTERA Argiolas or VERMENTINO MAZZOTTI - CONTE DE QUIRRA.
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This is the second step of the artisanal beer vertical by the agriculture company conte de Quirra: Birra Golden Ale Costa Rei - CONTE DE QUIRRA As the other beer the barley is cultivated in Sardinia and then beer is made in Tuscany. The result is a simple but powerful refreshing blond beer: In the glass, notes of meadow flowers combine. Soft on the palate with little carbonic acid with a balanced finish (5% Alcohol content) The ideal foodpairing is with Tuscan cold cuts as finocchiona and guanciale, or it could be a great combined with a mix fish or vegetables fry.
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Here's an institution of the Italian cold cuts: Culatello di Zibello DOP Oro Spigaroli. The Spigaroli family first start to create a breed of an ancient race of black pig in Parma, and brought back the culatello to an elite place in the world of cold cuts. This result was achieved thanks to the know how and the sacrifices of the workers and the scrupulous care of the microclime around the only 5000 pieces produced per year. years.
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The Great Cold Cuts guide rewards, three slices: Friuli Venezia Giulia Prosciutto San Daniele (raw ham) 24 moths DOP Camarin-San Daniele of Friuli (UD).
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News riguardanti cold cuts

Cinta senese cold cuts: excellent products
These sausages are made from the meat of an indigenous breed of pigs, the so-called Cinta Senese. The meat of these pigs is much tastier than of the other races, as in the rearing and feeding of these animals, great emphasis is placed on high-quality forage.

- 11/01/2017 -

These original products were rediscovered from the ancient indigenous tradition and are made according to this tradition. The sausages of Marchesini are the result of a manufacturing process with a closed cycle. Thus, the products are checked carefully and are therefore sure because the family Marchesini controls each phase by itself. It produces the feed for their pigs themselves and proceed with the breeding and fattening of the pigs themselves. The pigs are slaughtered and processed in the establishment. The sausages are matured at Marchesini's until market introduction. Nothing is done outside the Marchesini establishment. The pigs weigh about 180 kg before slaughter and in addition to the fresh meat only salt, spices and wine are added to the products. The products are gluten and lactose free.

- 11/09/2015 -

Cold cuts from the black calabrian pork by FERRARI
The farm Ferrari Adriano is listed in the famous culinary specialties guide "Gambero Rosso" with its 'Nduja from the black pork. It contains no preservatives and antioxidants. The 'Nduja consists solely of the flesh of the Calabrian black pig (Suino Nero di Calabria) from our breeding. Because the passion always pays off (sooner or later).

- 24/03/2014 -

The black Calabrian pork - high quality cold cuts from a long artisan Calabrian tradition
The high-quality cold cuts from the black pig from Calabria carry the brand "Nero di Calabria" of the consortium, in which the President Franco Simone works with great commitment and passion.

- 11/02/2014 -

NURCINUS, typical and high quality cold cuts from Brescia
Nurcinus uses for their salami only the meat of the pigs of the breed "Gran Suino Padano".

- 09/12/2013 -

Italian sausages and cold cuts - export record in 2011
Italian businesses have been successfully searching for promising niches on the international markets. The success speaks for itself: 138,000 tons of products sold for 1 billion and 40 million euros in sales.

- 23/04/2012 -

Domande su cold cuts

Hi, I am living in Australia right now, and I am going to start my Italian food business in China, and i want to order some products like cold cuts and cheeses. Do you do ship to China?
User: ella ( 17/04/2015)

I plan to order a selection of cold cuts - pancetta, salami, coppa etc - and want to know if they will come as whole pieces or pre-sliced?
User: mackih01 ( 27/11/2013)

I live in IK and want to have cold cuts for Christmas. When is the best time to order?
User: mackih01 ( 27/11/2013)

How do you send the fresh products in order to keep them fresh? You offer cheese and cold cuts...=
User: ( 03/10/2012)

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