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Presentazione Cantina Paltrinieri

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Lambrusco Radice - Cantina Paltrinieri

Lambrusco Radice - Cantina Paltrinieri

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Paltrinieri Radice Lambrusco di Sorbara - 2018
10.70 €
Lambrusco Radice - Pallet 120 Bottles
1138.50 €

SANT ' AGATA lambrusco di sorbara in purezza 2015- Cantina Paltrinieri

SANT ' AGATA lambrusco di sorbara in purezza 2015- Cantina Paltrinieri

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SANT ' AGATA lambrusco di sorbara in purezza
8.49 €
SANT ' AGATA lambrusco di sorbara in purezza - Pallet 120 Bottles
814.54 €
SANT ' AGATA lambrusco di sorbara in purezza - Pallet 360 Bottles
2242.85 €

SOLCO Lambrusco semisecco  -  Cantina Paltrinieri

SOLCO Lambrusco semisecco - Cantina Paltrinieri

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SOLCO Lambrusco semisecco
8.49 €
SOLCO Lambrusco semisecco - Pallet 120 Bottles
814.54 €
SOLCO Lambrusco semisecco - Pallet 360 Bottles
2242.85 €

Post inerenti Cantina Paltrinieri

Cantina Paltrinieri is absolutely on of the Lambrusco champions, a winery that has succeeded in making the best of the uniqueness of the Sorbara vineyard, an Emilia enology pride. Lambrusco Radice - Cantina Paltrinieri is a bottle that conveys precisely and directly the uniqueness of the winery, a Lambrusco di Sorbara Doc re-fermented in the bottle, natural and sincere, with a very intense rosé colour (which has been made visible due to the restyling of the Radice Paltrinieri bottle from dark to transparent). The taste is fresh, well acid and pleasantly fruity but without excess also due to the dry connotation that soften the sweetness of the fruity tastes. Ideal as an aperitif, with fired fish, crudité, cold cuts and gnocco fritto.
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The strictly personal peculiarities have curbed the possibilities and pairings of the Lambrusco. It is often considered a wine to pair only with Emilia specialities as tigelle or gnocco fritto with cold cuts, the Lambrusco di Sorbara is a vine variety that can be developed in many different ways with many different shades according to the methods used in the vineyard and in the wine cellar. Cantina Paltrinieri was one of the first entity to sustain the versatility of this Italian wine, introducing different processes for the same vine variety obtaining excellent results. As it is for the GROSSO Lambrusco di sorbara metodo cl.2013 - Cantina Paltrinieri, where the choice of a metodo classico, with 24 months of initial refinement and 6 months of refinement in the bottle, has been able to reconsider a wine diversifying it from its stereotype. Indeed the result is particular starting from the color, in this case a copper ancient rosè, the perfumes are floral, fruity but accompanied by a light citrus note, which anticipate a freshness that we find again at the palate, where a good acidity make the wine pleasantly fresh paired with sapidity, sensations that combine at their best with the typical red fruit aromas. Great as aperitif, paired with fish, fried food and naturally Emilia specialities.
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The Lambrusco is a really special product, a sparkling red wine and this is what makes it unique in the world. Its tase us particularly fruity reminding of strawberries, cherries and red fruits in general. Lambrusco L'eclisse - Cantina Paltrinieri has a lighter and rosè color compared to the classic red of the Lambrusco DOC. moreover it is a particularly dry wine in it genre, this makes easier to drink more glasses and less boring. Excellent paired with the Emilia specialties ad gnocco fritto and tigelle with cold cuts
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News riguardanti Cantina Paltrinieri

Cantina Paltrinieri is a family-run agricultural company which have been dedicating to the production of Lambrusco di Corbara doc for three generations
When you go in Paltrinieri Wine Cellar you immediately meet the balanced contrast between the ancient traditions and modern production techniques. The fundamental processes of the local wine making traditions are here interpreted scrupulously within a context that respects the strictest normatives as it concern the environment protection and the wealth of the consumers.
- 12/04/2017 -

Domande su Cantina Paltrinieri

The largest boutique for ITALIAN quality food at a fair price.

Via Nicolò Copernico 5/7
25020 Flero ( BS )
VAT N°: 03443730985 - REA: BS 534780
Joint Capital Euro 80.400,00 Interamente versato

Tel.: +39.0303581121
Email: info@soloprodottiitaliani.it
Certified e-mail: info@pec.soloprodottiitaliani.it
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