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Bucatini - Pastificio Setaro

Bucatini - Pastificio Setaro

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Bucatini - 1 kg.
8.07 €

Bucatini di Gragnano - Molino e Pastificio A. Amadio

Bucatini di Gragnano - Molino e Pastificio A. Amadio

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Bucatini di Gragnano - 500 gr.
4.76 €

Bucatini Masciarelli

Bucatini Masciarelli

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Bucatini - 500 gr.
3.93 €

Post inerenti bucatini

Molino e Pastificio A. Amadio is a recently born line designed and produced by the historical Pastificio Gentile. So, it is a Pasta di Gragnano igp produced with a careful selection of 100% Italian durum wheats. As per disciplinary the bronze wire drawing and the low drying are essential processes in order to maintain highest level of quality. When we tried the Bucatini di Gragnano - Molino e Pastificio A. Amadio we were very suprised firstly by Pasta Amadio great cooking resistance, particularly from the moment that this pasta format is usually one of the most difficult to manage from this point of view, secondly by its intense taste and the outstanding porosity that favorites a perfect absorption of the sauce by the bucatini.
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Today we want to describe you one of the symbol, maybe the symbol, of the Roman gastronomy: the Pasta all'Amatriciana. The Pasta alla'Amatriciana is a direct descendant of the pasta alla gricia, which is a dish of spaghetti seasoned with EVO oil, clack pepper, Roman Pecorino and guanciale, born in a village called Grisciano. The adding of tomato to the recipe is attributed to a Roman chef called Franceso Leonardi who cooked the first Amatriciana at the end of the XVII century at the court of the Pope, serving during an important institutional banquet a popular dish in perfect Roman style. The amatriciana, as many other pasta recipes, hasn't a strict and well defined disciplinary, there are different adding even depending on which ingredients you have at home, many variants which anyway maintain 3 fundamental ingredients as base: guanciale, tomato and Roman pecorino. Here you are our recipe Ingredients: 400 g of bucatini, 200 g of guanciale, 300 g of tomato sauce, 75 g of grated Roman pecorino, red chili pepper. Put the basta in boiled salted water looking at the cooking time on the pasta box and mixing it in order not to make it attach to the pot. Meanwhile brown the guanciale cut into small cubes (not too small) in a pan until it will be crispy. Then add the tomato sauce and the sliced red chili pepper and make it cook at low flame until the sauce get the right consistency. When the bucatini will be al dente drain them and amalgamate with the sauce stir frying them together adding the roman pecorino, serve them well hot.
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News riguardanti bucatini

La Fastuchera presents their new pasta format: Bucatini
La Fastuchera presents their new pasta format of high-quality pasta, which is made from the wheat variety Tummunia.

- 26/06/2014 -

Masciarelli Bucatini with Masseria Dauna tomatoes, dried tomatoes and taggiasca olives
Ingredients for 4 people: - 400g bucatini "Pastificio Masciarelli" - 200 g chopped tomatoes "Masseria Dauna" - 10 dried cherry tomatoes "Casa Morana" - 1 clove of garlic from Nubia - Pitted taggiasca olives "Marvaldi" - Grated Pecorino Romano - Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Valli Trapanesi"

- 28/12/2013 -

Ingredients for 4 people: - 80 g of cherry tomatoes Capuliato "Casa Morana" - 50 g pancetta (bacon), black pork - 400g bucatini "Pastificio Masciarelli" - 100 g tomato sauce "Masseria Dauna" - 2 cloves of garlic - 1 chili - 4/5 pickled roasted peppers in olive oil "Arconatura" - 7/8 olives Nocellara del Belice "Arconatura" - Extra Virgin Olive Oil 110 e lode "Oleificio Gulino" - Parmigiano Reggiano DOP - Salt and pepper

- 15/12/2012 -

Domande su bucatini

Venerdi 15 Agosto ho ricevuto il pacco ordinato la Domenica sera (ordine 8780) e tutto il contenuto era stato danneggiato. La Burrata ha perso acqua ed ha bagnato sia la focaccia che I due pacchi di bucatini che si erano completamente ammorbiditi. Inoltre ieri abbiamo provato a mangiare la stracciatella ed era inacidita anche quella. Praticamente ho buttato tutto.

User: ( 03/09/2014)

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