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The particular geological composition is what defines the uniqueness of the Liguria territory. The marked contest between coast and mountains not only creates suggestive landscapes but unrepeatable opportunities concerning the wine and food production. Pasta Liguria benefits exactly from these natural characteristics to propose high quality products endowed with a strong territory connotation. Starting from water, whose importance is often underrated in pasta production but is actually fundamental, which comes from the spring of the Natural Park of Antola, with a protected area of more than 4000 hectares and so able to offer pure and uncontaminated spring water. Only Italian durum wheat, slow drying, bronze wire drawing (that is to say the key elements of a craft pasta), together with skills and territory knowledge give as a result typical high quality regional pasta (as the Trenette pasta di grano duro da agricoltura biologica - Pasta di Liguria), with which you can exalt at their best Ligurian recipes and many others!
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The rediscovery of the ancient wheats has involved Pasta Mancini too, which produces and transforms wheat all of itself and therefore endowed with a structure which is suitable with this kind of evolution. Pasta Mancini has started this road with the Turanico wheat coming from the BIO organic certified agriculture, a specie is hailing from the Khorasan region ( North East Iran) and present in Italy too, but in the last years it was abandoned by the most. Since 2013 Pastificio Mancini, has started to develop pasta making instruments to interpret the richness of these wheats at their best, which have been re-discovered and cultivated. Circular bronze wire drawings, low temperatures drying , lower than 44 degrees 20 hours for the short formats of pasta and 40 hours for the long ones. The result obtained is a lightly dark pasta, with a colour that reminds of ground, endowed with a pronounced wheat aroma. Available in the formats SPAGHETTI DI GRANI TURANICI BIO - Pasta Mancini, PENNE LISCE DI GRANI TURANICI BIO - Pasta Mancini, SEDANI 20 RIGHE DI GRANI TURANICI BIO - Pasta Mancini.
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Molino e Pastificio A. Amadio is a recently born line designed and produced by the historical Pastificio Gentile. So, it is a Pasta di Gragnano igp produced with a careful selection of 100% Italian durum wheats. As per disciplinary the bronze wire drawing and the low drying are essential processes in order to maintain highest level of quality. When we tried the Bucatini di Gragnano - Molino e Pastificio A. Amadio we were very suprised firstly by Pasta Amadio great cooking resistance, particularly from the moment that this pasta format is usually one of the most difficult to manage from this point of view, secondly by its intense taste and the outstanding porosity that favorites a perfect absorption of the sauce by the bucatini.
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Pasta Bossolasco distinguishes itself from the other artisanal pasta thanks to the annulment of the production chain, in which now has the farmer become the pasta maker too, in a process similar to the wine making one where the vineyard product is then transformed in an excellent wine by the producer itself. The pasta produced is the result of a careful selection of the best durum wheat, bronze wire drawing and drying at low temperare and so slower but more natural too ( this leads, differently from the industrial pasta, to a less bright yellow color) also going to the detriment of the quantity yield. The final product is a 100% Italian origin, certified and naturale artisanal pasta, an important element as it concerns an absolute protagonist of a lot of every day recipes and diets.
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