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The Dogajolo Toscano Rosso IGT - Carpineto by Carpineto winery has scored 89 Wine Spectator points , an important reward for an atypical Tuscan red wine which qualifies as a fresh and innovative proposal within a tradition of great vintage and aging wines with an excellent price/quality ratio. Fruity and winy aromas, sided by light vanilla notes provided by the refinement, which add the possibility of aging too, confirming the great job by Carpineto.
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When we talk about successful aging in wines, Fontalloro - Felsina is certainly a fitting example. The Fontalloro Fèlsina 2009 vintage, tasted last night, was a real satisfaction, not surprisingly it received high level reviews from some the field major experts such as Wine Advocate and James Suckling (93/100 for both). A pure Sangiovese that shows itself with a red that is as dark as it is intense, as are the notes of licorice, wood and vanilla on both the aromatic and tasting sides combining with aromas of berries and a slight acidic hint, underlining the still remaining longevity of the wine. The tannin is well present, but dosed to the right point, for a balanced structure that does not weigh it down excessively.
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The Consortium of the Prosciutto San Daniele DOP has recently introduced some modifies of the production rules towards a further high quality product and food safety, based on scientific data. Among the main measures are: the limitation of the production crosses with the consequent institution of a genetic database in order to guarantee the effective truthfulness of the genetic characteristic of the pigs admitted to the PDO, the more strict nourishment rules through an high use of noble cereals, the minimum aging extended to 400 days and the lowering of the salt content.
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Casello Bondoni rises in the middle of the Lugana kingdom, on the southern side of Lake Garda, precisely between Desenzano and Sirmione. It is just this denomination deriving from Trebbiano wine variety to which it dedicates a huge part of its production. A line that, as the winery itself, isn’t static bur tries to renew maintaining the territory peculiarities, as the construction of an underground modern cellar testifies. This is an aspect that can be found again in the Lugana DOC Zona Franca, on which the knowledge and the will to experiment have led to test a barrique refinement. After having tried Casello Bondoni Lugana DOC Zonafranca we promptly approve the great idea, the result is a golden yellow wine, whom main aromas are dried fruit, honey and a pleasant sapidity. The barrique Lugana refinement doesn’t overshadow the rest of the bouquet but integrates in it instead, moreover it provides, paired with a good acidity, structure and aging potential.
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As we told you in the last news we’re starting to give our review on some of the rewarded Carpineto winery wines. The first one to appear is one of the most personal wines of the winery: the Dogajolo Toscano Rosso IGT - Carpineto which has been awarded with the second place by Wine Enthusiast in the list of the “10 Best Tuscan Wines of 20$ or less”. We’re talking about a bottle invented by Carpineto itself, with the aim of giving the birth to a sincere Tuscan wine, adapt both to the immediate consumption and the aging. Made up of mostly Sangiovese with Cabernet, the two grapes are wine made separately and united only in the final refinement in wood barrels, the result is an intense red ruby color wine, which at the sight already shows its freshness. The main perfumes are fruity (cherry above all), but also notes of vanilla and wood with a growing intensity the the passing of the years. The tastes retrace the ones sensed by the nose, with precise and direct flavors, well assisted by a soft and velvety tannin endowed with the right consistency according to the kind of wine. Fit both for red meats but also for lighter recipes as first courses or clod cuts.
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In 2019 Carpineto has achieved many both national and international prestigious awards, due to the constant work in the vineyards and the research of the most natural possible processes to reflect the peculiarities of its own territory following sustainable winemaking methods. A Tuscan winery that since it was born stands out for the differentiation between its productions, a work starting from the ground up to the refinement. In this way the personal characteristics of each different wine are enhanced, with a particular attention for the aging, that in most bottles overcomes three years. We of OIP sincerely applaud Carpineto for their job and the results, we will soon publish the specific news about some of their wines as Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Molin Vecchio IGT Rosso Toscano 2006, Montepulciano - Carpineto* and many others on our website and social pages.
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Whole, half, and in pieces, the Prosciutto di Parma by Ghirardi Onesto is available in many formats in order to satisfy everyone needs. The attention during the breeding, the optimal condition of the aging and the craftsmanship of the production processes make it an high level Crudo di Parma, endowed with a taste in balance between the sweet of the rose-colored meat and the pleasant spiciness of the seasoning. Prosciutto in pieces Piece of Prosciutto di Parma (parma ham) matured 30 months - Ghirardi Onesto
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For the wine tasting space today is Rosso di Notri - Tua Rita moment, a Tuscan company which this year has celebrated its twenty-fifth production anniversary. Rosso di Notri is the introducing red wine to the winery, the more immediate, a Tuscan wine with elegant fruity aromas and an alcoholic hint, at the palate the fruity notes together with spices and herbs shades and a light tannin presence in the finale, which implies a certain aging potential
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The smoked scamorza is one of the most consumed Italian cheese, thanks to is tasty fumé note it has conquered an honor place in the Italian kitchens and recipes. Naturally, as every good production reality from Campania, the Caseificio Artigianale Esposito too has this renowned product among their specialities. Cow’s milk from local certified breedings, a brief aging and a final smoking, few and simple passages that, due to manual skills of the cheese making masters, give an high quality, healthy and tasty result.
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Today we’re in Sicily, here salted ricotta (grated as a seasoning and not to eat alone itself) is a serious matter, as the whole culinary art in the Region. The Caseificio Poma Gioacchino’s one is a product able to bring your recipes to the next level: a small craft cheese producer located in the hinterland of the Province of Trapani, where Gioacchino Poma, a true artisan of the Sicilian cheese making tradition, still realizes by hand all the production passages from manual milking to aging. The final result is a Mature salted sheep ricotta endowed with amazing aromatic and taste intensity, able at the same time to exalt the other ingredients, once you will have tried it you will always want a grated more.
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Passionates of cooking, of authentic, high quality, healthy and ethically sustainable food certainly have already known and tasted Acquerello - Carnaroli Rice. A story that is born in the 15th century, from a simple hostel for pilgrims in Colombara, in the province of Vercelli, a territory that has always been located to rice cultivation. What really makes Acquerello rice unique? the main factors are three; the helix processing, a complex but low invasive method, that allows the perfect cleaning of the grain however preserving every grain integrity at the same time. The one year aging of this Italian rice in silos helps the stabilization of the starches, so that they don’t scatter during the cooking, helping the absorption of condiment too. Lastly, but fundamental, the reintegration of the rice gemma, that is to say the part endowed with the best nutrients, which is normally separated from the grain. Acquerello, due to many years of research, has found a method to reintegrate it, obtaining the taste of carnaroli rice combined with the nutritional value of raw rice.
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The Super Tuscan are wines born from the union between the Tuscan local wine variety par excellence, the Sangiovese, and the international ones as the Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and manny others. What in the 60s was considered almost an heresy by many people in the filed, that is to say the contamination of the local wine varieties, has proven to be a precious intuition towards innovation. Bolgheri is an area particularly renowned for the production of these blends, as its ground composition reminds of Burgundy, fit for the cultivation of international wine varieties in addition to the Sangiovese itself. It is the Bolgheri DOC denomination itself where the Super Tuscan have decided to reunite, despite the criteria aren’t still well defined, indeed they do not only have to be bland, but also endowed with an important structure. Bolgheri Rosso Felciaino - Az. Agricola Giovanni Chiappini is surely part of this category, a Bolgheri DOC and Super Tuscan wine, a blend of San Giovese 10%, Merlot 40%, Cabernet sauvignon 50%, an high level wine according to the experts too (92 James Suckling points). Red ruby color, at the nose the red fruit and spices notes are clear, at the palate the entrance is soft and lightly sweet, a good velvety tannin that certifies its structure and predisposition to the aging, finally a vanilla note that I’ve rarely find as pleasant at this one.
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From the trips in Sardinia you will bring back home memories and images of a nature that has been extremely generous, with landscapes and a sea that can difficultly be described with words. But another thing that lingers in your memory are the tastes of that land, unique, unrepeatable products, that can’t be created in any other places of that world but there, endowed with a character that represent perfectly the region. Among these it is necessary to mention the Pecorino Sardo, one of the insular specialities par excellence, whose producers are still craftsmen, carrying on the authentic tastes of their native land, preserving the tradition and trying to perfect them at the same time. This is exactly the case of the Azienda Agricola Mureddu Aru, a company where the Sardinian Pecorino is a serious matter, indeed the Pecorino Dolce di Cardo is a niche product that is born from an eco sustainable activity: free range sheep milk, vegetal cardoon rennet and time are the only ingredients. The results depends on the length of the aging, for shorter times as Pecorino Sardo con caglio vegetale - Dolce di cardo stagionato 6 mesi - Azienda Agricola Mureddu Aru the paste is white, soft, compact with a sweet and aromatic taste; while in case of a longer aging as the 12 months aged Pecorino Sardo the color is lightly yellow with a more intense and stronger taste.
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The Garda EVO oil Comincioli one is not a bottle, but a vial, that totally reminds of the fragrances ones. The similarities between the Comincioli oil and the fragrances don’t stop at the packaging, indeed we’re talking about an evo oil that, as the best fragrances, is endowed with unrepeatable characteristics, and so gives a personal touch different to the ones to the recipe. Considered unanimously excellences in their field, the Monocultivar Leccino from pitted olives Comincioli and the Casaliva Comincioli have obtained the highest reward of the three leaves Gambero Rosso, moreover the second one has even earned the entrance in the top 20 of the best oil of the world. In a great vintage as the 2018 for the Garda oil it would be a pity give up a test, don’t you think so?
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Homemade bread is something that, as other forms of art, is a channel for creativity, expressivity and enriches the knowledges. Moreover it gives us the certainty of eating an healthy product, which is fundamental thing when we talk about everyday food, differently from what normally happens in the most part of the bread, where the amount of yeast is too high, the flour used is too refined and sometimes chemical additives are present too. The first step for an high quality bread is the selection of the raw materials, flour first privileging the raw ones. We’ve invested our time and resources in the promotion of the ancient wheats, endowed with unique organoleptic and taste properties, as we’ve observed after many years of experiments with home made pizza and bread, and the result have been incredibly good. Using Tumminia, Russulidda Durum Wheat Semolina Sicilian biologic stone ground - Fastuchera Farm or Minorca ( Sicilian ancient durum wheat varieties), not only earning in aromatic richness and taste, but our body too will thank us, from the moment that lab analysis have revealed that flours like these bring many different benefits that go from the cardiovascular system ( thanks to lignin) to the ease to digest, moreover discouraging the rise of alimentary intolerances.
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It may truly seem a cheesecake, but it is the Occelli Barolo Cheese - Bebbino Occelli Gran Riserva. The most authentic expression of the Piedmontese Langhe territory, whose it combines two of the best representatives of the collaboration between man and nature in this land, that is to say the alpine hut milk and the Barolo docg. The Occelli cheese aging prolongs for many months within the Barolo docg pomaces, it’s there that it acquires its characteristic flavor. Considered the number one by Slow food in a blind test as it concerns the so called drunk cheese, the result is an Italian cheese for tastings, perfect paired with structured red wines and figs jam.
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Every season has its own fruits and vegetables, we of OIP think that respecting and encouraging the natural season cultivation. One of the must of the winter season are the Turnip Greens - Cime di Rapa Pugliesi, or friarielli, protagonists in many Italian traditional recipes, particularly in the southern ones. Tipically sautèed directly in a pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a garlic clove and a red hot chili perpper, they’re endowed with a lightly bitter aftertaste, that combine perfectly with sausages. A pairing that it’s often found on pizza or in a pasta (orecchiette especially). Besides the flavor qualities, the friarielli own great organoleptic properties too, indeed they’re powerful natural antioxidant with an high betacarotene content, that is to say the Vitamin A chemical precursor.
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In Italy there are many raw ham varieties, with extremely different origins, production areas, clime, pork races as the result are too. In this scenario the Crudo di San Daniele is one of the finest, coming from the same name district in the province of Udine, Friuli. One of the few still craft producers is the historical Prosciuttificio Il Camarin, whose secret is the microclimate of the San Daniele area, where the Alpine wind and the Adriatic Sea wind meet each other. The work is completed by the DOP disciplinary, which imposes very strict processes and requisites, that make the final result absolutely great. Only thighs from Italian porks, Trapani sea salt, hand processing in the San Daniele territory, 18 of aging at least give the San Daniele Il Camarin a vibrant red color, an intense aroma, a sweet, decise taste and a particularly soft consistency. Available whole PROSCIUTTO CRUDO SAN DANIELE (raw San Daniele ham) WITH BONE MATURED FOR 32 MONTHS - IL CAMARIN and cut into pieces with or without bone.
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Culatello Spigaroli by Antica Corte Pallavicina is something that anybody wish to have on his table during their Christmas lunch. Becoming a Slow Food praesidium, this Culatello di Zibello DOP is renowned in the gastronomy world due to the unicity of the production method and the particular microclimate of the Parma area, that make it an unique product throughout the world. The raw materials are carefully selected, obtained from the Parma black pig ancient race, hand processed and finally let aging in the ancient cellars dating back to 1320, location thanks whom the CULATELLO DI ZIBELLO DOP ORO SPIGAROLI - SLOW FOOD- GOLD and CULATELLO DI ZIBELLO DOP PLATINO SPIGAROLI- PLATINUM 36 Months acquire the characteristics that make it the best Italian cold cut according to the experts.
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The Cavalieri family has been committing in the durum wheat cultivation field since 1800, an experience that in 1918 turned into a pasta production activity. The personal knowledge led the Pastificio Benedetto Cavalieri to select only Apulian and Basilicata durum wheats, cultivated excluding the massive use of herbicides going to the detriment of quantity but improving the quality. After becoming a renowned excellence in the homemade pasta production, the last challenge for Benedetto Cavalieri has been the whole wheat pasta. A product that is often seen ad healthy but damaging the taste, so the mission of the company has been making Benedetto Cavalieri whole wheat pasta healthy and tasty at the same time. After many researches and tests the results is an organic pasta not only endowed with great organoleptic properties, but also with an enveloping and rustic taste, as in the case of the Mezzi rigatoni of Organic Durum Wheat Semola Whole Wheat- Pasta Benedetto Cavalieri, a truly interesting and versatile format for your recipes.
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The Nebrodi Mounts black pig (Suino nero dei Nebrodi) is a Sicilian local race, very similar to a boar both in the aspect and habits. For this reason they’re free range bred within the Nebrodi mounts natural park, they’re treated by few small breeders, who are often the cold cuts makers too. Black pig of Nebrodi meat, compared to the common porks, is endowed with a far more intense flavor and it has a better predisposition for the long aging too. The supply of Nero dei Nebrodi cold cuts in not easy, as the products are often sold within the local market. In our e-commerce you can find Nebrodicarni specialties, a small breeder and norcino (the one who makes cold cuts) member go the Nero dei Nebrodi consortium who produces pure Nebrodi Mounts black pig cold cuts like Nero dei Nebrodi (Nebrodi Mounts black pig) Raw Ham, Nero dei Nebrodi (Nebrodi Mounts black pig) Capocollo,Nero dei Nebrodi (Nebrodi Mounts black pig) Salami and many others.
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Today we’re talking about a product which is often seen badly on the nutritional side, but it is always in the table throughout the world, salt. Not all the salts are the same, some are very refined and have a lower cost certainly, but a negative effect on our health, while others due to natural process are endowed with great properties, without the need of artificial processing as washing, drying and chemical additions. The last one is the case of Cuor di Sale, the Raw Sea Salt from Trapani salt pan, a self-sustaining open air tanks system, with a thousand-year old history, which is working still nowadays and is eco-sustainable. As it is a raw salt, cuor di sale contains “alive” magnesium and potassium, inorganic salts that are more precious than the ones sold at the pharmacies, but above all the alive iodine, which act positively on the thyroid gland without the problems deriving from the dead iodine (the one inserted artificially in the iodized salts). It has a stronger salt power compared to the normal kitchen salt, so smaller quantities of salt will be needed with benefits on health, moreover the packaging is designed in order not to let slip the posit element of salt, which are volatile and photosensitive. Available in two formats Raw Sea Salt Picked by Shoulder - Cuor di Sale - Salinagrande and Thin Raw Sea Salt Picked by shoulder - Cuordisale - Salinagrande.
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It is known that Marsala was born in Sicily nearly as a chance, with the adding of some spirit to the typical local Sicilian wine by an English merchant to preserve it better. The result was so good that it has become a stable presence at the English royal court also nowadays. If you are a true Marsala lover Marsala Superiore Riserva AEGUSA Florio is a sacred name, indeed with 97/100 points it is part of the top 20 Extraordinary Wines of the world of Wine Advocate’s chart. The very long aging in Florio cellars gives this wine an outstanding depth of flavors and shades, as the mature fruits, the multiple spices like licorice, the persistent and long minerality and an incredible fumè honey note. In our catalogue you can find so many different vintages of this Sicilian marsala, from the youngest 2001 up to the 1941, a 77 year old wine that any wine lover would do anything to taste.
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Pasta Bossolasco project is born from an agricultural company, when the fourth generation decided to integrate the raw materials transformation, that is to say Italian durum wheat, with the production of the same. It is the second company case in Italy of Italian pasta production with a 100% internal supply chain, so from the wheat cultivation, to the milling in order to obtain the flour, than the processing and finally the packaging. The agricultural origin of the company has the advantage of having knowledges inherent to the activity, which have allowed to obtain high quality Italian products, with the right bland of durum wheat varieties for make a flavorful artisanal pasta, endowed with great cooking resistance and not least a positive impact on health due to its great organoleptic properties. It's available in the formats Fusilli - Pasta Bossolasco, Paccheri - Pasta Bossolasco, Spaghetti - Pasta Bossolasco, Penne - Pasta Bossolasco e Trenette - Pasta Bossolasco.
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The Prosciutto di Parma is one of the most appreciated cold cuts making Italian tradition product throughout the world, which is the secret of its success? At the base there's the non-repeatability of the environmental and climatic conditions, due to which the hams acquire unique organoleptic and tasting peculiarities. The qualitative standard is moreover guaranteed by the strict disciplinary written by the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma, born from the union of the producers themselves with the aim of safeguarding the typical characteristics thanks to the 100% traceable production chain. Among the excellence producers it is necessary to mention Onesto Ghirardi, who started to work in this field from 1948 the prosciuttificio still nowadays maintains an artisanal dimension, proving to be very hard to find. The only ingredients are the highest quality meats, salt and time (18 months at least). The last one is essential to obtain a final result that guarantee the aging cellar aroma, but above all the delicate and natural taste that distinguish the author Prosciutto di Parma Ghirardi Onesto. Available within our web store both in pieces Piece of Prosciutto di Parma (parma ham) matured 30 months - Ghirardi Onesto and whole Prosciutto di Parma (whole parma ham) 30 months matured with bone - Ghirardi Onesto.
La Torre d'Orti is an area within the Valpolicella well known for its strategic position, indeed the height together with the white rock calcareous ground composition. These particular conditions give the wine ideal characteristics for the production of long aging wines, that is to say an amount of acidity respecting the balance between the tannin structure and the alcohol level. ROSSO TORRE ORTIis a well structured and substance wine that last in the years, moreover endowed with an exceptional quality price The typical local vine varieties Corvina e Rondinella are helped by a 15% of Merlot dried in barrique, adding elegance and power to the bouquet and the palate ,where in both the cases the red fruits (cherry above all) are evident, with an enveloping finale, supplì and clean finale.
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For the smoked taste lovers the Caseificio Artigianale Esposito proposes the Cacetti (little cheese) Agerola. A cheese realized with cow's milk and smoked naturally, the result is a golden and resistant crust, while the inner is softer and white. The product, following the company rules, is hand made using only milk coming from the near small local breedings, aging for two days and than smoking for one. This Italian cheese is great when grilled, or cooked in the oven wrapped in some slices of speck, or as a condiment for your home made pizza.
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Find an high quality table wine is not easy. Indeed this kind of product is associated to low quality or lack of refinement, this can't be said about Vino Rosso Biologico Nero d'Avola 2015 IGP Terre Siciliana- ADAMO Bag 10 Litri. Azienda Agricola Adamo produces a table wine respecting the same production rules of the normal bottle wines from the vineyard to the final packaging, in order to provide a good, healthy and accessible product fit for the everyday life. The BIO Organic and IGP certifications testify the undisputed quality and genuineness. Nero d'Avola is presented to the sight of a nice ruby red, more or less intense depending on the types of the vineyard, its arrangement and aging, has a taste with hints of berry, cherry, plum, in the best areasIt presents spicy and balsamic notes. Serve at 15-18 ° C, and goes well with red meats, roasts and mature cheeses.
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In Italy there are many pasta producers, but Pasta Bossolasco distinguish itself from almost all the others. The company its unicity resides in the forward looking choice of starting from the cultivation of own wheat, and following the entire process until the packaging. This allows the producer to not only to realize an high quality pasta, selecting the most adapt and genuine qualities of wheat, but also a total transparency towards the customers, making them aware of the product they’re buying. Today we’re giving you a simple, classic recipe appreciated for its taste all around the world: the spaghetti with clams. Ingredients: Spaghetti - Pasta Bossolasco, clams, white wine, Organic extra virgin olive oil - Adamo, Red Garlic from Nubia, parsley, Coarse sea salt of Trapani Clean the clams putting them in a bowl full of water for almost an hour. In a large pan put a garlic clove and a drizzle of EVO oil, stir fry, and add the clams, a while later add 1\4 glass of white and make the alcoholic part evaporate. As soon as the clams will open turn down the gas and shell them (leave some in their shells for esthetic if you want to). Cook the spaghetti in boiling salted water for 2 minutes less than it is written on the box. Finish the cooking of the spaghetti in the pan used before with the water released by the clams, in the end add the chopped parsley and amalgamate for the last time.
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Outside Italy the Parmigiano Reggiano is , sometimes, translated with the word "Parmesan", are we sure we're talking about the same product? As it concerns the UE countries the answer is positive. After a ruling delivered by the justice court in 2008, it was established that in Europe a cheese could be sold as Parmesan only if real Parmigiano Reggiano. On the contrary, in the rest of the world the denomination Parmesan doesn't guarantee that it is true and authentic Parmigiano Reggiano. Indeed, often lower quality products are hidden under this name, that have in common only being hard paste and used as grated cheese. In Italy, a cheese to obtain the denomination Parmigiano Reggiano has to respect the rigid rules imposed by the DOP disciplinary: from the kind of cows that can be used for the milk production, what they must eat, how the cheese has to be prepared, the aging and so on. Here in our website you will find exclusively true Parmigiano Reggiano from different producers, of every kind and aging Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, Parmigiano Reggiano Vacche Rosse (milk from the red cow) matured 48 months: Parmigiano Reggiano than 36 months Cheese Factory Villa Righi - Maturer Emilio Brullo and may others.
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Piedmontese wines are well known for their strong character and their important structure. As a consequence, the wine-making tradition is mainly centered on the red wines production as Barbera, Barbaresco and Barolo. The Poderi Colla are in the heart of Langhe, precisely in Alba, an area of Piedmont renowned all over the world for the production of first level food and wine excellences. The wine cellar vineyards are at an average height of 150m, on a hill round exposed ground. Part of the vineyard has been planted before 1930, with a partial renovation in 1955, moreover joining the agricultural program instituted by the Piedmont regional institutions with the aim of a total environmental sustainability. Today we’re describing you the Barbera d’Alba Poderi Colla. As it is a vine variety endowed with a very high yield, its production is limited to obtain an higher quality. The colour is a violet intense red, strong vinous aroma with floral tones of strawberry, cherry and prunes. On the gustatory side the tannin is light, it is enjoyable young but its structure is full bodied and ideal for long aging too. A whole meal wine to pair with pastas, soups and meat pies; great also for the preparation of sauces and beef stews.
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It isn't a casualty that among the hundreds of different Brunello di Montalcino red wines produced in Italy the BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO BANFI is one of the most successful in the foreign market. This result has been achieved thanks to the careful selection of every single grape, than the long aging of 2 years in the wooden barrels makes the rest. The final product is a red intense wine, a pleasant and complex aroma with shades of prunes, mature cherry, small red fruits that integrates well with the licorice and tobacco ones. At the palate its structure turns out to be powerful and elegant, fit for a very long aging to exalt all its potential. This wine is particularly suited to accompany red meat, game and aged cheeses.
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What's better than a mixed platter of selected high quality cold cuts to start your Christmas lunch? We're going to suggest you the best among the Italian cold cuts to give you and you family or friends an unforgettable taste experience. Salame punta di coltello - Salumificio Lovison: 100% no GMO Firulian pork meats, secret mix of natural spices, hand chopping of the meat in 2cm square pieces and then a 3 months seasoning. The result is a salami with rough grain that will exalt and make you feel the real taste of the meats. Prosciutto San Daniele DOP (raw ham) on piece - Il Camarin: "Il Camarin" is a small artisanal reality that produces only few thousands of pieces per year, these are very accurately selected and then most of them are destined to the selling to the finest butcheries and high restaurants. We're talking about raw hams endowed with exceptional piebald marking and aging, that distinguish themselves for their sweetness that can be guaranteed only by a well measured use of salt. Guanciale (jowl bacon) - La Cinta di Guido: it is made from the meat of an indigenous breed of pigs, the so-called Cinta Senese. The meat of these pigs is much tastier than of the other races, as in the rearing and feeding of these animals, great emphasis is placed on high-quality forage. The fat is less consistent and more fluid, so more pleasant at the palate, this allows the cold cuts obtained to have a faster spread of the aromas used for spicing it, assuring the product optimal aromatic characteristics. CULATELLO DI ZIBELLO DOP ORO SPIGAROLI - SLOW FOOD- GOLD: an institution in the Italian gastronomic culture. Words aren't enough to describe such a masterpiece, just try it.
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The Tuscan landscape has always had an almost magnetic attractiveness towards its spectators, from the Chianti hills to the Maremma, these natural beauties are famous not only within the national borders but also in the whole world. Morellino di Scansano Abos - Podere Castellaccia is a perfect portrait of this territory. A product that comes from the southern part of Tuscany, in the Province of Grosseto, on a Maremma hill (127m a.s.l), 50 hectares of vineyards just few kilometers from the sea shores. The company and wine cellar can be visited in order to admire the outstanding natural landscape while tasting a 100% Tuscan wine coming from local vineyards. The geographical position and climatic conditions endow this wine with a great alcoholic content (14%), a great aging capacity with the passing of the years and a decise taste which won't be easy to forget, like the lands that gave it its birth.
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Do you wanna give a further gear to you barbeque? Fiorentina di Fassona - Macelleria Mastra Alebardi is the right choice. 100% Italian meat born in Piedmont, breed and butchered in the Macelleria Mastra Alebardi breeding in Manerbio (Brescia). Its tender, thin and low fat content meats have great organoleptic properties (as it contains good unsaturated fats omega 3 and omega 6) and a very low cholesterol level. The size of the Fiorentine are outstanding and range from 1.4 up to 2.6 KG KG Fiorentina is cut fresh at the time of 'order, is placed under vacuum at the time of shipment, it is shipped in special packaging with dry ice, ensuring freshness and integrity. Absolutely to be cooked on the grill with fire and embers at high flame 6 minutes per each side and 6 minute on the bone.
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Principato di Lucedio can praise an almost thousand-year old history. It was funded in 1123 by the Cistercensi monks who were the first in Italy to introduce the cultivation of rice. The production process is full low environmental impact method and the packaging under protect atmosphere guarantee the freshness and quality of product. As the carnaroli rice is the fittest for risotto, we're giving you a recipe of a quite summer taste risotto: Risotto with shrimps, zucchini and burrata. Ingredients: Carnaroli Rice Principato di Lucedio, shrimps, Burrata pugliese - Caseificio Voglia di Latte, zucchini, onion, cherry tomatoes, white wine, Butter - Az. Agricola Frascio, Organic extra virgin olive oil - Adamo. First shell the shrimps, clean them putting out the intestines, and use the remaining heads to make a fish broth (bisque). Make the shrimp heads stop fry with some chopped onion and some cut cherry tomatoes, after 1\2 minutes add cold water. Cut the zucchini in small cubes and make them stir fry with some evo oil. In a pan, after browing some some chopped onion with, make the rice toast, when the rice will be toasted simmer with white wine utile reduced and then add the bisque. Add 1 \2 spoonful each time not covering the rice at all and add it until the risotto will be ready. In the end add a knot of butter, the shrimps and cook until creamy. Put the risotto with shrimps in a plate, then add the zucchini and some burrata.
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Parmigiano Reggiano follows a strict and precise disciplinary, but, despite that, all the parmigiano reggiano aren't the same. Parmigiano Reggiano Vacche Rosse (milk from the red cow) matured 48 months unicity derives from the milk origin, in fact it is realized using only red cow milk, a race which arrived in Italy with the Longboards. This race has a fewer production comparing to the average but an higher content of proteins and caseins, so it is more adapt to the cheese production. After 48 moths of maturation the parmigiano vacche rosse has a delicate yet long-lasting flavor, without being piquant. The dough is slightly grainy and the long aging period guarantees an intense yet delicate flavor, which is typical for this variety.Recommendation: Parmigiano Reggiano must never be served cold, but should be at room temperature. The Parmigiano Reggiano of the red cow is ideal to emphasize the flavor of stews, main dishes and salads. Optimal for filling ravioli and other stuffed pasta. Or as a companion of sausages, mostarda and jam. Perfect to genuine balsamic vinegar of Modena or acacia or multi-flower honey. Goes well with well-structured red wines (Barolo, Barbaresco) and white sweet wines.
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Another great result obtained by Orsumella, Chianti Classico DOCG - Tenuta Orsumella, the specialized magazine Gilbert & Gaill ha reviewed Orsumella, Chianti Classico DOCG - Tenuta Orsumella with a score of 87\100. Tasting notes: Deep garnet. Subtle nose of cherry with some faint toasted oak in the background. Ample, rich, lively palate displaying a lovely velvety texture and shy aromas followed by upfront herbal presence. Precisely delineated, allow to mature. A real chianti classic DOCG which, in spite of it needs further aging, it has already impressed positively many famous sommeliers.
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The Bitto 18 months aging - Stagionatore Emilio Brullo is a true excellence in the field of Italian cheese. Its ingredients? Milk from Alpine Hut Brune Cows, know how and patience. In fact the main characteristic of this product is that the longer it ages the better it will be! Before savor it remember to take it far from cold places for half a day.
Sassicaia 2002 has been too criticized too much in the past years because of a vintage which wasn't that brilliant. But this wine, also thanks to the years of aging, is nowadays a fine ands pleasant wine. Its aromas alternates shades of orange skin and eastern spices, while its taste is, even if it is a fine wine, doesn't lack of depth and a salty final.
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Pecorino Cheese Dolce di Cardo is a niche product made by an eco-sustainable agriculture. The use of living milk enzymes which metabolize the lactose according to the aging and a low presence of sodium are peculiarities which make this product tasty, easy to digest, nutritious and regenerating, fit for every age.
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In order to make people know the uniqueness of its production Pastificio Dei Campi has adopted a system that allows anybody to trace every single package of pasta form the wheat sowing to its packaging.
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Parmigiano Reggiano is produced by the Cheese Factory Villa Righi and then it is made aging by Maturer Emilio Brullo, seasoner from 5 generations.
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Parmigiano Reggiano Vacche Rosse (red cows), a 30 months aging to guarantee an excellent #Parmigiano Reggiano exclusively produced from native red cows.
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News riguardanti aging

Pasta Bossolasco: From the seeds to the packaging within the agricultural company estate
All the wheat used to make our pasta is grown on our own land in Savigliano, near Cuneo. A land geared towards agricultre, which transmits its goodness to every product grown in its soil. The choice of raw material is the secret to achieve an excellent product. For this reason the Bossolasco family went down to the fields, literally, selecting three different varieties of high-quality durum wheat. Our methods of cultivation unite tradition and modernity while respecting the environment. We achieve the right semolina blend with high organoleptic properties from a diverse and complementary mix of three tasty types of wheat. levante grain LEVANTE The first type of durum wheat we selected is a mid-late season variety, which is cold hardy, disease resistent and strong, like the local people. Thanks to the high protein content, the gluten quality and a good yellow colour, we can obtain the perfect semolina for the production of a pasta which holds its shape when cooked... odisseo grain ODISSEO A variety of mid-season durum wheat with a high tiller density (development of new shoots). We chose it because, like a good labourer, its output is steady and plentiful and offers a good protein and gluten content. sy cysco grain SY CYSCO A early-mid season durum wheat, which grows particularly well in northern Italian territories. Its rich, golden spikes have excellent protein content and gluten quality characteristics, which makes this the perfect cereal to complete our quality selection.

- 12/05/2017 -

Tenuta il Canovino:... the Good Land... the Time... the Aging
Our lands are exposed to the South, pleasant slopes at 170/230 m. above sea level. The vineyard updated over the years, has a form of espalier with density of plants equal to 7.250/ha. The estate develops in the known Valpolicella, which soil are made by the crumbling of limestone-dolomite formations, basalts, moraines and river deposits of volcanic origin and for this present aspects of variability, resulting in a different water supply the screw at various stages of development and growth of the leaf and then during the ripening of the grapes. Each wine has its time…the ability to understand, the patience to respect, the constant care and the meticulous attention to detail make a wine a great wine. One example: our Amarone. Aging is an essential step and at the same time the most delicate in the production of wine, to the point that is sometimes called “a second harvest”. It will access only the best grapes, healthy and perfectly ripe, not only on the skin but also internally; careful selection allows us to select only those bunches “sparse”, those with the grapes not too close together, so as to leave the air circulate. The grapes are distributed strictly in a single layer, on large wooden boxes, the plateaux (crates). Small nuggets dark rest this way for about 120 days. Hour after hour, day after day, wither withering and lose weight in varying proportion depending on the type of grape from 35 to 45%.And finally aging. After alcoholic fermentation; after that, in stainless steel vats, the flavors, the fragrances and color have found the right harmony. Only then the wine is ready to rest in the silence of the cellar. There, the aging: 70% for 2 years in Slavonia’s oak barrels; 30% in barriques from Allier oak for 24 months; latest 12 months in bottles. The magic is done.

- 10/02/2016 -

Emilio Brullo Stagionatore (Maturer): research and aging the key for an unquestionable success
Emilio Bruno, cheeses refiner, come from a family that is involved in this field since 1915 and he is a great connoisseur of the Alpine hut all around Adamello and Valtellina. He has recently started a collaboration with OIP - soloprodottiitaliani as a supplier of local cheeses. The 5 generations gained experience allows him to recognize the quality of a product only from its aroma and consistency. The element that really characterizes Emilio and its relatives is their strong passion for the cheeses production, this is the secret for an unquestionable success.

- 08/02/2016 -

New packaging at the cheese factory Sant'Antimo
The cheese factory Sant'Antimo has renewed its packaging.

- 28/10/2013 -

Domande su aging

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Centerba is without doubt one of the best digestifs in the world with a test and quality second to none. Has a great versatility for mixing it in a huge variety of combinations. The seller did an excellent job with protective packaging to avoid damage during transport. In England digestives and aperitifs are not traditional or usual and good quality products are difficult to find and buy. I highly recommend Centerba Toro and OIP
User: Dr. Budulan ( 21/08/2020)

Excellent packaging. After my pkg hung around Paris FedEx facility for a week, once they released it, it arrived in 3 days. Bottles were well packaged with no breakage. I am so pleased to do business with you, now and in the future.
User: Lena Boutelle ( 26/05/2020)

I saw that you entered a weight range of 0-3 kg.
Excellent for buying a single bottle of wine and its packaging!

User: Jhon ( 21/11/2019)

very good vegetables, but very, very bad packaging
User: Tomasz ( 27/12/2018)

I have found it increasingly difficult to find genuine ITALIAN pine nuts. Why has yet ANOTHER market been taken over by Chinese Low-grade products - especially here in England. Please confirm that your pine nuts really are from Italy. I have been caught out before with packaging putting (style) in small letters!
User: Cat Granny ( 22/04/2013)

The largest boutique for ITALIAN quality food at a fair price.

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