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Nero dei Nebrodi (Nebrodi Mounts black pig) Raw Ham

Nero dei Nebrodi (Nebrodi Mounts black pig) Raw Ham

Online sale of typical Italian Ponte Due Archi products, buy Nero dei Nebrodi (Nebrodi Mounts black pig) Raw Ham

Prosciutto di suino nero dei Nebrodi - 7,00 / 7,20 Kg.
490.00 €
Nero dei Nebrodi (Nebrodi Mounts black pig) Raw Ham

The Suino Nero cured meats are produced in an area that belongs to the Nebrodi mountains an it exactly coincide with the whole Nebrodi natural park, where the wide woods offer an irreplaceable habitat for the black pig.
The method for breeding the Sicilian black pig is mainly "en plein air", fed with barley and broad beans or buds in some cases.
Only a few examples live free-range, eating the spontaneous vegetation of the undergrowth (acorns, tubers, chestnuts,hazelnuts ecc.)
The black pig raw ham is one of the 144 Slow Food Presidia.
It has the classic guitar shape and its taste and flavour are very characteristic.
Its obtained form the black pig thigh, the meat goes through very rigorous process of hand making and drying, the final result is product with lightly salty taste, the slice is ruddy coloured.
This raw ham has a 20 to 24 months aging .

Manufacturer: Ponte Due Archi

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Questions and reviews Nero dei Nebrodi (Nebrodi Mounts black pig) Raw Ham

Est-ce que ce jambon est avec l'os ? Merci
User: philippe ( 04/02/2018)

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Information, advice, updates and tips on Nero dei Nebrodi (Nebrodi Mounts black pig) Raw Ham

The Black Pig from the Nebrodi Mounts is an ancient Sicilian native specie
These small size black pigs, very similar to boars both in the aspect and in the habits, live in the woods on the Nebrodi mounts in the wild in wide zones dedicated to their gazing, feeding themselves with berries and so enriching their meat with interesting aromas and flavours. It has an abundant layer of fat that gives great aromatic qualities and sweetness to the palate taste; nowadays, to contribute to its safeguard, this product has been elected as a Slow Food Presidium. The black pig bacon is taken form the pig's bellyband it can have or not the bacon rind. The bacon is produced through artisanal methods without any presence of additives and it is faded red coloured. Its shape is irregular and it has a delicate, spiced and well balanced flavour and a sweet aroma.

- 21/03/2017 -


Prosciutto di suino nero dei Nebrodi - 7,00 / 7,20 Kg.
490.00 €
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The Nebrodi Black Pig is an autochthonous Sicilian breed that has always been devoted to free range breeding, as well as a Slow Food Presidium, with autonomous feeding without almost never the need for food integration by the farmer. Until a few years ago it was a species in gradual decline in favor of more common pigs, easier to breed and endowed with an higher quantitative yield, but today, however, breeders, producers and processors of Nero dei Nebrodi are increasing. The Prosciutto di Suino Nero dei Nebrodi (Black Nebrodi Pork Ham) in the photo is an excellent example of traditional pork butchery product, made by Ponte due Archi, a very high quality product with an intense flavour and particularly enveloping fat and delicate taste.
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The Nebrodi Mounts black pig (Suino nero dei Nebrodi) is a Sicilian local race, very similar to a boar both in the aspect and habits. For this reason they’re free range bred within the Nebrodi mounts natural park, they’re treated by few small breeders, who are often the cold cuts makers too. Black pig of Nebrodi meat, compared to the common porks, is endowed with a far more intense flavor and it has a better predisposition for the long aging too. The supply of Nero dei Nebrodi cold cuts in not easy, as the products are often sold within the local market. In our e-commerce you can find Nebrodicarni specialties, a small breeder and norcino (the one who makes cold cuts) member go the Nero dei Nebrodi consortium who produces pure Nebrodi Mounts black pig cold cuts like Nero dei Nebrodi (Nebrodi Mounts black pig) Raw Ham, Nero dei Nebrodi (Nebrodi Mounts black pig) Capocollo,Nero dei Nebrodi (Nebrodi Mounts black pig) Salami and many others.
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