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Burrata pugliese - Puglia Sapori e Dintorni

Burrata pugliese - Puglia Sapori e Dintorni

Online sale of typical Italian Puglia Sapori e Dintorni products, buy Burrata pugliese - Puglia Sapori e Dintorni

Burrata Pugliese - 125 gr. in conf da 250 gr.
5.18 €
Burrata Pugliese - 125 gr. in conf da 250 gr. - flavored with Gorgonzola
6.00 €
Burrata Pugliese - 125 gr. in conf da 250 gr. - flavored with truffle
6.00 €
Burrata Pugliese - 300 gr.
6.21 €
Burrata pugliese - Puglia Sapori e Dintorni

Orders that contain buffalo mozzarella and burrata are always only shipped on Mondays and Wednesdays. To obtain the products in the same week, it is recommended to order and pay by Tuesday evening.


The Burrata is a fresh cheese made from "pasta filata", which is typical of the small Apulian village Andria. The Burrata is a small bag of Mozzarella dough which is provided with a soft and creamy heart. If the Parmesan ist the king of Italian cheeses, the burrata is the queen.

The first taste impression is the fresh, salty taste, which is almost like a sea breeze. In the mouth, the burrata is soft and elastic, but not rubbery. The heart is creamy with light notes of fresh milk and yogurt, which combine to create a light and tasty treat.

The burrata can be easily cut. Once the Burrata is opened, one should eat them the same day.

: The product is shipped only every Monday and Wednesday.

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Information, advice, updates and tips on Burrata pugliese - Puglia Sapori e Dintorni

Apulian Fior di latte Mozzarella
The "Fior di Latte" is an absolutely typical product and a fundamental part of the Southern Italy dairy tradition. Mozzarella is obtained from the curdling of fresh cow's milk brought to 35 degrees, so the addition of natural rennet to form the curd. The cow's milk mozzarella is pinned every day by the diary master following the Apulian artisanal tradition using a stick and a tub, everything is immersed in draining tanks for the ooze obtaining a paste ready for the pinning. The "Fior di latte" shape is variable: round, nodino, braid depending on the origin. The Nodini: these are little "Fior di latte" mozzarella typical of Apulia, hand shaped they seems like a little knot. They have an harder paste endowed with a great grade of elasticity. The "Fior di latte" Mozzarella has a sweet but delicate taste, the best siding is with a mature tomato and 2 leaves of fresh basil realizing a great Caprese, but it is also perfect to but directly cut on a pizza. Bocconcini Fior di latte: the have a bright and homogeneous skin, white milk colored. The paste is soft and lightly elastic. When it is cut it releases a milky liquid, they represent the perfect starter.

- 07/05/2019 -

Burrata, Stracciatella, Mozzarella: Artisanal Apulian products
Artisanal making, made by the wise hands of the cheese making masters that guarantee the genuineness of the product. The stracciatella is a soft spun curd paste fresh cheese. To obtain a good stracciatella, the cream must be very fresh. Its color is white as milk, lacks of crust, fibrous structure, without holes. The taste is fresh and lightly acid, delicate aroma. The stracciatella derives from cow's milk mozzarella. The Mozzarella Fior di Latte is obtained from the coagulation of fresh cow's milk brought to 35°, and the adding natural rennet to form the curd. The mozzarella is made every day by the cheese making masters following the Apulian traditional method using a stick and a tub, then all is immersed in draining tanks to obtain a paste ready for the spinning. The Fior di Latte shape is variable, round, nodino, braid. The Burrata is the queen of the Apulian cheese, it is the result of a patient and careful artisanal work. It is a little soft paste "sack", that contains a good amount of stracciatella.

- 09/03/2018 -

Apulian Stracciatella  - Caseificio Voglia di Latte
Stracciatella is a typical Apulia cheese. To obtain a good stracciatella, the cream must the as fresher as possible. It is white milk colored, without any crust fibers and holes. Its taste is fresh and slightly acid, its aroma is dedicate. Stracciatella is produced using cow's milk mozzarella. Stracciatella, if very fresh, has a so much pleasant taste that must be eaten alone and not accompanied with anything. Anyway there are a lot of recipes which include the stracciatellal, among which some first dish like orecchiette, the stuffed courgette flower, toasted bread and omelette. It matches perfectly with dry white wines. The production of the Caseificio Voglia di Latte follows artisanal methods, guided by the wise dairy traditions which guarantee the genuineness and freshness of the product.

- 04/02/2017 -

Burrata, Bocconcini and Stracciatella - Caseificio Voglia di Latte
We have 20 years of experience in the field of cheese production and over time we were able to increase our manpower and capacity. Our production, due to the ability of our cheese masters, is performed largely by hand. They can guarantee original and authentic products. Our products mad from cream are refined and savory. Our Burrata our Bocconcini and Stracciatelle are appreciated by our customers and the most demanding cheese lovers.

- 19/10/2015 -


Burrata Pugliese - 125 gr. in conf da 250 gr.
5.18 €
Burrata Pugliese - 125 gr. in conf da 250 gr. - flavored with Gorgonzola
6.00 €
Burrata Pugliese - 125 gr. in conf da 250 gr. - flavored with truffle
6.00 €
Burrata Pugliese - 300 gr.
6.21 €
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Puglia Sapori e Dintorni (Bari) will be our direct supplier as it concerns the burrata, stracciatella and many other products from the Apulian cheese making tradition. A craft company that makes the handwork and the selection of the freshness of the raw materials, to give the customer a final product enclosing the best of the Apulian tastes. The strong suit of the Burrata pugliese - Puglia Sapori e Dintorni resides in the perfect mozzarella/panna ratio, that makes balanced both for the consistency and the taste, which is a fundamental characteristics in a fresh product. Indeed, when you taste it, the mozzarella outside proves to be thick at the right point, the inside is creamy at the right point and not excessively compact, making lighter the whole complex.
Fotografia caricata da OIP
If someone asked me a product that perfectly represents freshness and real Italian taste I would answer Apulian Burrata - Caseificio Voglia di Latte for sure. It is a fior di latte mozzarella shell containing an outstanding stracciatella heart that is to say a fresh stretched curd cheese. Its invention dates back to 1956 when a cheese making artisan called Lorenzo Bianchino had to deliver the fresh milk to the surrounding villages was forced to remain in a shelter due to a storm . So he prepared the mozzarella and used it to protect the fresh milk and cream to conserve it finally closing it with two strings of straw: giving birth to a true treasure of the Italian gastronomic culture. Burrata is exceptional on toasted bread with some cold cuts, or on a pizza with culatello or raw ham; it also pairs very good with shrimps and anchovies.
Fotografia caricata da OIP
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