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Mature salted sheep ricotta

Mature salted sheep ricotta

Online sale of typical Italian Caseificio Poma Gioacchino products, buy Mature salted sheep ricotta

Ricotta di pecora salata stagionata 200/250 gr .
5.18 €
Ricotta di pecora salata stagionata 250/300 gr .
6.21 €
Ricotta di pecora salata stagionata 300/350 gr .
7.25 €
Ricotta di pecora salata stagionata 350/400 gr .
7.76 €
Ricotta di pecora salata stagionata 400/450 gr .
8.69 €
Mature salted sheep ricotta

The easiest way to make ricotta durable, is rubbing it with salt. The result is a grating cheese, with which you can replace the traditional hard cheeses such as Grana Padano or Parmigiano. The salty ricotta tastes also very good to white bread.

Low fat content.

handmade product made even manually with skill by Sicilian brothers cheesemakers poma ..
Drying is still done in the sun of Sicily. essential product for one of the most famous Italian recipes, Pasta alla Norma

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Information, advice, updates and tips on Mature salted sheep ricotta

Salty and mature ricotta suits to pasta and much more
From the ancient Sicilian cheese tradition arises the salty ricotta. The ricotta is obtained by heating the whey. Then the ricotta is salted and matured for a short time. Now it is ready for consumption.

- 18/07/2015 -

Macaroni with hazelnut pesto and salty ricotta
Ingredients: - 500 g Maccheroni "Pastificio Mancini" - 100 g toasted hazelnuts - 1 clove of garlic from Nubia - Soft inner part of bread - Milk "Azienda Agricola Frascio" - 2 tablespoons grated Parmigiano Reggiano - Salty sheep's ricotta - Extra Virgin Olive Oil "La Cinta di Guido" - Salt - Pepper

- 19/11/2014 -

Benedetto Cavalieri spaghettoni with datterino plum tomato sauce
Ingredients: - 500 g Spaghettoni "Benedetto Cavalieri" - 500 g of datterino plum tomatoes sauce "Casa Morana" - 2 cloves of red garlic from Nubia - Salt from Trapani - Organic extra virgin olive oil "Adamo" - Fresh basil - Ripe, salty ricotta

- 08/07/2014 -

A recipe by Gianluca: Ruote Pazze with aubergine and black pork 'Nduja
Ingredients: - 500 g Ruote Pazze "Benedetto Cavalieri" - 1 aubergine - 2 tablespoons black pork 'Nduja "Azienda Agricola Adriano Ferrari" - Extra virgin olive oil "Valli Trapanesi" - Salt from Trapani - Salty, mature sheep ricotta

- 02/07/2014 -

Egg tagliolini with fresh broad beans and ham from the black Calabrian pork
Ingredients for 4 people: - 250 g egg tagliolini "Caponi" - 100 g fresh broad beans - 100 g of ham from the Black Calabrian pork "Agricola Adriano Ferrari" - Organic extra virgin olive oil "Adamo" - Grated salty ricotta

- 08/05/2014 -

The most famous salty Ricotta from Sicily
This ricotta is made ​​by hand. The salty ricotta is made according to the recipe of the traditional ricotta. The fresh cheese is left a long time to drain. Then the surface is rubbed with coarse sea salt. The maturation lasts 10 to 30 days. The salt is then removed and the ricotta is baked at 200°C in the oven until the surface is golden brown.

- 04/05/2014 -

Busiate alla Norma
Ingredients for 4 people: - 400 g Busiate Trapanesi "Pastificio Campo" - 2 medium eggplants - 400g San Marzano tomatoes DOP "Agrigenus" - Salty, mature sheep ricotta - salt - chili - 1 clove of garlic from Nubia - basil - extra virgin olive oil DOP "Valli Trapanesi"

- 02/05/2014 -

Gragnano in Corsa Paccheri with Marchesini sausages
Ingredients for 4 people: - 400 g paccheri "Gragnano in Corsa" - 2 sausages "Azienda Agricola Marchesini" - 15 fresh cherry tomatoes - Salty and mature sheep ricotta

- 12/02/2014 -

Whole grain tagliatelle from Tumminia wheat La Fastuchera with vegetable sauce
Ingredients for 4 people: - 300 g of whole grain tagliatelle Tumminia wheat "Fastuchera" - 1 carrot - 1 zucchini - 1/2 onion - 5/6 tomatoes in water and salt "Masseria Dauna" - Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tonda iblea "Frantoio Cutrera" - Salt from Trapani - Salted ricotta

- 23/10/2013 -

Pasta alla Norma - A recipe by Patrik
Ingredients: - Penne "Gragnano in Corsa" - 1 eggplant - Cherry tomatoes "Casa Morana" - Salted ricotta - Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Cinta di Guido" - 1 clove of Nubia - Chili

- 16/07/2013 -

Macaroni with shrimp and zucchini
Ingredients for 4 people: - 400 g macaroni "Pastificio Mancini" - 200 g shrimp - 2 zucchini - 150 g fresh ricotta - 2 tablespoons liquid cream - Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Castelluzzo - Salt from Trapani - Salted ricotta - Pepper

- 09/07/2013 -

Fusilli with vegetables and red tuna
Ingredients for 4 people: - 400 g fusilli "Mancini Pastificio" - 200 g red tuna "Campisi" - 2 zucchini - 150 g pumpkin - Salted ricotta "Sapori del Sud" - Extra virgin olive oil from olives Taggiasca "Arconatura" - Sale of Trapani "Oro di Sicilia"

- 06/02/2013 -


Ricotta di pecora salata stagionata 200/250 gr .
5.18 €
Ricotta di pecora salata stagionata 250/300 gr .
6.21 €
Ricotta di pecora salata stagionata 300/350 gr .
7.25 €
Ricotta di pecora salata stagionata 350/400 gr .
7.76 €
Ricotta di pecora salata stagionata 400/450 gr .
8.69 €
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Today we’re in Sicily, here salted ricotta (grated as a seasoning and not to eat alone itself) is a serious matter, as the whole culinary art in the Region. The Caseificio Poma Gioacchino’s one is a product able to bring your recipes to the next level: a small craft cheese producer located in the hinterland of the Province of Trapani, where Gioacchino Poma, a true artisan of the Sicilian cheese making tradition, still realizes by hand all the production passages from manual milking to aging. The final result is a Mature salted sheep ricotta endowed with amazing aromatic and taste intensity, able at the same time to exalt the other ingredients, once you will have tried it you will always want a grated more.
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If you're searching for a new plus in your pasta dishes the Mature salted sheep's ricotta is suit for you. it is an 100% hand made product by Caseificio Poma, it will give your recipes a sprint and a unique salty shade.
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