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Castelmagno Of Mountain DOP - La Bruna

Castelmagno Of Mountain DOP - La Bruna

Online sale of typical Italian Caseificio La Bruna products, buy Castelmagno Of Mountain DOP - La Bruna

Castelmagno d'alpeggio DOP (alpine milk) - 500 gr.
20.18 €
Castelmagno d'alpeggio DOP (alpine milk) - 1 kg.
37.26 €
Castelmagno d'alpeggio DOP (alpine milk) - Form 4 Kg. about
134.55 €
Castelmagno Of Mountain DOP - La Bruna

Castelmagno PDO is a noble cheese and the pride of La Bruna. The entire production process accurately follows the tradition of the Grana Valley: through direct checks on the whole processing chain and thanks to the highly selected Italian Brown Alpine cattle the company guarantees a top quality cow’s milk that enriches the cheese with the real flavours of mountain pastures. Moreover, the ripening process takes place in underground stone caves where water constantly flows in small waterfalls. This guarantees the best moisture level for the cheese ripening.
The inedible rind is smooth and yellow. Along the ripening process shades appear, first reddish and then darker. The texture, which is initially crumbly and then gets harder while ripening, does not have any holes and is of a pearl white when the cheese is fresh and of a strong straw-yellow when it is aged. It has a rich and silky flavour, well balanced between sour and sweet and reminding of alpine grazing tastes. Through the ripening phases the delicate taste gets stronger and sharper.

How to savour it

The name “Castelmagno” makes us think of typical dishes such as potato gnocchi with Castelmagno, but it can also be savoured alone, on top of roasted polenta. It was among the first cheeses to be combined with the varied kinds of honey, from the oak honeydew to the lime honey to the acacia honey. The wines to be served with this cheese must be strong full-bodied ones, such as Nebbiolo or the important wines that originate from it like Barolo or Barbaresco.
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Manufacturer: Caseificio La Bruna

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Information, advice, updates and tips on Castelmagno Of Mountain DOP - La Bruna

La Bruna Caseificio only cheese starting from raw milk coming from the cows nourished in a natural way
The cows, all of brune race, are all bred within lands in which they graze free during the hot months (from April to November). No corn silage is used, but only herbs and hay of the near mountain gazing lands enriched by nobel cereals coming from the bordering zones. Only raw milk is processed in order to maintain all the nutritive and organoleptic properties of the raw material. The refinement of our cheeses, among which Castelmagno DOP and Ranchera DOP, in made only in the seasoning cave. The cheeses can reach different seasonings, from 4 months to 18 for the Castelmagno DOP.

- 10/09/2018 -

Raschera Dop - La Bruna
Raschera PDO La Bruna, made up of raw cow milk only, then a 1 month aging, that always takes place in very humid stone caves. Its taste is elegant, delicate and very aromatic, appreciated not only as a product itself but also as an ingredient for many recipes. It is Particularly fit for being melted, so it can be used in the preparation of flavorful and creamy risotti. Great also as a side with some cooked vegetables, or cut into small cubes in mixed salads, the Raschera is often used also to cook delicious fondues, vo-au-vent and salad cakes. The ideal wine pairing are structured white wines and middle bodied red wines.

- 09/02/2018 -

The Castelmagno: the King of the Piedmontese Cheeses
The artisanal production of Castelmagno, a cow's milk cheese with minimum addictions of sheep's or goat's milk (from 5% to 20%). The Milk comes from the cows in mountain pasture following the ancient techniques. The Alpine huts are over 1600 metres height: here, the great variety and fragrance of the grass and flowers, enriched by the oat grass, gives Castelmagno excellent organoleptic characteristics. The technique of making Castelmagno consist of break of the curd in clumps as big as a grain of corn. The result is made dried off for 24 hours in cloth, after that there's another break in cubes, the result than acidify for 3 three days under buttermilk before being crushed and kneaded again adding some salt and than it is pressed in the shapes for one day. After that the Castelmagno ages in a natural environment for almost 120 days. The past is ivory and soft: after the maturation it acquires more compactness and a darker colour, sometimes with blu-green shades due to the development of the moulds responsible of the marbling.

- 10/04/2017 -

Società Agricola La Bruna: Castelmagno D'alpeggio Dop e Castelmagno di Montagna invernale Dop
La Bruna Farm originated from the passion and love for the mountain and its traditions of Evanzio, Ivano and Davide, who has followed in his father’s footsteps. Back in 1921 grandfather Magno, shepherd in the upper valley, used to milk his cows up in the mountain pastures and produce cheese for himself and a few other people in a little shepherds’ hut. The precious little secrets were handed down to the new generations that still produce that cheese today following the same ancient customs.

- 17/05/2016 -

Testaroli with culatello di Zibello (ham) and Castelmagno di Montagna (cheese)
Ingredients for 4 people - 420 g testaroli "Arconatura" - 200 g culatello di Zibello (fine ham) "Cavalier Boschi" - 50 g cheese Castelmagno di Montagna "Terre di Castelmagno" - 100 g butter - 1 tsp Classic broth without glutamate "Bio-Well" - 5/6 sage leaves

- 22/11/2012 -


Castelmagno d'alpeggio DOP (alpine milk) - 500 gr.
20.18 €
Castelmagno d'alpeggio DOP (alpine milk) - 1 kg.
37.26 €
Castelmagno d'alpeggio DOP (alpine milk) - Form 4 Kg. about
134.55 €
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The Catstelmagno has ancient origins, in fact it was already well known in the XI century as it was mentioned in some books or laws of that time. Castelmagno Of Mountain DOP - La Bruna is made from milk of cows who gaze in Alpine Hut over 1000m of height. The herbs of the Alpine Hut give the cheese an unique taste and colour. The result is a very seasoned cheese, so it's recommended to eat it at the end of the meal accompanied by different full bodied red wines like Nebbiolo o Barolo depending on the seasoning.
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