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Quartirolo Lombardo DOP

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The Quartirolo Lombardo, that is a protected designation of origin (PDO) Italian cheese, is supported and protected by a proper protection Consortium called the Consortium for the Protection of the Quartirolo Lombardo cheese, which guarantees the respect of the name and of the production system used, as it happens also for other Italian food and agricultural products of high quality which are also included in an economic and cultural environment clearly defined and still nowadays made in the same places in which they had their origins and with the same methods known as traditional. The origin of the Quartirolo Lombardo Consortium took place on 11 June 1990: its founders were eleven producers who were aware that only a united front could limit the attempts of imitation, possible frauds and falsifications. And so it was, and in the two following decades after its origin, the Quartirolo Lombardo cheese has gone a long way.
Approximately twenty years later, new fellow travellers joined the old members, at the extent that the dairies are by now more than twenty and the companies dealing with cheese maturation that have joined in in the meantime are about ten. In addition to all these members, approximately eighty partners were included. They were companies for the commercialization of the Quartirolo Lombardo cheese that, even not being associated, with a voluntary act accepted to respect the rules of the Consortium. Then, in 1996, the Quartirolo Lombardo cheese was assigned the Designation of Protected Origin, PDO (known with the Italian acronym DOP, that stands for Denominazione di Origine Protetta), by the European Union thanks to the historic characteristics and to the production peculiarities and to the typicity belonging to this cheese born among the Lombardy mounts and valleys.

With the passing of time it became a larger consumption product, that was able to seduce a market not easy to access for its high competitiveness, and also the results in the production improved, reaching the threshold of 40.000 quintals. This fact is a satisfaction for the Consortium and for its members, but it is also a big responsibility that involves the adoption of more and more refined methods for the protection of the product. Therefore, with a complicated inspections system, the experts of the Consortium control the quantity that is produced and an external certifying body especially authorized, called “Certiprodop”, carries out systematic controls from the stables to the sales points and gives the green light to the assignation of the “DOP” trademark. All these elements above mentioned are the concrete elements that give the certainty that the product the consumer has in his hands is healthy and unquestionably of high quality; in addition, the quality marks, that is the mark stamped on the cheese still at the dairy, the collective stamp of the Consortium for the protection and the “DOP” mark, give the certainty that it is the real Quartirolo Lombardo cheese.

Further to the protection of the cheese and the control activity, the Consortium does not leave out the role that it always has being carrying out in the dairies and in the maturing factories, that means a regular technical assistance in order to keep quality and hygienic- sanitary standard always at high levels and to have production methods that are on the level with the product, in compliance with the traditional system and keeping pace with the times.
The promotion and the diffusion of the Quartirolo Lombardo cheese, modern cheese, that has original characteristics and easy to consume, are as well tasks carried out by the Consortium for the protection. The study of catchy advertisements, the development of an efficient communication net to present the product, included also its less known and less perceptible characteristics, and the attention given to the image are also “ingredients” of a whole quality for which the Consortium commits with the same effort and attention as while carrying out the controls on the cheese itself. At this purpose, besides this specific website www.quartirololombardo.com, recently it has become possible to also visit the portal www.altiformaggi.it , in which it is told the story of the Quartirolo Lombardo cheese in addition to other three columns regarding the dairy production, the Provolone Valpadana, the Taleggio and the Salva Cremasco, with whose Consortiums is strictly cooperating.

Quartirolo Seasoned  DOP

Quartirolo Seasoned DOP

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