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Podere Spazzavento

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I Prodotti: Wine Oil

With the help of the agronomist Alfredo Tocchini and the enologist Atilio Pagli, both known and appreciated even abroad, we produce excellent biological wines.
We began in 2003 when we produced and imbottled two wines (one red and one white IGT – Indicazione Geografica Tipica), in all 6.000 bottles. Recently we produce 40.000 bottles in one year, including three red IGT, one white IGT and the Chianti Superiore DOCG.
All our wines are extremely tipical and traditional, both in the choice of the grapes and in the way of making them. The grapes come from the vinyards around our house which are in part old plants and in part young plants, raised by ourselves. We have nearly exclusively local varieties of grapes, as for example Sangiovese, Colorino, Ciliegiolo (red) and Vermentino and Colombana (white). The only non-tuscan variety is Syrah, which gives us very much satisfaction too.
We harvest by hand and bring the selected grapes in our new winecellar where we work with the old passion and new modern equipment.
We handle our plants and our soils very carefully (organically) and therefore have very healthy and characteristic grapes – that´s why we reached noticeable quality-results in only a few years.
In the tuscan wine-guide, edited by the Enoteca Italiana di Siena and the Regione Toscana and published every two years, we got inserted in 2007 with our “Ireneo IGT 2005” and in 2009 with two wines, the “Dedicato a nonno IGT 2007” (successor of Ireneo) and the “Chianti DOCG2007”, which has been especially mentioned. Our most recent success is the award for the "Grano delle Formiche IGT 2008", always in the "Guida dei vini di Toscana", which has been juged as one of the best five IGT wines in Tuscany!
The logo we choose for our wine-labels gives us a good recognition and expresses the philosophy of Podere Spazzavento: agility and energy – its the firebird, a Maya-symbol which stands for the sun and the arrival of the summer.

The PIRRO I.G.T. is produced with a basis of Sangiovese plus some other typical tuscan red grapes, which grow around our farm since decades. The fermentation takes place in steel-tanks and the wine gets moved once a day during the fermentation-phase. After beeing pressed, the wine rests for a few months in the tank and gets bottled at the beginning of the following year. Pirro is ready to drink immediately in springtime.

The EULALIA I.G.T. white wine is made most of all with Vermentino-grapes, plus a small quantity of Colombana. Most of the inclines expose to the south and are approx. 100 meters above the sea-level. During the first 12 hours of fermentation we leave the whole grapes and the juice together. Then the wine gets pressed and the fermentation finishes in our tanks with constantly 16° C. In this way we get a tuscan white wine with a nice structure, a very fruity taste and a nice smell.

The CHIANTI SUPERIORE DOCG is composed of 90% Sangiovese and 10 % of Colorino.
It is made with an extremely traditional method, the socalled “governo toscano”: we harvest only the Sangiovese-grapes and when their fermentation has finished, we add the Colorino grapes, dried and cleaned by hand during the weeks before. This double fermentation gives freshness and a round taste to the our Chianti Superiore.

The DEDICATO A NONNO I.G.T. is produced with 50% of Sangiovese and 50% Syrah, selected on our south-side vinyards, on approx. 100 meters over the sea-level. The alcoholic fermentation starts naturally after the harvest, in our modern temperature-controlled tanks. During the whole fermentation-phase we move the wine in the tank 2 times a day. When the fermentation has finished we press the wine with our modern pneumatic-press with low pressure. The wine riposes then until the imbotteling next spring. During those winter-months we decant the wine regularily, which is a "natural cleaning".
Our GRANO DELLE FORMICHE I.G.T. is composed of 70% Sangiovese and 30% Colorino, which grow on one very special vinyard – special because of it’s excellent position and soil. The fermentation takes place in temperature-controled tanks, where we move juice and grapes two times a day during the whole fermentation-phase. Then we press the wine and transfer it into 225-liter-oak barrels (barrique) where he performs his malolactic fermentation and remains for 12 months. What we get is a very complex and intense red wine with also fruityness and balance.

The olives we use for our biological Olive Oil are called Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolino and Maurino. We harvest by hand into 15 kg-baskets which we bring to the oilmill in between 24 to 36 hours after the harest. The mill turns our olives into pulp and with a centrifuge they seperate oil, water and solid parts of the olive. Our Oil is of high quality, guaranted organic and with a very low acidity of averagely 0,2%

. Within our products there is also Grappa! We bring our pressed grapes to a small distillery in Forcoli and they produce the Grappa for us. We have a "simple" one, clear, and also a brown one (because it was stored for 18 months in wooden barrels). And then there is our "Grappa di Vin Santo", transparent and made from only Colombana-grapes. With the juice of those grapes we produce our Vin Santo, the sweet desert-wine from Tuscany. And the skins of the grape become this special grappa.

Eulalia I.G.T. bianco - Podere Spazzavento from Lari

Eulalia I.G.T. bianco - Podere Spazzavento from Lari

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Eulalia I.G.T. bianco 2012
11.38 €

Grano delle Formiche IGT rosso - Podere Spazzavento

Grano delle Formiche IGT rosso - Podere Spazzavento

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Grano delle Formiche IGT rosso 2010
28.98 €

Pirro IGT Rosso - Podere Spazzavento from Lari

Pirro IGT Rosso - Podere Spazzavento from Lari

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Pirro IGT Rosso 2011
11.38 €
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