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Lenza Franciacorta
FRANCIACORTA BRUT - 0,75 cl. - Pallet 120 Bottles
18.54 €2,225.25 €
Gatti Enrico
Franciacorta DOCG Pas Dosè Nature Enrico Gatti - N. 12 Bottles
28.64 €343.62 €
Contadi Castaldi
Rosé millesimato Franciacorta DOCG Contadi Castaldi - 2009 - N. 36 Bottles
27.03 €972.90 €
Il Mosnel Franciacorta
FRANCIACORTA DOCG Extra Brut Millesimato 'EBB' IL MOSNEL 2011 - Pallet 66 Bottles
37.79 €2,494.35 €
1701 Franciacorta
VSQ metodo classico sullerba - 1701 Franciacorta - Pallet 120 Bottles
14.58 €1,749.15 €
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Cinta Sense and Salumeria Toscana, the Norcina art of  by Salumeria Monte San Savino
Tuscany is among the regions where cold cuts find one of their best quality expressions, with a great variety and tradition. The latter, in fact, talking about the breeding of the Cinta Senese, an autochthonous Tuscan breed unique and of unquestionable quality, dates back to Roman times, as evidenced by writings and representations of the specimen with the characteristic white band that fastens, "belts" the chest, shoulders and front legs and from which the name derives. It is from here that the Salumeria di Monte San Savino has its roots, production and history, specializing in the production of typical Tuscan cured meats, both in terms of breed and recipes, therefore from the feeding of the animal to the slaughter, spicing and seasoning. Finocchiona, Prosciutto Toscano Dop and Cinta Senese, cinta sense pillows and many others, to rediscover the Tuscan butcher's tradition and its flavors directly on your table.
- 22/11/2020 -

Tasty, beautiful and Sicilian, these are Tumminello biscuits
Transferring the local tastes, aromas and colors is a path that always lead to high quality and genuine results. It is just this modus operandi that makes the Tumminello biscuits so characteristic, the whole representation and exaltation of the Sicilian products, native land of the company, perfectly inserted in the preparation of one of the classics of the World pastry as the biscuits. A research that starts from the Sicilian varieties stone milled flours as Tumminia, Maiorca and Perciasacchi, to the stuffings: figs, Avola almonds, Modica chocolate, pistachios and many others. Moreover, also concerning the esthetic side, the packaging are inspired to colors and motifs typical of the Sicilian arte, making them perfect for a gift too.

- 28/10/2020 -

Lambrusco Rosè Cantina della Volta: Three Glasses Gambero Rosso
The Lambrusco Rosè di Cantina della Volta has been awarded with three Gambero Rosso glasses in the 2021 edition. The rewards is a confirmation that the winery is moving towards the quality and innovation, particularly concerning the Lambrusco di Sorbara, it is certainly among the first ones trying to reinterpret it following an alternative vision. Therefore Classic Method instead of Charmat, long refinement, all of these concepts aren’t normally associated with the Lambrusco. Depht of flower aromas with some berries, at the palate the acidity and persistency are truly outstanding, with a circus note exalted by these aspects.

- 20/10/2020 -


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In collaboration with the WTC of Trieste, a company part of the World Trade Centers Association Network with headquarters in New York, which manages the services and activities branded “WORLD TRADE CENTER TRIESTE”, and is willing to promote the international trade through the Network, particularly the one referred to the agri-food and viticultural sectors,. OIP has created the platform B2B WTC FOOD EMPORIUM.
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The Dogajolo Toscano Rosso IGT - Carpineto by Carpineto winery has scored 89 Wine Spectator points , an important reward for an atypical Tuscan red wine which qualifies as a fresh and innovative proposal within a tradition of great vintage and aging wines with an excellent price/quality ratio. Fruity and winy aromas, sided by light vanilla notes provided by the refinement, which add the possibility of aging too, confirming the great job by Carpineto.
Fotografia caricata da OIP
When we talk about successful aging in wines, Fontalloro - Felsina is certainly a fitting example. The Fontalloro Fèlsina 2009 vintage, tasted last night, was a real satisfaction, not surprisingly it received high level reviews from some the field major experts such as Wine Advocate and James Suckling (93/100 for both). A pure Sangiovese that shows itself with a red that is as dark as it is intense, as are the notes of licorice, wood and vanilla on both the aromatic and tasting sides combining with aromas of berries and a slight acidic hint, underlining the still remaining longevity of the wine. The tannin is well present, but dosed to the right point, for a balanced structure that does not weigh it down excessively.
Fotografia caricata da OIP
Do you ship to Canada?

User: Lara ( 01/12/2020)
Category/Topic Fiasconaro - Il Panettone alle mandorle di Sicilia Dolce & Gabbana

I am looking to purchase Brandy Villa Montepaldi and have shipped to the US. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

User: JenD ( 01/12/2020)
Category/Topic General topic

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