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It is finally possible to pair YOUR perfect wine to the Italian courses, all in 5 CLICKS. It will be a practical help to know better wine, food and your favourite tastes.

Start a few clicks long way, start from your favorite kind of wine.
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We've studied a unique experience, you will have the possibility to choose wine type, region, alcoholic percentage, price, characteristics and combinations, through this selection our virtual somellier will be able to guide and suggest you the most siutable wine for your needs and tastes. Finally it is possible to identify your ideal wine upon the combination with italian dishes and your preferences. Try our new system, you will certainly like it and... you will always know which is the right wine to taste!

Castelveder Franciacorta
CASTELVEDER Terre di Franciacorta Monte della Rosa - Pallet 120 Bottles
10.25 €1,230.00 €
Lenza Franciacorta
FRANCIACORTA BRUT - 0,75 cl. - Pallet 120 Bottles
17.92 €2,150.00 €
Lenza Franciacorta
FRANCIACORTA SATEN Lenza - 0,75 cl. - Pallet 120 Bottles
16.33 €1,960.00 €
Bersi Serlini
Bersi Serlini Franciacorta Cuvée n°4 Brut - Pallet 120 Bottles
17.42 €2,090.00 €
Contadi Castaldi
Zero millesimato Franciacorta DOCG - 2010/2011 - Pallet 120 Bottles
23.67 €2,840.00 €
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OIP - smells like Christmas: The Panettone by Pasticceria Corsini have arrived

OIP - smells like Christmas: The Panettone by Pasticceria Corsini have arrived
For this panettone Corsini uses only sourdough and selected, high quality ingredients. The dough is left to rise for at least two full days between the kneading operations. This allows the dough to rest and rise naturally.

ARTICOLO- 20/10/2018 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Diesus Amaro del Frate

Diesus Amaro del Frate
The friar's bitter of Diesus a liqueur obtained from the infusion of citrus fruits skins and thirty different types of grass among which gentian, thyme, marjoram and elder are dominant. Gentian makes the liqueur very bitter but the presence of citrus fruits helps to soften and round the taste. As a digestive it is very strong, it has an 18% alcoholic percentage. It is one of the most ancient and complex italian bitter. The bottle shape reminds of a friar, revoking the bitter origins and invention which took place in a Piedmontese convent. Diesus was born during the 60s, from that moment it has always been one of the Barbero top products.

ARTICOLO- 15/10/2018 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Tradizioni Padane Fresh Stuffed Pasta Hand-Made.

Tradizioni Padane Fresh Stuffed Pasta Hand-Made.
Tradizioni Padane s.r.l. produces fresa band-made pasta with exclusive and fine stuffings. The raw materials used come exclusively from the local territory, in order to guarantee the preparation of genuine products with great organoleptic properties bound to the italian ,especially with Lombardy, culinary traditions. These products are all hand made because the company has a totally domestic production chain: from the beginning of the process of selection to the packaging, the company guarantees fresh and minutely worked products. For this reason the shape of pasta is irregular and the number of Ravioli in the pack can vary: the stuffing, handly prepared, is personally positioned in each Raviolo. The accurate selection of the raw materials and the artisanal production of every component contribute to create a product of excellence.

ARTICOLO- 12/10/2018 - ( Network O.I.P. )


 World Trade Center

In collaboration with the WTC of Trieste

In collaboration with the WTC of Trieste, a company part of the World Trade Centers Association Network with headquarters in New York, which manages the services and activities branded “WORLD TRADE CENTER TRIESTE”, and is willing to promote the international trade through the Network, particularly the one referred to the agri-food and viticultural sectors,. OIP has created the platform B2B WTC FOOD EMPORIUM.
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Fresh Truffles

Fresh Uncinato Truffle - Dominici Truffles

Fresh Uncinato Truffle - Dominici TrufflesShipping every Tuesday

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Fresh Uncinato Truffle - Dominici Truffles - 2st choice - 250 gr.
56.00 €
Fresh Uncinato Truffle - Dominici Truffles - 1st choice - 250 gr.
111.00 €

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La Cinta di Guido stuff has just arrived to our stock, directly from Tuscany. Cold cuts like Guanciale (jowl bacon) - La Cinta di Guido, Rigatino di Cinta Senese - La Cinta di Guido, finocchiona are produced with the meats of free range Cinta Senese black pigs, which are grown and nourish themselves in the middle of the marvelous Tuscan countryside. Also the new 2018 vintage of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Novo Frantoio - La Cinta di Guido is now available, a Tuscan evo oil made in a traditional olive oil mill, extracting the best from Guido’s tuscan olive trees.
Fotografia caricata da OIP
20/10/2018 12:22:28
From the moment that the season is coming up, it time for us to open the fresh truffle sale. Tartufi Dominici is a company specialized in the cultivation od truffles placed in the middle of the Umbria country, where the same species of plants and truffle species that you find in the near woods are grown. The ensemble of many factors (height, water availability, ground etc), gives as a result a work where man try to reproduce what nature has always been doing: giving us that unique delicacy called truffle. Fresh Uncinato Truffle - Dominici Truffles is the Ideal for risotto, tagliatelle, eggs and other traditional recipes.
Fotografia caricata da OIP
19/10/2018 10:51:11
Dear Sir / Madam:

I live in Greece and want to buy 15kgs of rack of lamb for an upcoming company BBQ...

How can I purchase this from you?

M. Diening

User: Private ( 06/10/2018)
Category/Topic General topic

Could you please provide distributor for this product in the usa

User: lm ( 21/09/2018)
Category/Topic Campotti di Gragnano - Pastificio Dei Campi

Is it possible to order red and yellow ?
Best regards,
Gert Jan
Rungis bv.
The Netherlands

User: rungis bv ( 17/09/2018)
Category/Topic Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP

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